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Spirderman and the Powerpuff Girls Pt 2

By DylanCArt
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Spider-Man and The Powerpuff Girls II












            In the night, the kingpin of crime was walking to his room with his guards. A visitor was hiding in the shadows of the room, sitting in the dark. The Kingpin said, “Oh nice of you to come in.” Then he turned to his guards and said, “Leave us.”

            The Kingpin sat down and offered the visitor a cup of tea. The Kingpin said, “As we expected, the Rowdyruff Boys have served their purpose. Spider-Man was stronger than we imagined. And now he is in alliance with the Powerpuff Girls.” He handed a picture to the visitor. The visitor said in a growl with a sick smile on his face, “Now it’s time to crush the spider.” And with that he snatched the picture out of the Kingpin’s hand.

            The next day Spider-Man and the Powerpuff Girls were headed to the bank because it was being robbed by Mojo Jojo, a gorilla with a giant brain. Blossom yelled, “Not so fast Mojo Jojo.” But Mojo had already gotten in his getaway jet. Spider-Man shot his web at the jet and climbed up. He knocked on the window and said, “Hi, I’m Spider-Man and I’m new here but I’m pretty sure it’s a big fat no-no and this is not Planet of the Apes.”

            Mojo tried to blast Spider-Man but Spider-Man dodged the blast and said, “That’s it, you’re grounded.” Spider-Man breaks off the tail of the jet which caused it to lose control. Mojo hit the ground and the Powerpuff Girls were waiting. Buttercup pushed Mojo. Mojo tried to blast the Girls but Spider-Man grabbed the blaster out of his hands. Mojo said, “Give that back to me you spider.” Spider-Man said, “What was Caesar’s first word again? Oh right, ‘NO’.” Spider-Man put a web over Mojo’s mouth.

            Spider-Man pulled off Mojo’s helmet, revealing his brain. “That’s a big brain,” said Spider-Man and he drummed on it. Mojo pulled the web off of his mouth and screamed, “STOP DOING THAT!” The Powerpuff Girls attacked Mojo and Buttercup kicked him. Spider-Man made a web to trap him and hung him upside down from a tree branch. Mojo said, “OOOO, I hate spiders!” After that the Powerpuff Girls and Spider-Man went to a restaurant to get food and celebrate. They fist bumped each other but their good time was interrupted by a news report from J. Jonah Jameson. “Oh great, it’s J.J.,” said Spider-Man. Bubbles asked, “What’s wrong?” “J.J. never liked me and always slanders me,” explained Spider-Man. “I’ve decided to run for mayor of New York. Vote me and I’ll rid the city of that masked vigilante, Spider-Man, and those Powerpuff Girls,” announced J.J..

            Buttercup shrieked, “Whaaaaat?!” Blossom said to Spider-Man, “We have to go to school now. We’ll deal with J.J. later.” Spideman said, “Good luck!” At school, Blossom still could not believe what awful things J.J. had said about them on the news. She said, “I can’t believe that J. Jonah Jameson!” Bubbles said, “At least it can’t get any worse…” Their teacher, Mrs. Keane, had an announcement. “We have three new students. They are a little nervous to be here because they’ve never been to school before.” It was the Rowdyruff Boys. Buttercup turned to Bubbles and said, “You need to keep your mouth shut.”

            Meanwhile, Spider-Man was relaxing on top of a building next to the Girls’ school. The Sinister Six (Doc Oc, Kraven, Mysterio, Electro, Vulture, and Sandman) appeared from behind Spider-Man. Spider-Man sighed and said, “Can’t I just take a break for one day please?!” The Sandman grabbed Spider-Man and threw him into the school. The girls quickly rushed to help and asked, “Are you ok?!” Spider-Man replied, “Yeah. Just some jerks I used to fight.” Blossom said, “We need to fight somewhere else so no one at the school gets hurt.” Doc Oc said, “You’re not going anywhere, kid.” Doc Oc grabbed the girls and threw them out of the school through a window. Spider-Man yelled, “No fighting at school and you’re not supposed to hit girls!” Electro said, “I always hated school so we’re going to burn this place to the ground.” Spider-Man rushed outside to help the girls. The Six followed him.

            Doc Oc said, “This time you won’t escape Spider-Man!” Spider-Man said, “I beat you guys before and these girls are really tough.” Kraven said, “It’s a good thing we brought reinforcements!” Suddenly, Fuzzy Lumpkins, Medusa, Roach Coach, The Princess, The Gang Green Gang, and Mojo Jojo appeared.

