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UPDATE: I'll make the request face number 222 this time because I have a surprise commig up!

Opennig the journal for more time this month, some people missed the chance of participating last time.
I first I want to say thank you for you all that send OC's, I love your characters, really.

New New New  Frequently questions about how to get a request: New New New New 

Frequently asked questions about requestsMORE QUESTIONS? Post a Comment or Send me a message:
e-mail: isr_dylean@hotmail.com.
facebook: www.facebook.com/Israel.dilean
deviantart notes: dylean.deviantart.com
tumblr: idylean.tumblr.com
Hello friends and new watchers, I'm writting this journal because I want to make it easy for you understand how to ask me requests. This is for answers common questions.
01- When Can I ask you to draw my original characters?
I'm not constantly open for requests, I'm busy with college/work/trainning and I'm also starting this adulthood thing (which I'm not good yet).
But there is one day every month that I open for ONE original character request. This is a event that happens in my project "One face Day" and basically allows my watchers to send their Original Characters for me to choose one and do it for free. In this project I'll paint 365 characters and everytime I get 20 done I open this request event, so the requested characters in my proj

(I know I always put the same description, but it is necessary for my new watchers :) (Smile) )

Brief description:
 So, some of you may know I'm actually doing a project called One Face a Day where I'll (try) to paint a face per day for one year. I'll celebrate every 20 faces doing a face from my watchers (if you're my watcher you probably know this part). So it's time to find out the OC face who will appear on day #201.

Please, if you're interested in a painting of your character post a comment in this post with a link to your OC. 

Project folder:

Last requested Oc's I did:

One face a day #21/365. Rayxim`s OC by Dylean One face a day #41B/365. Shade by Dylean One face a day #41A/365. Rain by Dylean One face a day #61/365. DO (request) by Dylean One Face a Day #81/365. Tessa Smith (request) by Dylean One face a day 101/365. Angelic (request) by Dylean One face a day 121/365. Libra by Dylean One face a day 141/365 Neko Looney PageDoll by Dylean One face a day 140/365. Jane The ghost by Dylean One face a day 161/365. Madison the Wolfy Witch by Dylean One face a day181/365 Tiara Lightstream by Dylean One face a day 201/365. Laura (request) by Dylean

Also I'm open for commissions, you can guarantee I'll draw your OC's by commissioning me.

Last commissions I did: 
One face a day #52/365. Light (commission) by Dylean One face a day 114/365. Bunice (commission) by Dylean One face a day 110/365. Lala (commission) by Dylean One face a day 106/365.  Estella (friend's oc) by Dylean One face a day 107/365. Mira - The purple Star by Dylean One face a day 137/365. Cecil (commission) by Dylean One face a day 150/365. Flor de primavera by Dylean One face a day 171/365. Polly (commission) by Dylean One face a day 163/365. Mika and Edgar. Commission by Dylean One face a day 166/365. Yuudai Izanagi by Dylean One face a day 200/365. Ann (commission) by Dylean One face a day 207/365.  Rose wilson and RoseBud by Dylean

Commission info:
  Commission Info by Dylean
Rules for requesting OC's:

-I open for one OC request once every 20 days, please ask for It just in the correct journal (this one)
-I want to be to be fair, so I'll try to avoid taking more than one request from the same person.
-I'm looking for original, different and interesting characters, so I'll take the character who best represents this characteristics.
-I'm not considering technical skills in the reference you send to choose the character, just originality.
-I do this project on my free time, so this means I can not do more than one request even if I like a lot of your OC's, so please, don't feel offended if you do not get a request this time, you can send the same character in the future again.
-the basic criteria for me to choose an OC is his/her originality. The normal is for me to choose the character that looks the most different from what I've done before, but I also consider the personality, silhuette, clothes and difficult. Since I do this project in my free time, I have to chosse the character that is possible for me to paint that day, I'm sorry. 

---IMPORTANT: Please, comment in this post with your character reference just once and send me just one character.

