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The Origin of Sonic the hedgehog

By DylanCArt
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The Origin of Sonic the Hedgehog

By Dylan C.











June 23rd, 1991

Boats were landing on Christmas Island- home of intelligent animals. Explorers came to the island to learn how these animals behaved and talked. The animals found the men. One of the explorers said, “We mean you no harm.” Queen Aleena, a hedgehog wearing a crown, walked over to the explorers. She asked them, “Why have you come here?” The Explorers said, “We want to learn.” One of the animals asked, “How can we trust you?” The explorer answered, “We don’t have any weapons. The Queen accepted that. “Very well then.”

The animals and the explorers went to the city on Christmas Island, known as Mobius. They were in the city. One of the Queen’s knights named Sir Charles, who was a hedgehog in armor, asked the Queen, “Are you ok with all of this?” The Queen said, “Yes. I’m sure about them. For many years the humans and our kind distrusted each other. It’s time to end this.” Sir Charles said, “Very well then. It would be good for your baby.” The Queen was pregnant.

Suddenly missiles started coming toward Mobius. The Queen was alright. All the animals wondered if the explorers had something to do with the attack and the explorers wondered the same thing about the animals. One of the explorers said, “I knew this was a bad idea. We can’t trust these animals.” One of the animals said, “Why would we blow up our own city? What’s the logic of that?” The Queen said, “Everybody please calm down.” The Queen’s belly began to hurt. The baby was ready to be born. One of the explorers said, “These freaks are turning on us.” He lunged toward the Queen with his sword. But another explorer punched him and told the Queen to run.

There was a riot in Mobius. The Queen and Sir Charles were running as fast as they could. They escaped the city. But the Queen collapsed. Sir Charles knew that the baby was coming. He told the Queen to push. The baby was out. But the Queen was dying. The Queen said to Sir Charles, “Take care of my son. He is our hope. Not just for our kind, but for humans too.” And with that the Queen died. Sir Charles said to the baby, “It’s ok. I’ll take care of you, Sonic.” They left the island on a plane known as The Tornado.

Three years passed. Sir Charles and Sonic were living on South Island. Sir Charles said, “Sonic, it’s time for your bath.” And baby Sonic said, “No way!” Sir Charles said, “Well, I guess I’ll have to eat all those chili dogs all by myself then…” Sonic said, “Ok Uncle Chuck, it’s bath time.” After the bath Sonic was watching TV. He overheard Charles talking to a human. The human said, “Where is the freak?” Charles replied, “You’re not going to take him away!” The human was leaving, but not before he said to Charles, “You can’t protect him forever.” Charles said, “If you don’t learn from history, you’re doomed to repeat it.” The human left.

Sonic asked Charles, “What’s a freak?” Charles told Sonic, “You don’t have to worry about that.” The next day Sonic was playing with his Hot Wheels. Suddenly an airplane with missiles appeared in the sky. The plane was landing. A human got out of the plane. It was Dr. Robotnik.

Dr. Robotnik says, “Well, well. What do we have here? A little hedgehog. I hate hedgehogs!” Charles rushed over and punched Dr. Robotnik.Dr. Robotnik knew Charles and he said, “Sir Charles, it’s been awhile.” “Spare me your words you traitor,” said Charles. Sonic asked, “Uncle Chuck? What’s going on?!” Charles said, “There’s no time to explain. I need you to run as fast as you can.” Sonic asked, “But what about you?” Sir Charles said, “I’ll be fine.” Sonic was running as fast as he could. He ran so fast he created a sonic boom and this was the first time this ever happen.

It was after dark. Sonic was alone and scared. Then, he saw a TV. It was the news. The President of the United States of America had an announcement. The President said, “This state is for the benefit of humanity and all mankind.” One of the newscasters said, “Dr. Julian is missing and is being brought up on war crimes against humanity. It is believed that Julian is on South Island, home of the most intelligent animal life on the planet. Some are questioning what Julian would want with all of the animals.” The President said, “The Guardian Units of the Nations or the G.U.N. are joining forces to find Julian and bring him to justice.” Sonic knew that Dr. Julian was really Dr. Robotnik. Sonic was getting up to leave. He started to run and he ran very fast. He decided to dedicate his life to trying to stop Dr. Robotnik.

