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I’m accepting commissions now :)
So here’s my commission info.
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I'm interested °v°

At least when I can afford it, but can I ask about a character and it's complexity?
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sure, my friend :)
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What's the complexity of my character Nicole?

The kid in this pic:…
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Hi, friend!
Sorry for taking so long to answer. You character Nicole is dificult 2 (mediun, $40).
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Oh ;v; If sketch it's 15?
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Okay => I'll commission soon.
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Just wondering how much it would cost to commission you a drawing of Kamek from mario?
  Kamek by YoshiGo99  
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Hi Friend!
$40 :)
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Hello, I LOVE your art and I'd love a quote from you for my character: Dragonuva Ref Sheet 
I don't have the cash yet but if it is considered Simple, then I may be able to pay in the near future. But I am guessing it's more in the veins of the 'Sonic' style which would be $40 instead. ;-;
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Hello my friend, 
nice character!
Yes, I'll need to charge $40 for this kind of character, it will take more time than the simple complexy to paint. 

Take your time, my friend, you can contact me anytime in the future 
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i dont have the muns for a commission atm but could i please get a quote for my sona, moon? c:
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oh... THank you very veru much, I'm glad you like my art :)

Your character can be U$ 40 or u$ 60, 
$40 - Will be enought for your character but with $60 I can add more details on colors, hair, eyes and effects 

Have a really nice day, friend
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ohh ok good to know!! thank you for the info! i'll def commission you as soon as i have some extra cash >u<
soul390's avatar seen to have a way with info and how you show the commission. Dylean be blessed sir :)
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thank you very much, dude, ^^
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You are very much welcome bye for now.
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I'm more accustomed with point commissions.
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Hello, there. I'd like a commission, but I'm wondering if you'd prefer to be paid before or after you begin working?

Cont by ShinigamiRyuku  

I'd like one of these lovely characters done by you, whichever you deem to be the least complex.
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My commission works like this:
I'll do for you a sketch for you to see how I'll draw your character, after you approve the sketch I'll ask for payment, when confirmed the payment I'll color it and send to you.
ANy of these characters will be the same price, $60 (edited, sorry), which one do you preffer? 
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Well, I don't really mind which one you do. The one that catches your attention the most, I suppose.
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