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deviantart notes:

Hello friends and new watchers, I'm writting this journal because I want to make it easy for you understand how to ask me requests. This is for answers common questions.

01- When Can I ask you to draw my original characters?

I'm not constantly open for requests, I'm busy with college/work/trainning and I'm also starting this adulthood thing (which I'm not good yet).
But there is one day every month that I open for ONE original character request. This is a event that happens in my project "One face Day" and basically allows my watchers to send their Original Characters for me to choose one and do it for free. In this project I'll paint 365 characters and everytime I get 20 done I open this request event, so the requested characters in my project are the characters number 21, 41, 61, 81, 101, 121, 141, 161 ....

02- What Is this "One Face a day" thing?

One face a day is project I'm doing for practicing digital painting with 365 different characters

03- How and where can I send the message to ask you a request?

Eveytime I'm close to finish 20 more characters in my "one face a day" project I open a journal ONLY ON DEVIANTART for you to submit your request. This ussually happens when I'm 3 faces close to complete more 20 faces.
In that journal you will provide your character refference and follow simple rules specified in the journal. I normally do not answer the messages in the journal because I do not want to give clues to who will the chosen one, but I read carrefully each message (thank you all who send so nice messages with your character refferences).
ALSO I try to keep you informed about the request journal in the description of the face drawings I post.

04- The journal says that you will choose one character because of its originality, but I thought my character was the most original that day and you do not chose it, why?

The basic criteria for me to choose an OC is his/her originality. The normal is for me to choose the character that looks the most different from what I've done before, so If I already did a character (original or not) that looks like yours, probably it will have less chance to win.
For Example, if your character is a REALLY COOL piece of wood but I already did this:
One face a day 133/365. Plank (ed edd n eddy) by Dylean (plank), It's likely that I will not do your character...

Also, I consider the personality, silhuette, clothes, facial expression and difficult when picking one. Particularly I LOVE different facial expressions and those are some of the reasons why this two won:
One face a day 121/365. Libra by Dylean  One face a day 161/365. Madison the Wolfy Witch by Dylean

Since I do this project in my free time, I have to choose the character that is possible for me to paint that day. Sometimes this means that even I think that a really nice character is up to win, I can't choose him/her if it's too complex and I do not have much free time that day. This means that sometimes the character that won the request face is the one that is more original between of the most easier characters.
If you have a really cool complex character, maybe it's better for you to ask for a commission.

05- Can I request a character that already exists? Like, what about I request a steven universe character?

The journal I open for original characters requests is not the place for you to ask for a character from a show you like, but this do not mean that you can't ask for it. You can send me a note or post a comment in any deviation of my project suggesting a character for my list. If the character is really cool and different I'll probably put it in my list and draw it someday, It can be tomorrow or in 50 faces, who knows?

06- Can I ask for a character from a show that I like who you already done in your project? 

yes, you can, but I'll probably will not do it (again). If you're asking for a character I already did because you want me to draw it in a pose or angle that you want to see, is better for you to ask me for a commission, just like this one:

Mature Content

Raven and Rose Wilson (commission) by Dylean

07- Can I ask for a NSFW version of my character?

Yes, but keep in mind that I draw mostly faces in my project, if you want a full body drawing is better for you to ask for a commission.

07.1- So... Can I ask you to draw porn?


08- Do you draw gore?

I do not like gore, and even when I try to draw it I make it look too cute =_=
One face a day #23/365. Monokuma (Danganronpa) by Dylean

09- About the commissions... Can I ask for it anytime?
yes, please.

You can send an email, a note on deviantart or talk to me in facebook ou tumblr.

deviantart notes: dylean.

10- How much is it?

The prices are here:
Commission Info by Dylean

11- I want a commission but I can't pay for the complexity of my character... What do I do?

Send me a message with your character refference (or descripition) and how much you can pay. Me prices are defined by the time I spent doing the commission, so we can discuss the price and I can do your character for a cheaper price if you accept me doing less complex hair and less details in skin and clothes.

12- There is something that you won't draw in a commission?
Gore, probably.

13- The commission must heve the grey background?
No, you choose the background color and I do not charge more for simple bg's like this:
One face a day 200/365. Ann (commission) by Dylean
14- Do you draw landscapes and complex backgrounds?

Yes, the price is variable for this, please send me a note with the details.

15- Can we be friends?

Yes, let's talk someday.
© 2017 - 2020 Dylean
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Do you only do this format of commission, or do you do full-body and multi-character commissions as well?
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DyleanStudent Digital Artist
I also do full-body and multi character commissions :)
Orannis0's avatar
Do you have a pricesheet for that as well?
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DyleanStudent Digital Artist
For this kind of work, I usually give the price based on the description :)
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I am not requesting for OCs.
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onigucciHobbyist Digital Artist
is there like a "form" kinda format 
that you'd like people to go by to make it easier to choose ?
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DyleanStudent Digital Artist
If I say yes, I'll influence you to make the opposite of what I look for. I want to be impressed, I want to see creativity. Having a set format would defeat that purpose.
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onigucciHobbyist Digital Artist
it's not that im going to make a chara.
to whatever you're looking for necessarily. i have one i want to use ;

i don't know, like, a name, personality, etc. format
that's kinda what i was drifting towards
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For the request, when someone ask one time but he was didn't choose, it's okay if he asks a second time with the same OC? Or you judge it's like a spam?
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DyleanStudent Digital Artist
it's absolutaly ok, you will compete with the same character but still is your character :)
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