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Sonic The Hedgehog and Nights



                                                                                                                      Sonic The Hedgehog and Nights

On a sunny day, Sonic was looking into the sky.  Suddenly, everything went dark.  Monsters were coming out of the ground with red eyes.  Then, a light appears; it grows brighter and brighter.  Sonic closed his eyes, and once he opened his eyes, he realized he was in a strange place.  
“Well, that was unexpected,” says Sonic.  
Then, an owl appears before him.
“Excuse me, do you know where I am?” says Sonic.
“You’re in Nightopia.  Right now, you’re dreaming,” says Owl.
“That explains a lot,” says Sonic.
Then, they both hear a flute.  They look at the sky, and they see Nights playing an invisible flute.
“Oh, there’s Nights,” says Owl.
“Well, this is an interesting one,” says Nights.
“I’m Sonic.  Sonic the Hedgehog,” he says.
“Well, I’m Nights.”
“So, what is Nightopia?” says Sonic.
“It’s a place with your dreams in it,” says Owl.
“A place with my dreams…that sounds nice,” says Sonic.
“So, shall we go to your dreams?” says Nights.
And with that, they go to a door, and see Green Hill Zone.
“So, you’ve been to this place before, haven’t you?” says Nights.
“Yep.  I always like running and seeing the world,” says Sonic.
Suddenly, behind them, Reala and his Nightmarens appear.
“Oh, Nights, it’s been a while.  I see you are with another visitor,” says Reala.
“Reala, don’t you ever know when to quit?” says Nights.
“Now, Nights, I came to visit you, and this is how you talk to me?  Seize the traitor!” says Reala.
The Nightmarens surround Nights, but Sonic attacks them.
“Well, this one knows how to fight.  I’d better retreat for now,” says Reala.
And with that, he retreated.
“What was that about?” says Sonic.
“Those are Nightmaren.  They drain the power of visitors, and the one who created them is Wiseman,” says Nights.
“Sounds like a bad guy.  Whelp, guess it’s up to us to stop him, right?” says Sonic.
“You bet!” says Nights.
Meanwhile, Reala goes to Wiseman, and tells him about Sonic.
“This visitor is strong,” says Reala.
“Even so, our time will come.  I’ve already sent a monster to deal with them,” says Wiseman.
Back in Green Hill Zone, Sonic and Nights are continuing to walk.  Suddenly, they feel earthquakes.
“What’s going on?” says Sonic.
“It must be Wiseman!  He sent a monster!” says Nights.
A centaur appears.
“Okay, then.  Time to show him who’s boss!” says Sonic.
“I’m with you,” says Nights.
And with that, they go to fight the centaur.  After a few minutes, they defeated the centaur.
“We did it!” says Nights.
“Yeah, but something tells me this won’t be the last,” says Sonic.
“No.  Knowing Wiseman, he has more tricks up his sleeves,” says Nights.
“So, guess we’re going to have to find Wiseman and put an end to this,” says Sonic.
Meanwhile, Wiseman saw his centaur, defeated.
“This visitor is strong, but, there is another visitor, that is weaker than this one.  Go, and find the visitor,” says Wiseman.
“Of course, master Wiseman,” says Reala.  
Sonic and Nights go to an island.
“This place…I’ve been here.  A long time ago,” says Sonic.
“What is it?” says Nights.
“It’s Mobius,” says Sonic.
Suddenly, they saw Nightmarens attacking someone.
“That’s our cue!  Let’s go!” says Sonic.
Sonic and Nights go to attack the Nightmarens and defeat them.  
“Hey, are you okay?” says Sonic to the visitor, realizing it’s Sonia.
“Sonia?  This is your dream?” says Sonic.
“Dream?  Is that what this is all about?” says Sonia.
“Yeah.  This is my friend, Nights,” says Sonic.
“Hello, there,” says Nights.
“Oh, hello there,” says Sonia.
The group continued to walk.
“So, how’s dad? And Manic?” says Sonic.