            Spider-Man said, “Didn’t we put you in that tree already?” Mojo said, “I got out of that web!” “What, did it take you nine hours?!” Spider-Man asked. Mojo told Spider-Man to shut up. Doc Oc said, “Hold on, the Kingpin wants us to defeat these losers in a specific place.” Electo used his electric powers to zap the school, catching it on fire. Using the fire as a distraction, the villains escaped. Buttercup yelled at them, “Get back here!” Blossom said, “We don’t have time for them! The school’s on fire!” Boomer grabbed a fire extinguisher and put out the flames.

            The school was safe and the girls were shocked that one of the Rowdyruff Boys had put out the fire, because in recent history they had been very bad. Blossom said, “Watch these three boys, will you?” Mrs. Keane said, “Of course I will.”

    Spider-Man and the Powerpuff Girls followed the villains to an abandoned building. The villains were waiting for them. Spider-Man said, “Did my invitation to the party get lost in the mail? I guess I’m just gonna have to crash it.” Mojo said, “Make all the jokes you can now, you stupid bug. Because in just a minute the joke will be on you.” Spider-Man said, “For a monkey with a big brain, you’re pretty stupid.” Mojo was getting angry. “I’ve had enough of your insults you stupid bug.” Doc Oc said, “Wait! Can’t you see what he’s doing? He’s using his words as weapons to make you sloppy!” Mojo said, “Who made you leader?” Sandman stepped in-between them and pushed them apart. “Calm down, both of you. Let’s just fight them already.” Spider-Man and the Powerpuff Girls finally got their chance to fight the villains. The fight was intense. While fighting the Powerpuff Girls, Mojo accidentally hit Doc Oc. Doc Oc shrieked, “Mojo, you imbecile!” He threw his hands in the air. “You should’ve stayed out of my way while I destroyed them on my own.”

    The Vulture tried to hit Spider-Man but accidentally hit Princess. The Princess snapped, “Watch it you old geezer!” Vulture said, “You were in the way you whippersnapper!” Electro tried to zap Bubbles but ended up hitting Medusa. “You ruined my hair you moron!” She grabbed her fried hair in horror. Electro said, “It’s not my fault you’re obsessed with your hair!” Roach Coach attacked Buttercup with his army of roaches but the roaches ended up landing on Mysterio instead. Mysterio screamed. “Get these disgusting roaches off of me,” Mysterio said squashing them. Roach Coach was horrified. “Don’t talk about my roaches like that you oversized fishbowl.”

     The Gang Green Gang, Fuzzy Lumpkins, Sandman, and Kraven watched the other villains arguing with each other. Kraven said, “How can we defeat our enemies if we’re too busy fighting each other?” Spider-Man said, “That’s an interesting question. In the meantime, they should slap each other with fish. That would be hilarious!” Spider-Man and the Powerpuff Girls fought Sandman, The Gang Green Gang, Fuzzy Lumpkins, and Kraven.

    One by one, Spider-Man and the Powerpuff Girls defeated the villains. Suddenly, the Task Force appeared. One of the Task Force officers said to Spider-Man and the Powerpuff Girls, “You’re under arrest.” Blossom said, “But we’re super heroes. We’re the good guys!” The officer replied, “We don’t like vigilantes.” Someone threw a flash grenade and it blinded the Task Force. This gave Spider-Man and the Powerpuff Girls time to escape.

    They left the abandoned building. While walking by a pothole cover, something grabbed Spider-Man and the Powerpuff Girls. It was the Rowdyruff Boys, hiding in the sewer. Buttercup said, “What’s going on?” And Butch shushed her. “Be quiet!” The Task Force was looking for them. One of the Task Force officers said, “I don’t see them.” Another officer replied, “Then they’re not here. Let’s move out!” The Task Force left.

    Mrs. Keane drove by in her car. “Want a ride?” She asked. All of them piled in the car. While they were driving, Blossom asked the Rowdyruff Boys, “Why did you help us?” Brick said, “I don’t know.” Buttercup said, “Why are those Task Force officers after us?” “Because they’re being paid off by Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin,” said Spider-Man. Bubbles asked, “The Kingpin? Who’s he?” Mrs. Keane said, “You’ve never heard about Wilson Fisk before? He did some illegal stuff but no one can prove it.” Spider-Man said, “Yeah and he’s the fattest man on the planet!” They pulled over at the school. Mrs. Keane thanked Spider-Man and told him, “Any friend of the Powerpuff Girls is a friend of mine.” Spider-Man said, “Thanks.”

    Mrs. Keane said, “It’s almost past your bedtime. You should go home.” And the Powerpuff Girls responded, “Ok.” Blossom said to the Boys, “Thanks for helping us escape but I’m going to keep an eye on you three so you better behave.” The Girls and Spider-Man left. A Raving Rabbid appeared suddenly, making kissy sounds. Brick told the Rabbid to shut up.

