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                                            Bayonetta and Steven Universe

In outer space, a ship is looking at Earth.
“Look at all those creatures,”says a person in the shadows.
“What do you want me to do, my diamond?” says another person in the shadows.
“Destroy it,” says the first person.
Meanwhile, in Beach City, Steven, Pearl, Garnet, and Amethyst are enjoying their peaceful lives.
“It certainly is peaceful; there’re no monsters attacking, so I think we’re going to have a day off,” says Steven.
“Yep, sure is,” says Amethyst.
“You better enjoy it while it lasts,” says Garnet.
“Eh, you worry too much,” says Amethyst.
Then the group saw a boat landing at Beach City.
“Looks like we’re going to have some visitors,” says Pearl.
“Beach City has been peaceful after all the crud the government is doing.  Breaking a peace treaty with the ponies; making a blue hedgehog an outlaw; making a weapon that destroys worlds…it just never ends!” says Enzo, in the boat.
“Well, I highly doubt they’d come attack this place,” says the woman behind him.
“Oh, it’s you.  Listen, I’m here just to relax.  No demons, no shooting, no blood and gore.  Just relax!” says Enzo.
“Oh, I’m just here to see the sights, that’s all,” says the woman.
“Eh, let’s keep it that way,” says Enzo.  They get off the boat and walk into Beach City.  Suddenly, a storm appears, and a ship appears.
“Oh, I just want to relax!” says Enzo.
Steven and his friends saw this.  “What’s going on?” says Steven.
“I don’t know what’s going on, but we have to be ready,” says Pearl.
Soldiers are coming down the ship.
“So, you must be the Crystal Gems,” says one of the soldiers.
“What do you want?” says Pearl.
“We’re going to destroy this planet, and its life forms,” says one of the soldiers.
One of the soldiers looks at Steven.
“This one’s half Gem and half human.  Capture this one,” says one of the soldiers.
One of the soldiers grabs Steven from behind, and tries to take off.
“I was trying not to do this in my Sunday best,” says the woman, kicking the soldier in the face.
The woman grabs Steven and lands on the ground.
“Soldiers, destroy her!” says one of the soldiers.
The woman smirks. And one by one, the soldiers are defeated.
Suddenly, the ship fires a beam and it hits the center of Beach City.  The woman summons a demon known as Madama Butterfly.  Madama Butterfly tears the ship apart.  The woman looks at Steven.
“Uh, thanks,” says Steven.
“It was nothing, little one.  I’m just here to relax, but unfortunately, that’s not going to happen.”
Steven tries to look around, but sees that his friends are gone.
“Pearl? Amethyst? Garnet? Where are you?” says Steven.
“It looks like they got separated by that beam,” says the woman.
“I hope they’re ok.  Say, would you help me?  After you summoned that giant woman, you might be strong,” says Steven.
“Ok, but you better not be attached to me.  A lot of supernatural things happen to me,” says the woman.
“Ok.  My name is Steven.  What’s your name?”
“Bayonetta or Cereza.  Take your pick,” says the woman.
“Hmm, Bayonetta sounds cool,” says Steven.
“Then Bayonetta it is,” says the woman.
And with that, the two go find their friends.
Meanwhile, in space, the ship looks at the two.
“Half human and half Gem.  Could it be?” says the person in the shadow.
It was night time.
“Well, you better get some sleep, little one,” says Bayonetta.
“Ok, but first, can you tell me a bed time story?” says Steven.
“Ok, fine,” says Bayonetta.  “There are two clans: the Umbra Witches and the Lumen Sages.  The two clans had respect for each other until one day a law was broken.  An Umbra Witch and a Lumen Sage had a child.  A war broke out that lasted hundreds of years.  The Umbra Witches won the war, however, it did not last.  The humans have feared the Umbra Witches and hunted them down.  Only one remains.”
“Wow, that’s very sad,” says Steven.
“Not all stories end with a happy ending,” says Bayonetta.
“Well, goodnight, Bayonetta,” says Steven.
“You too, little one,” says Bayonetta.
The next day, Steven and Bayonetta were looking for his friends until they cross paths with Jeanne.
“Jeanne,” says Bayonetta.
“Cereza,” says Jeanne.
“Oh, are you friends?” says Steven.
“And who are you?” says Jeanne.
“My name is Steven.”
“Well, it’s nice to meet you, Steven,” says Jeanne.
“So, you’re friends with Bayonetta?” asks Steven.
“Yes, we are,” says Jeanne.  “So, what’re you trying to do?” she asks Bayonetta.
“I’m trying to find this kid’s friends,” says Bayonetta.
“Yeah.  They’re the Crystal Gems,” says Steven.
“The Crystal Gems?” says Jeanne.
“Yeah, they’re here to protect humanity,” says Steven.
“Hmm, I think I know someone who knows them,” says Jeanne.