He went on many adventures. He followed Dr. Robotnik to islands across the world and battled him. The humans called him, The Blue Blur. Many had no idea who the Blue Blur was, but they all saw him as a hero.

In the Year 1998

The G.U.N. forces were led by Topaz. She and her forces tried to infiltrate one of Dr. Robotnik’s secret bases, but they were discovered by one of Dr. Robotnik’s robots- the Buzz Bombers. The G.U.N. forces tried to shoot the robots down. They shot some, but enemy reinforcements arrived. Suddenly, Sonic appeared and with his speed, he destroyed the robots. Sonic said, “Was that way past cool? Did I destroy these oversized can openers?” One of the G.U.N. forces officers said, “It’s him…” Another G.U.N. officer said, “The Blur.” Sonic corrected him, “The BLUE Blur. I’m sure I’m on Dr. Robotnik’s hit-list. The Blue Blur is fine, but you can call me Sonic.” Topaz was not sure what to think. Sonic asked, “Do you like what you see? You’re pretty and all, but…” Topaz interrupted him and said, “No you’re a…” Sonic said, “A hedgehog, and proud of it.” More enemy reinforcements were beginning to arriving. Sonic said, “Sounds like some more are coming. See you guys next time.” Sonic ran toward the robots.

At his flying fortress, Dr. Robotnik was informed by one of his robots that Sonic was onsite. Dr. Robotnik screamed, “Him again?” Sonic destroyed half of the robot forces. Sonic said, “Come on Eggman! Is that all you’ve got? Send more!” Dr. Robotnik was furious. He said, “Kill him! Send more!” Even more robots were on their way. Sonic was headed to Dr. Robotnik’s base. The robots were closing in on him. He was destroying the robots. He got to the base and destroyed it. Dr. Robotnik was furious. He punched the wall. Sonic was running and smirking.

Meanwhile at The Whitehouse, the President received news that one of Dr. Robotnik’s bases had been destroyed. Topaz said, “We received help from The Blue Blur.” The President asked, “Who is the Blue Blur?” She answered, “A blue hedgehog named Sonic.” The President asked, “It was an animal?” Topaz said, “Yes. He’ll give us a fighting chance.” Card Passer disagreed. He said, “We can’t have some animal fight for us. We are the Guardian Units of the Nations. And besides, we don’t need his help.” Topaz said, “But sir, he has been doing this for years. With his help we can end Dr. Robotnik once and for all.” Card Passer said, “Enough! Have you forgotten he’s a freak!? We can’t trust him.”

Meanwhile on South Island, Sonic was with his friends, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy. Sonic asked, “How’d I do, Tails?” Tails said, “That was great!” But Knuckles said, “Great?! You were reckless. You let those humans spot you!” Sonic said, “Those humans needed help so I gave them a hand.” Knuckles said, “Those were soldiers. They may think of you as a threat.” Sonic replied, “Don’t worry about it, Knuckles. If they thought I was a threat they would have opened fire on me, but they didn’t.” Sonic asked Tails, “Where is Eggman?” Tails said, “According to my calculations, he is on a train with weapons.” Sonic said, “Well, looks like I’m gonna have to smash that train to tiny pieces.” Amy said, “Oh Sonic, you’re my hero.”

Meanwhile at the Whitehouse, the President was thinking about whether or not Sonic could be trusted. His daughter, Ashley, asked her father, “Is that Blue Blur going to help us?” The President said, “I don’t know. He is one of those animals.” Ashley asked, “What’s wrong with that?” “Well,” The President said, “We’ve never seen animals that can talk and walk like us and they might attack us if we’re not careful.” Ashley said, “But some people think he’s a hero.” The President said, “I know that. But we really don’t know if that’s the truth.” Card Passer said, “We are ready.” The President said, “Well then, proceed.”

