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Transformers and Their Little Pony


Transformers and Their Little Pony


               In a meeting, Harold Attinger the owner of the CIA Black Ops unit and Silas, the leader of the Mech organization, discuss their plans.

               “Our enemies think they can hide, but we can track their movements,” says Silas. “They think they’re the only ones that can cross dimensions, but we have the same technology.”

               “Agreed. A new age has begun, the age of the transformers is over,” says Harold.

               Meanwhile in Equestria, Twilight, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash are celebrating the first day of spring with games and by passing the arrow of friendship.

               “I’m so glad spring is here!” says Twilight.

               “I hope the animals all enjoyed their rest,” says Fluttershy.

               “Oh I’m sure they all had a nice nap,” says Rainbow Dash.

Without anyone noticing, a group of CIA Black Ops agents begin to surround the entrance to Equestria.

               “Sir, we encountered some animals and it seems they can talk,” says an agent.

               “Capture them. Let’s bring them back with us,” says the Captain.

The agents storm over Ponyville, making their way to the celebration. When the ponies see strange men approaching they become frightened.

               “What in tarnation are they?” says Apple Jack. The men herd the ponies into a group and then restrain them with a rope. Suddenly, a truck and three cars drive up to the agents. The truck transforms into Optimus prime.

               “Autobots, protect the ponies,” orders Optimus. The cars transform revealing CliffJumper, Sideswipe and Bumblebee.  The agents open fire towards the Autobots, but their armor protects them. Princess Celestria and Princess Luna arrive to see what all the commotion is about and quickly jump in to protect the ponies from the agents. The agents are drawing back, but before they retreat they grab Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle.

               “Sweetie Bell!” screams Rarity to her sister as she is pulled away. Optimus quickly swoops in, setting the ponies free from the agents’ grasp. The agents retreat, leaving behind only their destruction of the center of Ponyville.

               “We don’t know who you are, but you saved us,” Twilight says to Optimus.

               “We’re Autobots, we are from Cybertron, far from Equestria. Those who wish to harm you are called humans,” says Optimus.

               “The town is a mess!” says Rainbow Dash.

               “Don’t worry, we will help you fix this,” says Optimus.

               In the human world, the agents report to Harold what happened.

               “This is unacceptable,” says Harold with a scowl. “We’re this close to getting rid of the Autobots and you let this opportunity slide through your fingers.”

               “Why can’t we just leave the Autobots alone?” asks Harold’s second in command. “They used to fight for us.”

               “Illegally,” says Harold. “We will not be safe until all of them are gone.”

               “Patience,” says Silas. “They will come to us.” Silas hands Harold a picture of Twilight, but instead of her normal pony form, she is a human.

               Back in Ponyville, the Autobots are helping the ponies repair the damage to their town. Cliffjumper sees Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle playing in a circle.

               “What are you three trying to do?” asks Cliffjumper.

               “We’re just playing,” says Apple Bloom.

               “We’re thinking about how little ponies get their cutie marks, they signify a talent or something special about each pony” says Sweetie Bell.

               “Really?” says Cliffjumper.

               “Really!” says Scootaloo.

               Across town Optimus meets with Princess Celestia and Princess Luna.

               “Thank you for your help,” says Princess Celestia to Optimus Prime.

               “You are most welcome,” says Optimus.

               “Why are those humans coming after us?” asks Princess Luna.

               “No, it’s not you. The humans have come for us,” says Optimus. Twilight appears behind Opitmus.

               “You’ll be safe here with us,” says Twilight.

               “Yes! We can have fun! We can have cake! Or we can do all kinds of fun stuff!” says Pinky Pie excitedly. 

               Suddenly, a small robot bug appears, flying around their heads. The bug has a message from Silas.

               “I know you Twilight; we’ve been keeping a good eye on you ever since you came to the human world.  You may look like a human in that world, but know the truth,” says the Bug in Silas’ voice. The bug projects an image of Twilight’s human school into midair.

               “You have 10 hours to surrender the Autobots. If you don’t we’ll destroy the school and everyone in it. Silas out,” The bug zips away into the sky and out of sight.

               “I’ve got to go warn them!” says Twilight.