“After you defeated him, Father was furious about you.  Manic thinks of you as a traitor,” says Sonia.
“Has something happened?” says Nights.
“Our father is the king of Mobius.  He told us humans weren’t trustworthy.  Our mother died because she trusted them,” says Sonia.
“Not all of them are like that.  Some visitors are humans,” says Nights.  
Suddenly, Reala appears.
“Well, the other visitor has finally appeared,” says Reala.
“What do you want, Reala?” says Nights.
“I came for the visitor,” says Reala.
“So you want us to fight?” says Sonic.
“Not you.  Her,” he pointed to Sonia. “Come with me.  Together, we will be able to destroy the humans.  Have you forgotten what they did to your mother?  There’s no telling when they will strike again,” says Reala.
“Don’t listen to him!  He drains the energy of the visitor!  If he gets the power, he’ll invade the real world!” says Nights.
“I won’t go with you,” says Sonia.
“Fine then.  I’ll take you by force,” says Reala.
“We won’t let that happen,” says Sonic.
“That’s right.  We’re going to take you down,” says Nights.
“I’ll deliver your heads to Master Wiseman myself,” says Reala.
And with that, Sonic and Nights fight Reala.  After a few minutes of fighting, Reala was on his knees.  
“Well, guess you’re all talk,” says Sonic.
“You inferior rodent!” says Reala.
“You’re done Reala, so give up!” says Nights.
Reala snaps his fingers, and a lava monster appears from the mountains.
“What the-” says Nights.
“Oh, you two didn’t think I came unprepared, did you? This is just in case things don’t go to plan,” says Reala.
“What kind of coward hides from a monster?” says Sonic.
“Don’t think of this as cowardice.  Think of it as a tactical strategy,” says Reala.
And with that, he flies away.
“How are we going to defeat this monster?” says Sonia.
“We just have to put it into the water,” says Sonic.
“That sound dangerous, but it might work,” says Nights.
And with that, the group goes to the lava monster.
“Over here, ugly!” says Nights.
The lava monster runs to the group.
“Well, that got its attention!” says Sonic.
The lava monster chased the group to a cliff.
“Well, what’re we going to do now?” says Sonia.
“Take my hand, you two.  We’re flying off,” says Nights.
The cliff is crumbling under the weight of the lava monster.  Sonic and Sonia grab Nights, and they fly off, seeing the lava monster harden in the water.
“Well, that takes care of that problem,” says Sonic.
“So, what’s going to happen now?” says Sonia.
“What do you mean?” says Sonic.
“This is a dream; do we just wait until we wake up?” says Sonia.
“Just because it’s a dream, doesn’t mean it isn’t real.  So, what do you say you join us to stop Wiseman?” says Sonic.
“Okay.  I’ll help you two,” says Sonia.
Meanwhile, Wiseman was not pleased with Reala’s retreat.
“Unacceptable.  You failed to take the visitor,” says Wiseman.
“Forgive me, Master Wiseman.  It won’t happen again,” says Reala.
“It better not.  I sent Jackle to check whether you get it right this time. Now go,” says Wiseman.  
“Of course, Master Wiseman,” says Reala.  
Meanwhile, the group goes to a forest.
“I’ve got a question for you,” says Sonia.
“What is it?” says Sonic.
“What was our mother like?” says Sonia.
“Well, I’ve only seen her in a video, so I don’t know much about her.  But…she says that humans and our kind should work together,” says Sonic.
“She sounds like a nice person,” says Nights.
“Yeah, she does sound like that,” says Sonic.
“Well, isn’t that sweet?” says Reala, with Jackle.
“Reala, and…Jackle?” says Nights.
“Hello, Nights, it’s been a while,” says Jackle.
“Are you sure you know your friends well, Hedgehog?” says Reala.
“Yeah, I do.  Don’t you know you’re nothing but a puppet?” says Sonic.
“Don’t you know?  Nights is a Nightmaren, like us.  Nights cannot be trusted.  Do you really want to take that chance?” says Reala.