Sonic was running toward the train. He jumped onto the moving train. Sonic said, “Well, where is the Fat Man?” The enemy robots were ready to attack Sonic, but Sonic was ready. One by one Sonic destroyed the robots. Sonic made it to the weapon room on the train and destroyed all of the weapons. There was a television in the room broadcasting a video of Dr. Robotnik. Dr. Robotnik said, “Sonic, you think you’re so clever. Well, I’ll show you!” Dr. Robotnik made a big robot and ordered the robot to attack Sonic. Sonic kept dodging the attacks. Sonic told the robot, “You’re too slow.” The robot was getting angrier. The robot tried to attack Sonic, but attacked the bombs instead. This caused the train to explode.

Sonic got out of the train safely. Sonic said, “Another one bites the dust.” Suddenly the G.U.N. forces where starting to surround Sonic. Card Passer was with the G.U.N. forces. He said, “So, you’re the Blue Blur. I thought you would be taller.” Sonic said, “You can call me Sonic.” “You do know I’m on your side, right?” Card Passer said, “We don’t need help from a freak like you.” Sonic recognized that word from a long time ago. “You’re the human who came and talked to Uncle Chuck.” Card Passer said, “That’s right. I tracked you down, but Charles tried to protect you. I sent G.U.N. forces to capture you, but Dr. Robotnik got there first. He actually did me a favor. With Charles out of the way, I could easily capture you.” Sonic asked, “Why are you trying to capture me?” Card Passer said, “You don’t know about your mom?” Sonic said, “My mom?” And Card Passer said, “Yes, your mom, Queen Aleena was the leader of your kind and now she’s dead. We must protect our country from your kind.” And with that Card Passer ordered his men to shoot Sonic, but Sonic quickly dodged the attacks. Card passer ordered the men to use tranquilizers. One hit Sonic in the arm. Sonic started to get dizzy, but Tails was flying the Tornado Plane. Tails yelled, “Get in!” Sonic got into the plane. Tails and Sonic flew away,but one of the G.U.N. officers used a rocket launcher which hit the plane. The Tornado Plane crashed into the ocean.

Sonic and Tails woke up on an island. A human said, “I treated your wounds and I fixed the plane.” Sonic asked, “Who are you?” The human said, “My name is Agent X. I started watching you a very long time ago.” Sonic said, “That guy was talking about my mom. Tell me what happened.” “A long time ago there was a species. These species were animals. They walked like humans. And they slowly began to speak. It was evolution. The government was beginning to fear the animals and think that they were a threat, but the animals knew that they would be safe on Christmas Island.” Sonic asked Agent X, “How did you know about all of this?” Agent X said, “Because I helped them escape.” Sonic asked, “What happened?” Agent X said, “There were explorers. One of those explorers was Dr. Robotnik.” Tails asked, “Dr. Robotnik was one of the explorers?” Agent X said, “Yes, he was.” Sonic asked, “What happened to my mom?”

Agent X told Sonic the following tale. “The Queen was having a baby. That baby was you, Sonic.” Sonic asked, “What about the other animals? What happened to the explorers?” Agent X said, “There was a missile that exploded. It caused fear. One of the explorers tried to kill your mom, but I punched him. After that there was a riot.” Sonic asked, “You were one of the explorers?” Agent X said, “Yes. After the riot one the explorers called me a traitor, but one of the animals saved my life.” The animal who saved me said to the other animals, “Look at you all. You’re acting like savages. You say you want to learn, but you’re trying to attack us.” The animal asked the explorers to leave. “Are you okay?” he asked me. “Yes, I’m fine,” I told him. The animal asked, “Why did you save our Queen?” and I told him it was because she was in danger. “Where is she?” he asked him . I told him that she was outside the city. “The animals and I tried to find the Queen and Sir Charles, but we only found Sir Charles and the Queen’s son.” Sir Charles told us that the Queen was dead. “This is not the end,” Agent X told him. “I think I know who’s behind all of this.” “Who?” Sir Charles asked me. “It’s Julian,” I replied. “Sir Charles, I will protect that child.”