               “Wait, it’s us they want. There’s no need to sacrifice yourself,” says Optimus.

               “I stand by what I said, we won’t give you up,” says Twilight. Twilight returns to her castle. She looks intensely at a full length mirror and it suddenly opens into a portal. As Twilight steps through the portal, she transforms into a human and finds herself at a high school within the human world. Twilight enters the school and sees her friend Sunset Shimmer. Behind Sunset is human versions of her friends Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash.

               “What are you doing here?” Sunset Shimmer asks Twilight.

               “Some bad people are coming to the school, we have to get everyone out of here,” says Twilight.

               Suddenly, Mech soldiers storm into the school.

               “I demand to know what’s going on!” says Principal Celestia.

               “There is some non-human activity we’d like to investigate,” says Silas. The Mech soldiers search the school, destroying everything as they go.

               “I don’t know why you are here, but you need to stop this!” demands Sunset Shimmer. A Mech solider looks at her and grabs her by the arm. Silas looks at Sunset Shimmer.

               “And who are you?” asks Silas.

               “She’s just a student,” says Principal Celestia.

               “Well, we’ll see about that,” says Silas. Silas points a phazer at Sunset Shimmer and when he fires it, she transforms into a pony.

               “Well it looks like we’ve found ourselves a non-human lifeform,” laughs Silas. Silas orders his soldiers to take her away, but twilight blocks them allowing Sunset Shimmer to escape. Sunlight Shimmer runs outside, but the soldiers corner her. Two cars pull up and transform into Autobots, Hotshot and Red Alert.

               Meanwhile in Equestria, the Autobots are worried about Twilight.

               “We can’t just let her sacrifice herself for us,” says Sideswipe.

               “Then we won’t let her,” says Optimus. Optimus opens his own portal and the rest of the Autobots transport to the human world.

               At the high school, Twilight tries to reach Sunset Shimmer, but Silas blocks her way.

               “Where do you think you’re going?” says Silas.

               “She’s not a threat, just let her go,” pleads Twilight.

               “I’m afraid I can’t,” says Silas.

               “Your world has all the magic, it’s time that we humans get our share,” says Silas. Silas points his phazer at twilight and fires. Hotshot and Red Alert do their best to protect Sunset Shimmer, but Silas holds Twilight hostage.

               “Autobots, surrender or she dies,” threatens Silas. Hotshot and Red Alert are just about to surrender when Optimus and the other Autobots appear. Silas is distracted, giving Twilight just enough time to escape.

               “Are you alright?” Optimus asks Twilight.

               “Yes, I’m fine,” says Twilight.

               “So you’ve come out of hiding, Optimus Prime,” says Silas unintimidated.

               “What is the purpose of attacking the ponies?” asks Optimus.

               “The magic in their world is strong, we will use that magic to our advantage,” says Silas. Silas holds up a strange looking weapon, the Dark Spark. Optimus is shocked.

               “The Dark Spark? Where did you get that?” asks Optimus.

               “It fell from the sky,” says Silas. “With this power we can finally crush our enemies. My men have been injected with Dark Energon. With the power of the Dark Spark and Energon we will conquer all the worlds, starting with Equestria!” Silas order his men to destroy the school. Optimus orders Hotshot and Red Alert to take Sunset Shimmer to safety. All the students are panicking. Optimus grab Twilight and orders the Autobots to retreat. A solider laughs as he fires his gun into the air.

               Silas returns to his base. One of the CIA Black Ops agents enters the room abruptly.

               “What the hell is going on?! It’s all over the news,” he says.

               “It couldn’t be helped,” says Silas. “It was necessary to lure the Autobots.”

               “But you destroyed a public school!”

               “Look, human freedom is at stake. Innocent people do die.”

               “What are you really up to?” asks the agent.

               “Follow me,” says Silas. The others follow him into another larger room.

               “Meet my creation: Nemesis Prime,” says Silas. Before Silas, stands what looks like an Autobot, but with dark colors.

               “With the power of the Dark Spark and Dark Energon, we could be unstoppable. There are so many worlds, but these are our top targets.” Silas lays down his list on the table.