“Hey, at least Nights has a free will, unlike you,” says Sonic.
“Well, that didn’t go well.  Reala, I’ll take care of this.  You report to Master Wiseman,” says Jackle.
“Very well, then,” says Reala.
“I see you’re up to your old tricks again,” says Nights.
“Well, you can’t blame me for trying.  Master Wiseman wants you to come with me, so you better come, or I’ll take you by force,” says Jackle.
“Sorry, buddy, but Nights is not going anywhere,” says Sonic.
“You still want to protect Nights, even though Nights is a Nightmaren?  Fine, then.  I’ll take you on, too,” says Jackle.
And with that, Sonic and Nights fight Jackle.  After a few minutes, Jackle falls to the ground.  
“Well done, but it’s not over yet,” says Jackle.
“What’re you talking about?  You’re finished,” says Sonic.
Jackle snaps his fingers, and a hydra appears.
“Seriously, what’s with all these monsters?!” says Sonic.
“Master Wiseman created them,” says Jackle.
“And you’re going to run away like Reala did?” says Nights.
“Oh, no.  I’ll make sure this hydra finishes you both,” says Jackle, riding the hydra.
“Well, me and Nights are going to have to take you down, and the hydra, too,” says Sonic.
“Sonic if you chop off one of the heads, it’s going to grow another three!” says Sonia.
“Well, it looks like we’re going to have to figure out some other way,” says Nights.
“That is enough talk!  Here I come!” says Jackle.
The hydra charged at the group.  Sonic and Nights attacked the hydra by the legs.  And Sonia attacked the hydra’s back at the same time, forcing the hydra to collapse.  
“I’m not finished!” says Jackle, charging at Sonia.  But Sonic and Nights kick him in the face, knocking him out.  
“Well, we did it!” says Sonic.
“Nights, is it true that you’re a Nightmaren?” says Sonia.
“It’s complicated to explain.  Yes, I am a Nightmaren.  Wiseman created me, along with Reala and Jackle, to steal the energy of visitors.  I couldn’t stand it.  So, I decided to rebel,” says Nights.
“At least you have a soul.  Wiseman creates these Nightmarens, but he doesn’t care about them.  He just throws them away.  That’s why we’re going to stop him,” says Sonic.
“Sonic,” says Nights, in surprise.
“So, what do you say we stop Wiseman?” says Sonic.
“Yes,” says Nights.
“So, Sonia, you’re with us?” says Sonic.
“Ok.  I’ll do it,” says Sonia.
Suddenly, the sky grows dark, and behind the darkness, Wiseman appears.  
“It’s Wiseman!” says Nights.
“That’s Wiseman?!” says Sonic.
“I have grown tired of your defiance, Nights,” says Wiseman, paralyzing Nights.
“Hey!  Let Nights go!” says Sonia.
“Silence!  I created Nights for my bidding,” says Wiseman.
“What’re you going to do to Nights?” says Sonic.
“I will destroy Nights’s soul and create a new one.  One that is more obedient.  But as for you two, you will be consumed by darkness,” says Wiseman.  
And with that, Wiseman used his powers to everything into darkness.  
“It’s so dark…I can’t see anything!” says Sonia.
“Don’t give up!  Nights needs us, more than ever, so, let’s light the darkness in our hearts,” says Sonic.
And with that, a light appears in their hearts.  They were in a city at midnight, and they are starting to fly in the air.  They saw Nights in a tower in chains.  Sonic and Sonia fly up there, and unlock the chains.  Nights was getting up.
“It’s okay.  I’m fine,” says Nights.
Behind the group, Reala and Jackle appear.  
“This is the last time you interfere!” says Reala.
“Reala.  Jackle.  You’re still serving Wiseman?” says Nights.
“Of course!  He created us, and he created you.  And you pay him back by defying him?” says Jackle.
“You two are nothing but puppets,” says Nights.