“And that was the last time we saw Sir Charles,” Agent X told Sonic and Tails. Sonic was unsure what to think about the story and Tails asked, “Sonic, are you okay?” “Yeah, I’m fine,” said Sonic. “It’s just that I’ve never seen my parents before.” Meanwhile, at the White House, Ashley, the President’s daughter, overheard Card Passer say, “Our country is strong and now that the Blue Blur is out of the way we can finish off our enemy Dr. Robotnik once and for all.” Ashley was shocked that they would try and attack Sonic. Before she could do anything, a robot disguising himself as one of the soldiers kidnapped her. Ashley was woken up in a dungeon to Dr. Robotnik saying, “Wakey, wakey.” “You’re Dr. Robotnik!” Ashley exclaimed. “That’s right,” he said. “I took you hostage so your father, the President, will give into my commands.” “You won’t get away with this,” Ashley said. “I already have,” he replied. “Now that Sonic is out of the way I can rule the entire world!”

Back in the White House, the President was wondering where his daughter was. A robot suddenly appeared on a television broadcast. It was Dr. Robotnik! The President said, “Whatever you want, we do not negotiate with terrorists.” Dr. Robotnik replied,” Oh, but you will give into my negotiations because I have your daughter.” The President was shocked. Dr. Robotnik said, “If you want to see her again, you will give into my commands. We’ll discuss more details tonight.”

Meanwhile, back on the island, Sonic and Tails went back to the Tornado Plane. Sonic said, “Thanks for everything, Agent X.” “You’re welcome,” Agent X said. “Good luck.” Sonic and Tails were about to leave when they heard the news on the plane’s radio. “We interrupt this programming to bring you some important news. The President’s daughter was kidnapped by Dr. Robotnik. The President and Dr. Robotnik will be negotiating in the White House.” “This is terrible,” Tails said. “Guess we’re going to have to save the President’s daughter then,” said Sonic. “Are you sure they won’t try to kill you like before?” Tails asked. “My mom would do the same thing,” Sonic replied. And with that, Sonic and Tails launched the Tornado Plane. “Good luck Sonic,” Agent X said. Sonic and Tails landed the plane at one of Dr. Robotnik’s bases. There, they captured a robot that had information about where the President’s daughter was. She was being held in one of the dungeons on the base. “What a coincidence,” Sonic said. “She’s on the base where we landed!” Tails said, “We don’t have much time. We’ve got to save her.” Sonic and Tails went to the dungeon and found the President’s daughter. “Who are you?” Ashley asked. Sonic replied, “I am Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog!” Ashley was surprised. “You’re the Blue Blur!” Sonic said, “Yeah. And it’s a cool name, too.” Tails said, “No time for chitchatting. We’ve got to get out of here!” “You’re right, Tails,” Sonic said. Then Sonic told Ashley to hold on tight. Sonic and Tails quickly ran to the Tornado Plane. “Buckle your seatbelt,” Sonic told Ashley, and she did. They escaped just in the nick of time!

As they were flying on the Tornado Plane, Ashley told Sonic, “Thank you for saving me.” Sonic said, “It’s all in a hero’s work. Don’t worry; as soon as we get in the White House you’ll be safe.” “Are you sure?” Ashley asked. “My father’s men might try to kill you.” Sonic said, “Don’t worry; I’m the world’s fastest hedgehog! And besides, sooner or later they’re going to recognize us as an ally.”