               “Italy is on this list!” says the agent in shock.

               “Oh it’s not just other worlds, its countries in our world too. This is the only way to ensure America’s safety.”

               “You’re a mad man,” says the agent.

               “That’s enough,” says Harold.

               “What you’re doing is pure evil,” says the agent.

               “A necessary evil.”

               Meanwhile in Equestria, Optimus Prime is thinking about the Dark Spark.

               “Are you ok?” Twilight asks Optimus.

               “Yes, I’m fine,” he says.

               “You’re from Cyberton, so why did you come into the human world?” asks Twilight.

               “Cybertron, it used to be a peaceful world until that cursed day, when we were betrayed by Megatron, the leader of the Decepticons. For years we fought Megatron, but he used Dark Energon to take control of the planets core. We had to escape before our planet was finally destroyed. Unfortunately, they followed us and have set their sights on Earth. We have an alliance with the humans and in time we had successfully defeated our foes, until a human named Harold convinced world leaders to betray us. So many Autobots have perished. Desperate, we made a device that can transport through dimensions. That’s how we landed in Equestria,”

               “Optimus, I’m so sorry,” says Twilight.

               “I’m sorry too, for putting you all in danger,” says Optimus.

               “Now we must go back to the human world, and destroy the Dark Spark.” Princess Celestia and Princess Luna appear.

               “We will return to the human word. If we fail, your world will be in danger,” say Optimus.

               “Optimus, there’s no reason to put yourself in danger for us,” says Princess Celestia.

               “This is my choice,” says Optimus.

               “I’m going with you!” says Twilight. “Some of these humans are my friends.”

               “Very well,” says Optimus. Optimus triggers the device and Twilight and the Autobots transport to the human world.  

               “Good luck and be safe until all are one,” says Princess Celestia.

               As Optimus, the Autobots and Twilight enter the human world, Twilight is shocked. The landscape is covered with dark purple crystals shooting out from the ground.

               “No,” says Optimus. “After all we’ve done for them, they have no idea what they’ve brought upon themselves.”

               Hotshot, Sunset Shimmer and Redalert join the group along with human versions of Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Dash. 

               “Are you ok?” Twilight asks Sunset Shimmer.

               “Yes, I’m fine,” replies Sunset Shimmer.

               “Is this what you really look like,” human Rarity asks Twilight.

               “Yes, this is what I look like.”

               “We have been protecting these humans, sir,” says Red Alert to Optimus.

               “What happened?” asks Optimus.

               “It was terrible, most of the students were hiding. These crystals keep coming out of the ground,” says Human Rainbow Dash.

               “It must be the work of those people,” says Twilight. “We’re going to stop them.”

               “Well if it’s that important to you, let’s help,” says human Applejack.

               Back at Mech base, Principal Celestia demands to see Silas and Harold.

               “So nice to see you,” says Silas to the principal.

               “What is the meaning of this? You attacked my school?!”

               “We’re trying to protect our country, we cannot tolerate another century of war. To protect our nation we must destroy the Autobots,” says Harold.

               “That’s still no excuse to blow up a school!” says Principal Celestia.

               “There was non-human activity going on there, we had no choice but to expose it,” says Silas holding the Dark Spark in his hands.

               “What is that?” asks the principal.

               “This is the Dark Spark. With it we can bend the minds of others to our will,” says Silas.

               “With this power we can save a lot of American lives,” says Harold.

               “We’re on our way to a world called Equestria. We’re going to wipe out every last pony; we’ve caught their kind impersonating humans before. Their magic is incredibly strong. We’ll be able to use it once we destroy them,” explains Silas.

               “What you’re doing is genocide!” exclaims Principal Celestia.

               “We will kill hundreds to save thousands. If you call that genocide, so be it,” says Harold.

               “That’s awful,” says the principal. Harold slaps Principal Celestia across her face.

               Just then, Optimus crashes through the wall of the office. Twilight and the Autobots follow behind.

               “Are you ok?” Twilight asks Principal Celestia.

               “Yes, I’m fine,” she replies.

               “This is my friend Optimus, he saved me from these men,” says Twilight.

               “Thank you,” says the principal to Optimus.

