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Scary Potter and the Chamber of Secrets


'The Heir of Slytherin,' said Professor McGonagall, who was very white, 'left another message. Right underneath the first one. Her skeleton will lie in the Chamber forever.'

#ScaryPotter and the Chamber of Secrets ;)


(Harry Potter brand, trademark, and all related character's copyright belong to J.K. Rowling and their respective owners)




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My God that’s terrifying. I love the gloomy, unsettling lighting though.

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Oh my god, these are amazing!!
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Ahhhh D: just seeing these in a different light are so brutal and amazing
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Hey! Thanks Vittoria!
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Very very cool. 😎😎
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Thanks much, Lorena :D
I love it. where can I buy it?
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Thanks so much, LouLou :) I'll send you a Note with the info.
This is delightfully horrifying. I mean, seriously, it's got the perfect Stephen King vibe of subtle horror going on.
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Lol. If King did potter. That would be something else, haha. 
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Love it. But I do think you forgot about the T.M Riddle one the back of the diary...
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Ohhh! Good eye. I'll have to update this soon.
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Lookin' forward to it.
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Once again, stunning work on the coloring and the details. And for added eeriness, you drew the chicken that Ginny murdered.

As I got older and I reread this novel, the idea of an 11-year-old being manipulated by an unknown man (who turns out to be extremely dangerous) and going missing at risk of death was much creepier than I perceived as a child.
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Thanks so much, Victoria!

That's one of those things that I don't think you fully grasp as a child. But the older you get the more terrifying that whole situation seems.
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You're welcome.

Rowling did an excellent job with that plot line & how it aged for the readers.
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"he made me kill the chickens"
awesome picture!!
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Yes he did, lol.

Thanks, urzapw!
you're welcome!!
This can also be the illustration for Half-Blood Prince. <3
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Ohhhh, but I have a very different one started for HBP ;) 
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WOWOWOWOWOW I need these as a set to hang up somewhere.
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