Meanwhile, at the White House, Card Passer said to the President, “Don’t do this, Mr. President.” “My daughter is in danger,” the President replied. “I can’t ignore that fact.” Card Passer said, “But we really don’t know if she’s alive or not.” Just then, Dr. Robotnik walked into the White House with his robots. “I hate to interrupt,” he said, “but we have business to discuss.” The President said, “Where’s my daughter?” “She’s safe….for now,” Dr. Robotnik replied. “But if you really want her I have one demand. You must surrender to me.” “You’re insane!” the President said. “You watch your tone,” Dr. Robotnik said. “As long as I have your daughter you will do as I say. What is your choice, your country or your daughter?” Suddenly, Sonic appeared and said, “I think he chooses both, Eggface!” Surprised, Dr. Robotnik exclaimed, “Sonic…YOU!” Sonic said, “Yeah, I can’t let you take down the White House. It’s uncool.” Ashley quickly went to the President’s side. “Are you all right, Ashley?” the President said. “Yes. It was Sonic, the Blue Blur that saved me!” The President was shocked. “Wait…he’s the Blue Blur? And he’s one of the animals?” Dr. Robotnik was furious. “I should have known you survived that, Sonic.” Sonic said, “You shouldn’t believe what they say.” Sonic quickly destroyed the robots. Dr. Robotnik was growling, but he summoned Metal Sonic. “This Metal Sonic isn’t completely finished, but he’ll have to do.” Sonic said, “Don’t worry; I’ll turn this one into scrap metal.” Dr. Robotnik escaped and Sonic told the President, “Don’t worry, just leave it to me. After all, I’m the world’s fastest hedgehog!” Sonic and Metal Sonic fought and Sonic won. Card Passer ordered his men to shoot Sonic, but Ashley said, “Stop! He’s on our side.” “Don’t be ridiculous,” Card Passer said. Ashley replied, “It’s not ridiculous.” Card Passer was getting furious. “Just look at him!” he said. “He’s not human. He is a FREAK!” “That’s enough,” the President said. Card Passer said, “You’re listening to what she’s saying?” “My daughter is right,” the President said. “And I should have paid more attention to her and she wouldn’t have been captured in the first place.Personally, I’ve had enough of you. You’re fired!” Card Passer reluctantly left. Sonic said to Ashley, “Thanks!” He gave her a thumbs up. He was about to leave, but suddenly a message came through the television. “I have information about Dr.Robotnik’s plans. It’s in one of Dr. Robotnik’s bases, but please hurry.” Sonic recognized the voice and he said, “Uncle Chuck?”

The next day, G.U.N. soldiers led by Topaz and Captain Westwood snuck onto one of Dr. Robotnik’s bases. Captain Westwood said, “The information about Dr. Robotnik’s plans is at this base. We don’t know who sent this information, but it might give us an advantage. Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails were flying the Tornado Plane toward Dr. Robotnik’s base. Tails said to Sonic, “Are you sure you recognized that voice?” Sonic replied, “Nope, not really. And besides, even if it wasn’t who I thought it was, we still have a chance to smash Dr. Robotnik’s base, right buddy?” “You’re right,” Tails said. They landed the Tornado Plane and Sonic and Tails snuck inside the base. Soon after, they ran into the G.U.N. soldiers, who were already searching for Dr. Robotnik’s plans. Topaz said, “It’s you again!” “Nice to meet you too,” Sonic replied. “What are you two doing here?” Captain Westwood asked. “We’re figuring out what Eggman is up to,” Sonic said. Suddenly, a voice came over the radio. “Thanks goodness you’re all here. We don’t have much time.” “Uncle Chuck, is that really you?” Sonic asked. The voice said, “Sonic, is that you?” “Yeah, it’s me,” Sonic said. The voice was Uncle Chuck. “We don’t have much time to lose,” he said. “Open this door.” Everyone walked to the door and Sonic opened it. There was Sir Charles! “I’m so glad to see you! I was worried,” Sonic said. Charles said, “You’ve really grown, haven’t you, Sonic? But I’m afraid it won’t be the same.” Sir Charles was a robot! Sonic was shocked. “Uncle Chuck, what has that Eggman done to you?” “He made a machine that turned organic life forms into robots. He called it the Roboticizer.” “That’s terrible!” Sonic said. “That’s not the worst part,” Sir Charles said. “You see, the Roboticizer was my invention. It was supposed to stop aging, but the side effects mean that subjects lose their mind.” “So, why didn’t you lose your mind?” Sonic asked. “It must have been a glitch,” Sir Charles said. Sonic asked Sir Charles what Dr. Robotnik’s plan was. “He’s making a weapon based on the Roboticizer. Its targets are America, Russia, Italy, Canada, and it will turn everyone into robots.” “Hold on a minute,” Captain Westwood said. “How do we know that this is true? You say you know Dr. Robotnik’s plan, but how do we know we can trust you?” Sonic said, “Wait for a moment. This is Eggman we’re talking about. Eggman wants to rule the world. We need to stop him.” Captain Westwood said, “And as for you, you say you’re on our side, but you’re doing this for fun. How do we know you won’t turn against us?” Sonic replied, “You know what, I get it. I can be reckless sometimes and I do things on my own and I’m also cocky, too. But if you judge someone by their appearance, what they look like, that’s what monsters really are.”