    Meanwhile, at the police station, the chief officer asked the Task Force, “Why did you try to arrest Spider-Man and the Powerpuff Girls?” “Because we have orders,” replied one of the Task Force officers. The chief officer asked, “Orders from who?” Wilson Fisk opened the front door of the station and said, “Those are my orders.” The chief officer said, “Spider-Man is a vigilante for sure, but arresting little girls? That’s going too far.” Wilson Fisk said, “These so-called little girls are too dangerous for the city. And we can’t take that chance.” Wilson Fisk turned to the police force and said, “You’re all fired!” The chief officer said, “We’re fired?! But why?!” “My new and elite Task Force is equipped with armor and better weapons. They will protect the city from now on.” And with that all the police officers reluctantly left.

    The Kingpin’s mysterious late night visitor arrived. The Kingpin said, “Everything is going according to plan. It could be better if we could capture Spider-Man and the Girls. Would you agree.. HIM?” The visitor, HIM, was the most powerful villain that the Powerpuff Girls had ever faced. He looked like the devil but had claws like a crab for hands. HIM replied, “I couldn’t agree more, Mr. Fisk. And I believe that the Boys could be useful one last time…” The Kingpin asked, “How could they be useful?” HIM said, “I know a certain villain that could help us out.”

    At the school, Mrs. Keane asked the Boys to do an errand for her. Mrs. Keane said, “The Girls and Spider-Man are kind of busy fighting crime so I need you to help me find Chemical X.” Boomer said, “Why do you need Chemical X?” “To show that you boys are not evil anymore,” said Mrs. Keane. The Boys agreed.

    They went to the Professor’s lab to find Chemical X and returned it to Mrs. Keane. The Boys were about to hand Chemical X over to Mrs. Keane when Spider-Man and the Powerpuff Girls came running through the front door and yelled, “STOPPP!” Blossom asked, “What are you doing with Chemical X?” Mrs. Keane grabbed Chemical X from out of Boomer’s hand. Then Mrs. Keane revealed that she wasn’t their teacher at all, she was the Chameleon in disguise. He was wearing a mask of Mrs. Keane’s face and peeled it off. Spider-Man said, “That was not Mrs. Keane! It was the Chameleon in disguise.” The Chameleon said, “That’s right! And you all fell for it!” HIM suddenly appeared from a puff of smoke. The Chameleon gave the Chemical X to HIM. The Girls gasped and said, “HIM?!” Buttercup said, “What have you done with the real Mrs. Keane?” HIM said, “She’s alive… For now! And I couldn’t have done it without you Boys. Thank you.” And with that, HIM and the Chameleon disappeared.

    Brick yelled, “DARN IT!” He slammed his fists down on the table. “We’ve been tricked again!” Spider-Man said, “It’s not your fault you were tricked. Chameleon is a master of disguise.” Blossom said, “We’ve got to stop him, once and for all.” Brick said, “You four are going to stop HIM, we’re done.” Spider-Man asked, “You’re giving up? Just like that?” Butch said, “We tried being good and managed to screw that up.” Boomer said, “We’re just not that good.” And with that the Rowdyruff Boys left.

    Blossom said, “Where are you going?” Brick said, “Somewhere we won’t cause any more trouble.” Spider-Man thought that he saw the Boys start to cry.

    Meanwhile, the Kingpin and HIM were discussing their plans at their headquarters. The Kingpin said, “So this is Chemical X? This alone will give me enough strength to take over this city.” HIM said, “Yes it will.” The Kingpin asked HIM to hand over Chemical X. But HIM replied, “I’m afraid there’s been a change of plans. I’m running the show now!” The Kingpin said, “This isn’t part of the deal.” HIM said, “Well then, the deal is OFF!” And with that HIM disappeared with Chemical X.

    HIM used his teleportation powers to get inside of a maximum security prison. Inside was every criminal that had been put away by Spider-Man and the Powerpuff Girls. HIM said to them, “You want to get out of this prison don’t you? You must swear your allegiance to me and I will give you strength like nothing you’ve ever felt before.” All the criminals agreed. HIM levitated high up and poured Chemical X all over all of the prisoners. They all transformed into monsters. All the prisoners destroyed the front door of the prison and escaped from inside. HIM was laughing and evil laugh.

    Meanwhile at The Daily Bugle, J. Jonah Jameson was thinking about what he would say during his election. All of a sudden he saw the news that all of the criminals were terrorizing the city. He thought to himself, “That’s not good for my image!”

