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Autobot portraits

Been working on these portraits for days. Hope you like it. :) Hell, I'm hoping the next installment of Transformers comes way before 2009. XP
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Muy hermosa imagen.

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This is an awesome picture! Well done!
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Yay! finally found the guy who ddi this awesome pic!
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sick ;) leme balance tht out ;) check out my princesses?[link]
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Wow, They Look So MIGHTY, Brilleant
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Nice work.

Hope you don't mind me submitting it to a few groups.
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Not at all. Thank you. :)
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OH MY GOD, I was trying to find the person who made this painting! I have to tell you, some asian company has ripped it and used it for packaging on 3D transformer stickers D: I knew I'd seen it on DA once, but when I bought the sticker I couldn't find it >.<
I think you may have to watermark it :C
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Hello. Thanks for letting me know. :) Sadly, I don't think I can do anything about it anymore. I would appreciate if you could at least you could let me know what company was that? Thanks a lot!!! :)
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Someone stole this from you. Here is the link: [link] and the line art here: [link] .
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Yep, thanks for the info. The person has already apologized to me. Take care! :)
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You're welcome. :D
Maybe in return you can visit my gallery? [link]
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I hate to tell you this, but your hard work was stolen and traced...
Lines --> [link]
Colors --> [link]
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Thanks! Someone has already told me, and the person has already noted and apologized for it. He also has put it down, as far as I know. Thanks a lot again! :)
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This is the background on my laptop(Blacktop is his name and he's one of the 'bots!)(I'm using my mom's laptop, I accidently fried Blacktop with a bottle of water,just the motherboard though,it can be fixed(would be fixed by now if I knew Ratchet,get it done in two days rather than two years))
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Haha! Thanks very much! :)
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