Suddenly, a giant robot appeared! Card Passer was inside the robot. “Didn’t the President fire you already?” Sonic asked “He’ll thank me later,” Card Passer said. “I overheard that the Guardian Units of Nations will protect the Earth from now on. Card Passer attacked Sonic with the robot. He missed, but the ceiling was falling down and nearly hit the soldiers. Topaz said, “Hey, we’re here…be careful!” Card Passer said, “You’re all expendable. This is war.” Sonic said, “You just shook it off like that? These people are soldiers protecting their country from jerks. You’re no better than the Fatman himself.” “You have no idea what I’ve done for my country,” Card Passer said. “So stay out of my way, Hedgehog!” “I can’t do that,” Sonic said. “Then you leave me no choice,” Card Passer said. “I should have done this a long time ago. Once I take care of you, I’ll defeat Dr. Robotnik and after that I’m going to wipe out all of your kind.” Sonic and Card Passer began to fight. Card Passer tried to hit Sonic, but he was too fast. Sonic hit the machine a couple of times and it weakened the machine. Sonic attacked the head of the machine and it collapsed. Sonic won the fight. Card Passer walked out of the machine, coughing. Topaz said, “He’s right. You’re no better than Dr. Robotnik.” She punched Card Passer. The G.U.N. soldiers grabbed him and pulled his arms behind his back. Card Passer said, “Tell the President I’m not sorry. This nation used to be powerful, but now it’s on the verge of destruction thanks to Sonic.” With that, the G.U.N. soldiers took Card Passer away. Topaz thanked Sonic and Captain Westwood said, “We’ll take it from here.” Sonic went to Sir Charles and asked, “Are you okay?” Sir Charles said, “Yes, I’m fine,ut we don’t have a moment to lose. Dr. Robotnik’s flying fortress is about to lift off as we speak. His ultimate plan is about to start. Sonic, this is the final battle, and I have the code for destroying that weapon.” Sonic said, “Okay, let’s go to Eggman’s flying fortress and destroy that weapon!”

Sonic, Tails, and Sir Charles ran as fast as they could to the flying fortress. Suddenly, robots appeared and tried to stop them, but they were able to destroy them. They went in the flying fortress just as it was about to lift off. Sonic and his friends were finally face to face with Dr. Robotnik! Sonic said, “The jig is up, Eggman. So where’s the weapon that Uncle Chuck is talking about?” Dr. Robotnik pointed up. “You have gone too far, Julian.” “I abandoned that name a long time ago,” Dr. Robotnik said. Sonic asked Dr. Robotnik, “You know something? After all the battles we fought, I was wondering, what is your problem with the world and why are you trying to conquer it?” Dr. Robotnik told Sonic, “I was a scientist. I was a compassionate man, a man of forgiveness, but now I am much more. I tried to share my ideas of the world, but they refused them. They cast me out, but I was fortunate enough to land on an island with animals. One animal was you, Sir Charles. I was welcomed by your mother, the Queen. For many years I lived on the island  and slowly I built my robotic empire, but one day Sir Charles figured out my plans. He warned the Queen about what I was up to and he ruined my plans. But before they caught me, I escaped. And from that day forth I dedicated my life to ruling the world. With this weapon, I will roboticize the world and it will be all mine!”

Suddenly, Gunplanes started to shoot at the flying fortress. Sonic said, “Well, looks like this party is about to end. It’s time for me to punch that fat gut of yours, Eggbelly!” But Dr. Robotnik blocked him and threw him away. “Not this time,” he said. “I used some drugs to amplify my body so I could grow stronger.” “That’s dangerous,” Tails said. “A necessary risk,” Dr. Robotnik said. Sonic said, “Tails, Uncle Chuck, use the code to destroy the weapon. I’ll distract Eggman.” Tails grabbed Sir Charles by the hand and they flew toward the weapon. “You’re not getting away!” said Dr. Robotnik. “Oh yes they are!” Sonic said. Sonic grabbed Dr. Robotnik by the knee. “For many years I tried to destroy you,” Dr. Robotnik said. “And I will, with my bare hands!” “I’d like to see you try,” Sonic said. Sonic and Dr. Robotnik fought. As they fought, Dr. Robotnik said, “You’ve gotten in my way for far too long, hedgehog, but now I will destroy you!” “I highly doubt that,” Sonic said. “I always turn your robots into scrap metal.” Dr. Robotnik asked Sonic, “Why are you helping these humans? They will never accept what you are. I should know. There used to be archeologists who were afraid of your kind. I was one of those archeologists, and do you know what happened to the others? I turned them into robots. Those imbeciles trusted me…they thought I could return them home, but their new home is with my flying fortress. If they find out there are so many of your kind, they will be afraid and they will give orders to exterminate you all. So tell me, why are you risking your life for them?” “Because that’s what my mom wanted,” Sonic said. “She knew what the history of humans was, and she wanted to change the hate. She wanted the animals and humans to coexist together. And also, I get the chance to beat the fattest tyrant of them all…you, Eggman!” Dr. Robotnik was getting furious. “Stop calling me that!” Sonic and Dr. Robotnik charged each other, and Sonic punched Dr. Robotnik in the face, knocking Dr. Robotnik out.