    The Task Force tried to stop them but their weapons had no effect. One of the task for members said, “Our weapons are not working!” Another task force officer said, “I didn’t sign up for this! I’m getting out of here!” The criminals ripped off the task force officers’ armor. The Kingpin was watching all this on the news. Seeing the task force destroyed made him burst with anger. He said, “CURSE YOU HIM!” The criminals suddenly appeared at his headquarters. One of the criminals said to the Kingpin, “You’re coming with us.”

    Back at The Daily Bugle J. Jonah Jameson cried, “This is terrible! I can’t be the mayor of New York if all of this is happening. This is all Spiderman and those brats’ fault.” The criminals came into the offices of The Daily Bugle and captured Jameson. Meanwhile, the Rowdyruff Boys were headed to a bus station. Brick was trying not to cry. He threw his cap at the ground. It landed at the feet of a man named Stan.

    Stan said, “What’s the matter, son?” Brick said, “It’s nothing. It’s just that me and my brothers did a lot of stupid things. Stan said, “A lot of stupid things, huh? And you think nobody wants you three?” Boomer said, “Yeah. We tried to be good but we messed that up. And now someone who trusted and believed in us is in danger.” Stan said, “Well son, when I was your age I did a lot of stupid things too. But I had my friends with me. Also, if you make a mistake, all you have to do is fix it.” Bush asked, “If you make a mistake all you have to do is fix it?” Stan said, “Of course.” Stan said, “My train is coming. You boys are young. I believe there is still time to fix your mistake. Enough said.” The Rowdyruff Boys thought about what Stan said. (Little did they know it was actually Stan Lee.)

    Meanwhile, in New York City, Spider-Man and the Powerpuff Girls were trying to find HIM and rescue Mrs. Keane. The city was in ruin; it was like a ghost town. HIM and the criminals he had unleased in the city had been expecting them. HIM said, “Oh, so nice of you to finally join us.” Spider-Man said, “Yo, Mr. Crab arms, what are you doing with all these criminals?” HIM said, “I used Chemical X to make them all stronger.” Blossom said, “You won’t get away with this.” HIM said, “Oh, I already have. Look there in the largest building.” He pointed to the Empire State Building. Mrs. Keane was tied up to the top of it.

    The Girls shouted, “NOOOO!” HIM said, “Don’t even think about it. Move and she falls.” Buttercup said, “You slimeball.” HIM paralyzed them with laser beams that came from his mouth. HIM said, “How ironic. Every criminal you have beaten has become your greatest downfall. And now your fate will be the same as hers.” HIM ordered the criminals to cut the rope that was holding Mrs. Keane to the top of the Empire State Building. Mrs. Keane was about to fall to her death but the Rowdyruff Boys came and saved her life. The Boys were crying and they said how sorry they were. “We made so many stupid mistakes in the past. You’re the only one who ever gave us a chance.” Mrs. Keane hugged them and said, “It’s ok. You’ve been forgiven.”

    HIM said, “How sweet. You actually did something good for a change. But I’m still going to destroy you all.” Brick said, “It’s a good thing we have a little help then.” Suddenly a Shield plane landed in the middle of New York City. The Avengers, The X-Men, The Fantastic Four, The Guardians of the Galaxy, Ghost Rider, Deadpool, Moon Knight, and every single Marvel character had joined the battle. Captain America walked in. The Powerpuff Girls were surprised that there were so many superheroes. Captain America asked the Girls, “You’re friends with Spider-Man?” Blossom said, “Yes.” Captain America said, “Well then, it’s an honor to meet you. You girls stop HIM, we’ll deal with these criminals.”

    HIM said, “No matter how many costumed freaks there are, I’m still going to destroy them all.” HIM ordered the criminals to attack. Spider-Man and the Powerpuff Girls finally faced off with HIM. HIM said, “I will become the most powerful being in the universe!” Spider-Man said, “A being named Mr. Crab-Arms?” HIM attacked Spider-Man. The battle was fierce. The fight moved all across the city, from Times Square to the Statue of Liberty.

    J. Jonah Jameson and the Kingpin were watching all of this from inside a tall building where they were being kept. J. Jonah Jameson said, “This is all a trick. Spider-Man and those Girls are working with HIM.” The Kingpin said, “I’m pretty sure they are.” The Kingpin thought to himself, “That’s right. Destroy each other.”