“How dare you!  I’ll make sure you never defy Master Wiseman ever again!” says Reala.
“Then it’s settled.  Me and Nights are going to take you both down,” says Sonic.
“Then it’s settled.  It’s two-on-two,” says Nights.
“Very well, then, I’m looking forward to a rematch with you,” says Jackle.
Jackle and Reala fly off.  
“You be careful, you two!” says Sonia.
“Don’t worry, we’ll stop them,” says Sonic.
And with that, Sonic and Nights chase Reala and Jackle.  They are finally face to face.  
“We’ll deliver your heads to Master Wiseman ourselves!” says Reala.  
And with that they charged at each other, and after a few minutes, Sonic and Nights are winning.
“No…we’re not done yet!” says Reala.
“Yes, you are!” says Sonic.
Sonic and Nights charged to Jackle and Reala, and they both kicked them.  Jackle and Reala are starting to disappear.  Sonia shows up.
“You two did it!” says Sonia.
Suddenly, everything is turning into darkness.  
“It must be him,” says Sonic.
“Yes.  Wiseman is coming!” says Nights.
The group closed their eyes.  And once they opened their eyes, they were in a strange place.  Then, they see Wiseman in front of them.
“I never imagined that you’d go this far,” says Wiseman.  
“You must be Wiseman.  The one who keeps making all these Nightmarens.  Once we take care of you, this Nightmare will end!” says Sonic.
“Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho…if you destroy me, all my creation will disappear forever.  Including Nights,” says Wiseman.
“What?!  That can’t be!” says Sonia.  
“I knew it all along.  I knew it all this time, but I can’t let you do this anymore!” says Nights.
“Are you sure about this, Nights?” says Sonic.
“Yes.  I’m sure of it,” says Nights.
“Well, then it’s time to go ‘super,” says Sonic.
Sonic uses the Chaos Emeralds to transform into Super Sonic.  Sonic holds Nights’s hand, and Nights became Super Nights.  
“I’ll show you the power of a god!” says Wiseman.
Wiseman throws meteor showers against them, but Sonic and Nights keep getting out of the way.  Wiseman creates a typhoon, but Sonic and Nights create a tornado to block the typhoon.
“Enough!” shouted Wiseman.  
He grabs both Sonic and Nights, but Sonic and Nights keep glowing brighter and brighter, forcing Wiseman to let go.
“No!  This can’t be!” says Wiseman.  
“It is, Wiseman, and you’re going down!” says Sonic.  
“It’s time to end this!” says Nights.
They both charge at Wiseman.
“You can’t do this!  As long as humans fall into darkness, you can’t destroy it!  So why bother with this pointless resistance?” says Wiseman.
“That’s enough out of you!” says Sonic.
“There’s nothing you can say to stop us!  This is the end of you, Wiseman!” says Nights.
And with that, they attack Wiseman.  Then, there are beams of light coming out of Wiseman.  
“NOOOOOOOOO!” shouted Wiseman as he exploded.
“Well, that’s the end of him,” says Sonic.
Nights grows tired, and begins to fade.  
“Nights!  Is it really true that you’re going to disappear?” says Sonia.
“Don’t worry.  I’ll be part of your dreams,” says Nights, bowing as he disappears.
It was morning.  Sonic was waking up.  
“Thanks, Nights.”
Sonic was walking through the streets.  He met his friend Knuckles.
“How’s it going, Knuckles?” says Sonic.
“Oh, it’s fine,” says Knuckles.
“You know, things were very crazy.  Eggman almost conquered the world.  Even the Cornerian Army were having a hard time,” says Sonic.
“Yeah.  But, we stopped them.  As always,” says Knuckles.
“Well, we’ll have a long road ahead of us to repair the damage he caused,” says Sonic.
“Yeah.  We will,” says Knuckles.
It was night.  Sonic was thinking about Nights.  
“Well, I wonder if I’m going to see Nights again,” says Sonic.  Then he falls asleep.  In the biggest tower, Nights was playing his invisible flute.
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