               “You’re welcome,” says Optimus.

               “You see, they do have plans to attack us,” says Silas with a smirk.

               “How many lies can you throw our way?” says Twilight.

               “Everything we’ve done has been in the name of science. If we hadn’t done it, someone else would have,” says Silas.

               “You try to control powers beyond your own understanding, endangering your world, committing genocide, all for science?!” demands Optimus.

               “Without hesitation,” says Silas coldly. “We don’t need you any more, Optimus.”

               “But we do,” says human Applejack.

               “Traitors!’ says Silas to the human ponies. Silas signals his Mech soldiers and the CIA Black Ops agents to eradicate them. 

               Suddenly Princesses Celestia and Luna appear in a flash of light.

               “What, how did you get here?” asks Twilight.

               “We can’t expect Optimus to fight alone to defend our species,” says Princess Luna. The Princesses signal their army to attack. 

               CIA agents surround the human versions of the ponies, but their pony twins buck the agents out of the way.  The human versions are shocked to see their pony versions. Silas summons Nemesis Prime.

               “It’s time,” Silas says to his scientist.

               “It’s not ready yet,” says the Scientist. Silas points gun at the scientists head.

               “Now!” Silas demands.

               Optimus and Twilight charge towards Silas.

               Silas climbs aboard Nemesis Prime with the Dark Spark in hand. Nemisis Prime’s eyes begin to glow red. Silas lifts the Dark Spark and stabs it into his own chest. He begins to laugh wildly. Nemesis  Prime stands for the first time.

               “Stop this! The Dark Spark is too powerful for a human body to handle, Silas,” says Twilight.

               “I am not Silas, I am NEMESIS PRIME!”

               “We’re being overrun!” yells a Mech solider.

               “Keep going!” screams Silas. Silas raises his hand, and using the Dark Spark takes control of his opponents’ minds.

               Silas moves outside. He places his hand on the ground and sends Dark Energon straight for the Earth’s core.

               “What have you done?!” yells Optimus.

               “I will control the Earth! I will reign supreme. I will use Dark Energon to conquer every world I see!”

               “But you’re destroying the Earth!” says Twilight.

               “The strong survive and the weak perish,” says Silas with an evil grin. “You two will be my first victims. Optimus and Silas begin to fight. The sky cracks open into a storm and lightning strikes the ground around them. Silas grabs both Optimus and Twilight, but Twilight is glowing and Silas begins to lose his grip on both of them.

               “IT’S OVER NEMISIS PRIME!” says both Optimus and Twilight. Using both their power, they punch straight through the stomach of Nemesis Prime.

               “You wouldn’t harm a human, would you?” Silas pleads to Optimus.

               “You are not human,” replies Optimus. Optimus sends a blast directly at Silas, ending his life.

               Optimus and Twilight leave to find their friends.

               “You did it!” says Princess Celestia. “But, I’m afraid it’s too late for planet Earth.” The group looks at each other, deeply saddened.

               “Just like Cyberton,” says Optimus.

               “What about the elements of Harmony?” asks Sunset Shimmer. “You six,” pointing to the human version of the ponies, “represent the six elements.”

               “Or the matrix of leadership!” says Hotshot. “There’s still hope.”

               “I pray this works,” says Optimus.

               “Please help save this planet. Light our darkest hour,” says Twilight to the Six Elements.

               The human ponies begin to glow and a light from within their body shoots towards the Matrix of Leadership. A bolt of light thrusts itself from the center of the Matrix out into space. The light spreads through the earth’s stratosphere killing off the dark crystals.

               Twilight says, “It’s over!”

               “Earth is saved!” says Optimus.

Princess Celestia thanks Sunset Shimmer and turns her back to her human form.

               “What about the humans?” says Sideswipe. “The human leader might do this again.”

               “I’ll go talk to them,” says Twilight.

    “Will you do that for us?” asks Cliffjumper.

    “Yes,” replies Twilight.

               The group heads off to the Whitehouse to discuss how the humans betrayed the Autobots. Once they arrive Twilight goes inside the Whitehouse to meet with the President. The President looks at her unfamiliar. And Twilight says, “You are the President, aren’t you?”