    Mrs. Keane said to the Boys, “I’m so proud of you.” The Boys were watching the fight between HIM and the heroes. Spider-Man made a web to swing HIM around with. After swinging HIM around, Spider-Man threw HIM to the ground. Blossom kicked HIM in the face. Bubbles kicked HIM in the stomach. Buttercup grabbed HIM by the knee and threw HIM into a building, smashing through the glass window. HIM cried, “ENOUGH!” HIM transformed into an even bigger and scarier version of himself. Spider-Man said, “Wow, Mr. Crab-Arms. Have you been working out a lot or are you using steroids?” HIM growled, “Don’t you ever call me that again!”

    HIM was about to attack the heroes but the Rowdyruff Boys came and stopped HIM. Bubbles asked, “What are you three up to now?” Boomer said, “I know we don’t get along but we really want to help.” Spider-Man said, “That’s a good enough reason for me.” HIM said, “You three are traitors now. Now it’s time for all of you to DIE!”

    HIM grabbed a building and slammed it down, trying to crush the heroes. But HIM missed. Spider-Man made a web rope and said, “Here goes nothing.” He swung and kicked HIM in the face. HIM fell to the ground. Spider-Man used the rope to wrap around HIM’s body. Spider-Man and the Powerpuff Girls all held the rope together and using all of their strength tried to swing HIM out of New York City. But HIM said, “You won’t get rid of me that easily!” Blossom said, “He’s too heavy.” All of a sudden the Rowdyruff Boys came and helped them swing HIM out of the city. And with all of their strength they were finally able to throw him out of New York. HIM was thrown so far he was in space. HIM was burnt up by the sun. The battle was finally over.

    All of the criminals were sent back to jail, this time, for good. The Kingpin and Jameson were watching all of this. The Kingpin was walking away when the Girls stopped him. The Girls said, “Not so fast.” The Kingpin said, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Brick said, “Oh, really?” He held up a tape recorder that Deadpool had given to him. He pressed play. It was proof of the Kingpin and HIM working together. Shield agents came and arrested the Kingpin. Bush said, “Later, fatty.” Kingpin was shouting, “NO! YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME! I’M WILSON FISK. I WILL NOT GO TO JAIL BECAUSE OF A BUNCH OF KINDERGARTEN BRATS.”

    Blossom asked Jameson, “Why do you hate Spider-Man so much?” Jameson said, “Why do you think?! He’s a criminal, a menace! Every time something bad happens it’s always his fault.” Brick shouted, “What are you, stupid?!” Buttercup said, “He’s a hero. He helps people.” Bubbles said, “Just because you don’t trust him doesn’t give you the right to just slander him!”  Blossom said, “You’ve got a lot of nerve talking bad about little kids like that.” Jameson just stuttered.

    The next day, the new mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, gave Spider-Man and the Powerpuff Girls medals of courage. The new mayor said, “In our darkest hour, these heroes came to our rescue and saved us all from a monster.” Everybody cheered. The Rowdyruff Boys were watching and then walked away. The Girls walked after them. “Where do you three think you’re going,” asked Blossom. Brick said, “Don’t worry about us. We promise to behave from now on. That Spider-Man, he really is amazing. The Kingpin is in jail for good and Jameson was banned from slandering Spider-Man and lost the race for mayor.”

    Mrs. Keane said, “It’s time to go home Boys.” Bush said, “We’re coming Mom.” The Powerpuff Girls were shocked! “MOM?!” Mrs. Keane had adopted the Boys. As they were about to walk to the car, Bubbles kissed Boomer on the cheek. The Boys were looking at Boomer. “What,” asked Boomer. Blossom thought to herself, “Spider-Man you really are amazing. What you did for the Boys has changed them. Thank you, Spider-Man.”

    Once again the day was saved thanks to Spider-Man and the Powerpuff Girls.



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Very great job nice length to the story as well! :D
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I read part 1 and this. It's a cool story!
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Heh, very good one.
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very marvelous job on part 2
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That sure was action packed and exciting! That twist with Ms. Keane was pretty awesome, ehehe. I'm glad that the RRBs and J.J. have started a turnaround. Everybody banding together and even managing to defeat HIM, possibly for good if he doesn't have the ability to resurrect from burning in the sun, is quite a feat as well! :3c
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This is lovely, man! :D
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I thought BOTH parts 1 and 2 were interesting and brilliant.  Well done.  Thumbs Up 
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Thank you Do you have a favorite past ?
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What do you mean?
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a favorite past of The Story's.
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idk. I guess I could say that I like the battle between the Spidey and the Girls and the Sinister Six and the Girls' enemies and when some of the villains begin arguing with one another. I thought it was funny.  lol
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Brilliant story. You did really well adding a combination of the sinister 6 and the villains from Cartoon network, especially Mojo Jojo, he's a funny guy!
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