Meanwhile, Tails and Sir Charles were about to break the code, but suddenly a robot started shooting at them. Sir Charles told Tails to look out and shielded him from the bullets. Sir Charles was damaged. “Uncle Chuck!” Sonic yelled. Sonic quickly destroyed the robot and asked Uncle Chuck if he was okay. “Yes, my boy, I’m fine,” Sir Charles said. “Let’s break the code and destroy this weapon.” They broke the code and the weapon was destroyed. “Yes! We did it!” Sonic said. Tails noticed that something was wrong with Sir Charles. “Uncle Chuck, what’s wrong?” Sonic asked. “This code not only destroyed the weapon, it deactivated all machines, including me.” “Did you know this would happen?” asked Sonic. “Yes,” replied Sir Charles. “This is the only way. I am so my proud of you, my boy. If only your mother was here to see this. There’s also one thing you need to see. Go to Christmas Island, the place where you were born. Farewell, Sonic.” Sir Charles had been deactivated. “Uncle Chuck,” Sonic said.

Suddenly, Gunplanes started shooting the flying fortress with rockets. “We gotta get out of here,” Tails said. “You’re right,” Sonic said. One of the Gunplanes landed on the flying fortress. Topaz was flying it. “You two need a ride?” she asked. “Yeah—thanks for offering,” Sonic said. Sonic and Tails got on the plane and it flew away. Dr. Robotnik was waking up and he saw that his flying fortress was being destroyed. Bursting with anger, he said, “I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!” Suddenly, the flying fortress exploded. Sonic, Tails, and Topaz watched the flying fortress as it exploded. “Is that really the end of Eggman?” Tails asked. “Doubtful,” Sonic said. “Will you land on Christmas Island?” he asked Topaz. “Sure,” she said.

They landed on Christmas Island, and Sonic got out of the plane. As he walked, he saw the city of Mobius. He walked into a building and saw a disk sitting on a table. “For Sonic” was written on the disk. He played the disk and it was his mom. She said, “My son, I am blessed that you will be welcome in this world, but I’m afraid it’s not that simple. There are some people that fear and hate what they don’t understand. You I believe will break that cycle. Give everyone, not just animals but the humans too, hope. I love you, my Sonic.” The disk ended and Sonic shed a tear. Suddenly, a news report was broadcasted to the world. It was from the President. “We will allow Sonic the Hedgehog to continue the fight against Dr. Robotnik. Because of him, many lives have been saved and warfare has been ended. Also, he saved my daughter and I am very appreciative that he did.” The news broadcast ended and Sonic walked back to the plane. “Let’s go home,” Sonic said. They flew back to Station Square and all the humans clapped as Sonic got off the plane. Sonic waved his hand at the people and gave them a thumbs up. 

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That's looks awesome dude!
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this was a fantastic story 10/10 its like you took the sonic short fan film and turn it into a feature length film with the premise of satam , since were sharing stories I posted a script for my sonic the hedgehog 2 stop motion movie while back (never got to making it though) Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Stop Motion Film Script Revis by cyberf7
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Okay, you get a win because of that Sonic bath scene. lol
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It's a good story, but the sentences all feel clumped.
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Dang...this is amazing! It reads like a script from the animated series!
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very interesting Origin story about Sonic
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