               “I am,” the President replies.

“Humans and Autobots used to work together,” says Twilight. “Why would humans betray them?”

“It is true that humans have worked with Autobots, but the Autobots brought their war to earth and can’t be trusted.”

 “But the Autobots want to protect human life, not destroy it,” replies Twilight,

“So they say,” replies the President. “But the war they brought to earth brings nothing but destruction.”

               Princess Celestia enters the room.

               “And the humans don’t? I see the humans invading our world and they have tried to capture our ponies. The Autobots have come to our rescue, and I have seen the devastation the humans have done to their own kind: segregation, discrimination, and of course the genocide of others.

“That’s in the past. We humans have to protect the earth from any type of threat,” the President replies.

               Then Principal Celestia enters the room.

               “I’m afraid not all humans would agree. I saw soldiers come and attack my students at their school. Humans have harnessed the power of the earth’s core through Dark Energon and turned it into a wasteland.”

               “What?” the President replies. “What are you talking about?”

“There are a group of soldiers known as Mech, who would plan to use Dark Energon to conquer other countries and even worlds,” says Principal Celestia.

               “The Autobots are my friends,” says Twilight. “Humans need to work with the Autobots to make the earth a better and safer place to live.”

               “You speak of friendship,” says the President. “Then maybe we should work together.”

               Suddenly Harold Attinger enters the room and says, “Don’t listen to them!”

               “These animals are not human, and we have to do what we have to do to protect our country.”

               “Stand down!” says the President.

               “That’s an order” says the President.

               Harold clinches his fist and points his weapon at Princess Celestia .

               “It takes patience to make a man. It takes patience to protect God and Country and do it quietly,” he says. Rainbow Dash bursts into the room.

               “Oh no you don’t!” she says, kicking him in the stomach.The President orders his men to take Harold out of his sight.

               “There are no good aliens or bad aliens, just us, you’ll see,” says Harold as he exits.

               The President turns to the ponies and offers them a peace treaty. They gladly sign the agreement and return to Equestria with the Autobots.

Back in Equestria Optimus is looking at hummingbirds and begins to think.

               “What are you thinking Optimus?” asks Twilight.

“I’m glad this peace treaty was made” says Optimus. “Though I fear it will not last. We need something, or someone, or a group of people that will help us in our darkest hour.

“I agree,” says Twilight “till all are one.”

“Till all are one,” says Optimus.








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CosmosCelestial's avatar
Great read thanks for sharing!^^ :)
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Gravitaria's avatar
Thanks for recommending this to me! I didn’t read all of it but so far it’s an amazing story!
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10Networks's avatar
Quite a nice story. Really not bad!
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FurryGirlSylvy45's avatar
I'm really lost for words. This made me speechless, both in a good and questionable way. This story could use some editing, from minor grammar mistakes to some plot refining. 
DylanCArt's avatar
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nightshade145's avatar
I have to agree that the story could use some editing. There isn't much in terms of an actual plot, and it feels like a jumbled mess. Now, I think it has some great potential, written correctly and given more proper story writing. If anything, this is more like a script to me than a story, since 98% of it is all talking with little direction as to actions or description. 

The story is good, even for someone like me (who doesn't really like crossovers all that much to begin with), and I think crossovers can be done really nicely. But every scene felt rushed. There was no real development for me. I understand this fic is three years old, but if you ask me to read it then here's my general response.

It has great promise, but the execution is poor from a writer's standpoint. The scenes felt rushed, but the development would have been more enjoyable had there been more acting paragraphs than just a script.

I think you could rewrite the story with your own improvements as a writer, as I like to try doing myself. If you rewrite the story to be more efficient, I'll happily re-read it again
EchoWing's avatar
This feels like a bit of a jumbled mess to be honest. It could use editing.
ABrightSide's avatar
Huh, kinda strange that you're showing me an almost 3 year old fanfic. But I gave it a read.

To be honest, I didn't really like it. For such a high stakes story, you didn't let anything sink in. It was like the story was on fast forward as I was reading it (a problem that my stories sometimes have, I'll admit). Maybe next time you could go for something smaller and simpler.
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