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One face a day 207/365. Rose wilson and RoseBud

This was commissioned by Jackurai as gift for LaddyLegasus.
What does Rose wilson hide in her Eye patch?

This is a project I'm doing to practice character painting. Every 20 faces I'll pick one request from my watchers, the rule is: it needs to be an OC. The next one will be on head #221, the journal for try request your OC will open when I'm 3 faces close to the request face.

Check the project here:…

Frequently asked questions about request and commissions:…

You also can guaratee your character drawn by me asking for a commission, you just need to send a note.

Commission info:…
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Robin has one of those as well.
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Aaaaaaaa I love this!
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thank you!!La la la la 
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And under Rose eye-patch is….. *drum* ...another Rose! That make so much sense!!^^

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OMG this is hilarious xD
Love it!
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Once again, I am 150% satisfied with my commission *nods*

And once again, I will say that this may not be the last commission I ask for ^^
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This is BRILLIANT!!!!!! I am a dummy! I am a dummy! I am a dummy! 
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Hip Shaking Rose Hip Shaking Rose Hip Shaking Rose 

So many amazing details I could comment on, like how that scar runs down half of Rose Bud's face or the cute blush and freckles you added to them ^^

Seriously, I love this! You do such amazingly detailed works!

Now the pressure's on me to get an equally awesome gift for Jack ^^

Man, I hope you make a print of this one available, some day!
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I'm really glad you liked it :)
I don't really know how prints work, someday I'll try it '0'
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Could be a nice way to make money RaeRae Makes it Rain 

But here's a link whenever you want to explore the option
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I'll give it a try 0_0
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Sorry if I was being pushy ^^;
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don't worry you said the right things
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