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Witch In the Woods by Dyllonh56 Witch In the Woods :icondyllonh56:Dyllonh56 0 0 Castiel, Angel of the Lord by Dyllonh56 Castiel, Angel of the Lord :icondyllonh56:Dyllonh56 0 0
The Third Holmes: Chapter Five
“You’re late.” Jim said when Enola walked into the empty warehouse.
“I didn’t really think you’d mind.” She pushed a strand of dark hair behind her ear.
He looked her over. In her early twenties. Had braces when she was eighteen. Straightens her hair often. Been biting her nails for the last twelve years. She had scars on her arms, most likely self-inflicted. The newest was no more than a month old.
“So I take it your name isn’t Richard?” Enola asked.
“Nope.” He replied popping the p.
“So who are you really?”
“James Moriarty, but you can call me Jim.” He winked at her.
“Moriarty.” She mumbled. Sherlock had said the name once before and John had mentioned it on his blog.
“Yes, you’ve probably heard of me. I’m rather well known in the criminal world. Kind of the best of the best if I say so myself. Which I do.”
“Then I guess you must need my help.
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The Third Holmes: Chapter Four
“So who’d you suppose it is?” John asked.
“Hmm?” Sherlock hummed, looking into a microscope.
“The woman?” Enola offered.
“Yes, the woman on the phone. The crying woman.”
“Oh she doesn’t matter.” Sherlock said blandly, “She’s just a hostage. No lead there.”
The other man sighed, “For God’s sake, I wasn’t thinking about leads.”
“Don’t bother John. Sherlock is the most apathetic person you’ll ever meet.”
He covered his face with a hand, “Neither of you are going to be of use to her.”
Enola ignored the rest of their conversation. It was rather boring. She walked around the room, looking at all the scientific tools and specimens. She was looking at what had to be a blood sample when Molly Hooper came in.
“Any luck?” she asked, looking at Sherlock.
“Oh yes!” he shouted triumphantly.
The door opened again and a man popped
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The Third Holmes: Chapter Three
A few hours later, Enola was still out walking. She didn’t want to go back to the flat and risk another argument so she’d finally decided to get a cup of coffee. She sat down at one of the small tables outside the shop; cup of coffee warming her hands. Absentmindedly, she checked her phone to see if Sherlock had texted her. He hadn’t.
Maybe coming back to London had been a bad idea. All her friends were back in America and she wasn’t really sure what she was going to do with a degree in English. Is she asked, Enola knew Mycroft would be more than happy to send her back, away from temptation. But if only it was as simple as that. No matter where she went, it was always there- that feelings, the need to manipulate others, hurt them. Sometimes she wondered what her life would have been like had she not pulled that trigger four years ago.
For the second time that day, she was ripped from her thoughts when someone bumped into the back of her chair.
“Oh, I
:icondyllonh56:Dyllonh56 1 0
The Third Holmes: Chapter Two
“I know it’s a mess dear. I’m surprised you want it.” Mrs. Hudson unlocked the door to 221C.
“Not at all. I’m going to have a lot of use for this.” Enola beamed.
“You and your brothers are rather odd, aren’t you?” she handed the young girl a key, “This one is yours. I have my own if you lose it but try not to.”
“I’ll do my best.”
Slipping the key into the front pocket of her blue jeans, she made her way up the stairs to where Sherlock was loading a gun on the couch.
“I can tell you’re bored but blowing your brains out really isn’t the answer, brother dear.”
He rolled his eyes, aiming at the smiley face spray painted on the wall and pulling the trigger. The gunshot made her heart speed up and her thin fingers twitched at her side. Her eyes glazed over and she was back on the street that stormy winter day four years ago. Enola could feel the warm metal in her cold hand. She c
:icondyllonh56:Dyllonh56 1 0
The Third Holmes: Chapter One
John Watson walked into 221B hauling bags of groceries with each hand. He fought the door open and shut it with his foot, grumbling under his breath about Sherlock never helping with the groceries. He made his way to the kitchen and set the bags down on the already crowded counters; he started putting the eggs away when his entire body froze. He walked back out to the sitting room. There was a girl laying on the couch texting.
“Um.” He cleared his throat, “Who are you?”
“Hi.” She waved a hand in his direction. He couldn’t see her face behind her phone.
“Hello. Can I help you?”
“Not really.” She said.
“Are you a client?”
“Nope.” She said, popping the p.
Just then, Sherlock came out of the loo, hair a mess and dressed in pajamas. John gave him a rather distressed look and gestured to the girl. The taller man looked at her with little interest and then back at John. The doctor sighed.
“Move you
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Ouran high school host club oc by Dyllonh56 Ouran high school host club oc :icondyllonh56:Dyllonh56 3 8 Leg Sharpie Tattoo by Dyllonh56 Leg Sharpie Tattoo :icondyllonh56:Dyllonh56 1 5 D Gray Man oc by Dyllonh56 D Gray Man oc :icondyllonh56:Dyllonh56 0 0 Yay! by Dyllonh56 Yay! :icondyllonh56:Dyllonh56 1 0 Steampunk Allen by Dyllonh56 Steampunk Allen :icondyllonh56:Dyllonh56 0 0 Steampunk Kanda by Dyllonh56 Steampunk Kanda :icondyllonh56:Dyllonh56 4 3 Adventure Time oc: Razuberi by Dyllonh56 Adventure Time oc: Razuberi :icondyllonh56:Dyllonh56 0 0 The Best Part of my Body Submission by Dyllonh56 The Best Part of my Body Submission :icondyllonh56:Dyllonh56 1 0 My Little Pony oc: Mocha by Dyllonh56 My Little Pony oc: Mocha :icondyllonh56:Dyllonh56 0 0