Actually I'm on face #216, I'll keep this journal open for your characters references until next week's friday.
© 2017 - 2021 Dylean
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Hoi! It's DJMyths!
I was wondering if you could draw my oc in your style, it's better than mine and I really like it, so can you draw my undertale oc from sparkletale, look up my channel if you don't know 😄
PureRabbit's avatar
Hello! I have looked through your art gallery especially the current project that you are working right now. Each painting is brilliant!
Well, if this doesn't give you a burden, here is a reference to one of my OCs: Redraw: Syeun (2016)

Mahalo! :D
MckenaTheFurry's avatar
:D (questioning happy face lol) hope you have a good day BTW!
FelisLupus's avatar
Azurite by FelisLupus  have some smol doggo (i chose her bc i could see her being featured out of the rest)
YourMasterSatan's avatar
Trying again <3
Go on say you love me! by YourMasterSatan  
TotallyTits's avatar
Hi! I LOVE your style very much, And your just so inspiring!
Ill go ahead and do a request incase your interested <3

Here is a ref of my character Dementia the wolf

I hope you like her!
Feel free to change/altar her outfit or do anything to simplify it if you need to, draw her as human, anthro, whatever you feel like :)

Thank you again <3
TheGalleryOfEve's avatar

My OC is "Mia" :iconloveloveplz: It would be awesome if someday you consider drawing her :iconiloveyouplz:
:iconflyingheartsplz: Corazon by TheGalleryOfEve   Mi Cielo by TheGalleryOfEve   MiaDeville by TheGalleryOfEve :iconflyingheartsplz:
TheInfinitySkull's avatar
Anubo (FNAF AU OC) by TheInfinityskull

I think he'd be pretty bad-ass in your style. ^^
Powting's avatar
Not sure about unique looking... but personally she's one of my favorite OCs
Lucina (Design by Rachvy) by powting  (Lucina)

I also have a question, would you recommend the Face a Day challenge for an artist trying to improve?
Saveraedae's avatar
I know I'm not going to get my character chosen, but I recently found you and your art had astounded me, (really! it's amazing!) so I decided that I might as well try!
This is a character from a series I have created. c: In the gallery he's shown wearing different clothes a few times, but just to specify, his usual outfit is just the grey shirt and jeans.
Hrystina's avatar
how aboouuut Golly! my robot-werewolf girl 
 here's reference:              here's design:
Golly The Nightmare Werewolf (Reference) by Hrystina      Golly The Nightmare Werewolf Girlbot (New Normal) by Hrystina  she's streching his right arms 
kailarocks19's avatar
The Oc is Bella or Queen B (Right). I haven't really determined her full story, all I know is that she is very ambitious and jealous of my other Oc Cassidy (Left). I can send you a front profile of Bella. I only expect Bella to be Drawn, not Cassidy. 

Queen B and Cassidy by kailarocks19
phantom-ice's avatar
This is my character Ruutu Unit 95806 a computerish thing from another dimension called Ulottuvuus. They are a rather curious character that enjoys meeting new beings and learning about different cultures from visitors from across the universe. 

They change their screen color based on emotion.
Ruutu Tuurn Arouund by phantom-ice   Ruutu Emotions-hgfjhydytdeyth by phantom-ice  
Starlequin's avatar

Bombegranate - Monstrodyssey Concept Art by Starlequin
planet--x's avatar
This is Polar, my persona, not really an OC, but you could consider her an OC. Her design is pretty simple so I might not get picked, but that's fine.
Untitled by p-oIaroiid  
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Hi!! La la la la  
She is Ruby Love, the Kepeer of some strange portals.

Mature Content

Sexy Ruby by RubyLoveYou

Mature Content

Ruby by RubyLoveYou
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*drops my baby boy here*
His name is Akarü, thank you for your time! 
akU by QuietArtlst
Plyesdayk's avatar
I'm gonna participate too. ^^ My Teo, for example:  TWM ~ Testing Marks by Plyesdayk

Thank you for the opportunity. ;)
SHOUTMILO's avatar
SCP-2561 by SHOUTMILO  scp-2561 ! or Mikey  Mikey's new ref by SHOUTMILO
NewLifeDusk16's avatar
Maybe... ;w; Rosalina (shy fox) newlifedusk16.deviantart.com/a… or probably the goat child (self)
newlifedusk16.deviantart.com/a… and they're special 2 me, also the info about them are in the descriptions.. well I hope you like one of them or probably both.. I guess heh ^^; :hug:
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I'm going to throw Folly into the mix again because I love her. :)

Folly - Cast-Iron Stomach by AK-Is-Harmless

Gender-Ninja's avatar
If you would want to try out my captain Jaelle here are links!
The Pirate and the Mer by Gender-Ninja
and this one is a better image of her burn scar (mature marked cuz anatomy): Jaelle reference
Looking forward to all the art you do! excited happy 
Mat0s316's avatar
I imaging the jacket being green and the headband being red and white.
Some guy. by Mat0s316
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