Redemption - Castiel pov by Aquila--Audax Redemption - Castiel pov :iconaquila--audax:Aquila--Audax 68 2 Redemption by Aquila--Audax Redemption :iconaquila--audax:Aquila--Audax 413 55 Dreamcatcher by flightangel Dreamcatcher :iconflightangel:flightangel 301 7 I've got you, Angel... by TrainScribbler
Mature content
I've got you, Angel... :icontrainscribbler:TrainScribbler 25 22
Scars by NaSyu Scars :iconnasyu:NaSyu 2,514 115 Fire Stock 01 by FrostBo Fire Stock 01 :iconfrostbo:FrostBo 1,322 450 Background - Woods by Eirian-stock Background - Woods :iconeirian-stock:Eirian-stock 1,838 656 Shook me all night long by drcolour Shook me all night long :icondrcolour:drcolour 158 3
Phantom of the Opera x Reader: A Name to a Mask
You gaze over the ivory keys in both curiosity and wonder at the instrument which the Master played and composed his heavenly pieces.
It astonished you.
How an instrument could produce such beautiful sounds at the touch of such a being. Your Master’s.
Monsieur Destler.
Though he did always prefer the title of Master from your lips.
He was a famous composer, one of which could not be identified truthfully by anyone. He never attended gala’s, nor balls, meeting were letters which were delivered by your hand. He was a stranger in the eyes of the public. Even yourself. It had been three years since you had began working for him, yet all you had ever seen of him was the black cloth that shrouded both his face and body, accompanying him in the afterglow of the darkness.
When you had met him, you were lost and seeking shelter. You were not alone though.
The Master, he too seemed lost, seeking… something.
You did not know.
All you knew, was his voice.
Oh, his voice. How every
:icontrustyki:TrustyKi 336 68
Mature content
Are You Challenging Me? (Balthazar x Reader) :iconpunkrockpancake:punkrockpancake 108 20
Storm ~ Castiel X Reader
You were curled up in the bunker, feet pulled up on the couch. A blanket was draped neatly over your legs and a book was propped up on your knees, your finger trailing over the page as you read. You were fascinated by the books in the bunker, and since you were now living there you had all the time in the world to read them.
You had kinda forced yourself upon the Winchesters. Since you had known them since the three of you were in highschool, you knew each other well. And when you had lost your apartment, you had showed up on the doorstep of the bunker with your few belongings and the intention to stay. Sam had wanted to turn you away, but Dean had persuaded him to let you stay until you could live elsewhere. That hadn’t gone as planned, as you had no desire to leave and both brothers seemed to have forgotten their earlier arrangement to kick you out once you were capable of getting a place of your own.
Truthfully, the one thing you liked most about being in the bunker was the on
:iconinterrogate-the-cat:Interrogate-The-Cat 167 30
Castiel x Reader: Pain on Memory Lane (Spn.)
    "Please, listen to me. You've gotta snap out of it. (y/n), please..." Dean's voice echoes through your head as you sit, curled in the uncomfortable motel chair with your knees hugged tightly to your chest as you rock gently back and forth, eyes wide and unblinking. The part of you that can still think reasonably is screaming for them to help you, to pull you out of your madness, but your lips won't move to convey your desperation.
    "(y/n), Dean's right. I know it's hard, but we have a job to do..." Sam agrees timidly, placing a hand on your shoulder.
    The job. The job is the whole problem. The werewolf you caught a glimpse of last night unleashed a hurricane of memories through your mind, tearing through your emotions, ripping down the walls you'd placed around your heart, using your own barbed-wire-clad shield to cut you where it hurt most.
    You might have been able to control the panic attack that grips you now, had it not been for
:iconmusingsarmymagic:musingsarmymagic 278 35
Castiel/Angel!Reader REQUEST for DawnBells
    You stood on the roof, watching people who were as small as ants continue their everyday lives as the sun set. Humans were a puzzle to you. They are simple, controlled by feelings, pride, and hunger like animals. Yet you found as you tried to understand them, they became complex. Even as an angel, you could not comprehend humans. The building you stood on was tall, much taller than the tower of Babel. Humans had come along since biblical times, and you rather enjoyed watching them learn and grow. You smiled, looking down to focus on one human, who was walking his dog. Then, another one passed by, carrying a cup of coffee.
    Seconds ticked by, and you soon heard the flutter of wings. Castiel appeared behind you, his expression soft. “(Y/n),” he greeted. You dared not to take your eyes off the people as they lived their lives. “Hello, Castiel.”
    Castiel watched as you continued to gaze upon them. The sun crept downwards, sign
:iconhewasnumber1:hewasnumber1 59 3
The Psychic by SPRSPRsDigitalArt The Psychic :iconsprsprsdigitalart:SPRSPRsDigitalArt 24 20 It's SUPERNATURAL TIME! by TheK40 It's SUPERNATURAL TIME! :iconthek40:TheK40 1,005 88




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Hey, I'm Skyler. I'm a 16 year old girl struggling to stay on top of a world filled with books, boys, best friends, and a lot of bullshit. Things have never been great but they've never been awful so I try to make the best of everyday. I'm like one of the lamest people you'll ever have the misfortune of meeting. I spend my unbelievable amount of free time failing at trying to get a job, and devoting my life to Supernatural. Oh well. I'm from the sunny state of California. I spend my unbelievable amount of time writing novels I will never finish, reading books for the hundredth time, acting in plays I've never heard of, and obsessing over fictional characters and actors that will never know I exist. All that and I somehow still find time to do homework. Totally living the life. I am comfortably single. I'm a Senior in high school and I want to go into Law Enforcment when I grow up. Also, I write a lot of smutty fanfiction and sing badly to my favorite songs.


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