The group goes to Rodin’s bar.
“So, Bayonetta, what brings you here?” says Rodin.
“Finding this kid’s friends.  I’ve got nothing better to do,” says Bayonetta.
“Wow, this is a fancy place,” says Steven.
“Thanks kid, I made it myself,” says Rodin.
Enzo is walking in.  “Yeah, real fancy.  The next thing you know, all Hell’s going to break loose!” says Enzo.
“Watch your mouth! There’s a kid here!” says Rodin.
“So, do you have information about the Crystal Gems?” says Bayonetta.
“The Crystal Gems are gone to war with the Diamonds and their leader is Rose Quartz,” says Enzo.
“That’s my mom,” says Steven.
“YOUR MOM?! But she’s a hundred years old!” says Enzo.
“Yeah, Gems age differently than humans do,” says Steven.
“Well, I think we’ve had enough chit chat, let’s go,” says Bayonetta.
“So, you know about the Umbra Witches?” says Steven to Rodin.
“Yeah, I do.  They summon demons.  But all that power comes with a price.  When they die, their soul goes straight to Hell,” says Rodin.
“Why?” says Steven.  “They’re not evil.”
“They made a deal with the devil.  It always has been, and it always will,” says Rodin.
“That’s really sad.  And unfair,” says Steven.
“That’s life,” says Rodin.
“So, is Bayonetta an Umbra Witch?” asks Steven.
“Yes,” says Rodin.
Steven was worried about Bayonetta
Meanwhile, in the forest, Pearl, Garnet, and Amethyst are trying to figure out what to do.
“If you don’t get back something bad is going to happen,” says Pearl.
“What about Steven? We have to find him,” says Amethyst.
“I’m sure he’s in good hands,” says Garnet.
Suddenly soldiers come. “Crystal Gems…your time has come,” says one of the soldiers. The soldiers were about to attack. Suddenly Bayonetta and the rest of the group appear.
“Now, that’s no way to talk to ladies. It looks like I have to teach you some manners,” says Bayonetta. And with that Bayonetta battles the soldiers.
“I finally found you!” says Steven to the Crystal Gems.
“Steven, are you alright?!” says Pearl.
“Yes, I’m fine,” says Steven.
“Who is she?” asked Pearl.
“Who cares, she’s on our side,” says Amethyst.
One of the soldiers did not attack. Garnet and Rodin were behind him.
“If you’re going to watch, we’re going to put you to work,” says Rodin. Garnet and Rodin punched the soldier, and he landed on a tree. And one by one Bayonetta defeated the soldiers.
“You think this is over? Our Diamond is coming. She’ll destroy you all,” says one of the soldiers.
“Who?” says Bayonetta.
“Devil Diamond,” says one of the soldiers. And with that one of the soldiers retreated.
“Devil Diamond? I wonder who that is?” says Bayonetta.
“I’m so glad you three are safe,” says Steven.
“And we’re glad you’re safe too,” says Garnet.
“Say, I’ve got a question. Who is Devil Diamond?” says Steven.
Pearl is feeling nervous. “Devil Diamond is cruel person. She destroys planets and enslaves whole species. She shows no remorse, and no mercy,” says Pearl.
“Well if she’s really that terrible we should just find her and put an end to her,” says Bayonetta.
“Find her? We don’t know where she is,” says Pearl.
“They always come for us, so with our luck they’ll find us instead,” says Rodin.
Meanwhile, in Devil Diamond’s ship, the soldier who retreated spoke to her. “My Diamond, we found the Crystal Gems, but someone got in our way,” says one of the soldiers.
“And what kind of person is it?” says Devil Diamond, scowling at the soldier.
“A human,” says the soldier.
“You let a human defeat your troops? And you retreated like a coward?! Such actions will not be tolerated! You will be shattered as punishment for failure,” Devil Diamond grabs the soldier and shatters his gem with her hand. “It seems I have underestimated the Crystal Gems. But I will not make the same mistake again,” says Devil Diamond. And with that she summoned a monster. “Go, destroy them,” says Devil Diamond.
Meanwhile, on Earth, Bayonetta is looking into the sun.
“Thank you for helping me find my friends,” says Steven.
“Ah, don’t mention it. It’s not like I have anything better to do,” says Bayonetta.
“So, you’re going to stay and stop Devil Diamond?” asks Steven.
“Ah, I guess so. If I don’t she’ll become a problem,” says Bayonetta.
Suddenly the monster appears. “Go to your friends little one. I’ll stop the monster,” says Bayonetta. “Well, aren’t you a sight for sore eyes?” she said to the monster.
“The monster roars at Bayonetta. “Well you’re not very chatty, now are you? Okay then, let’s rock!” says Bayonetta. She fights the monster. After a few minutes, Bayonetta summons Madanna Butterfly. Madanna Butterfly punched the monster and defeated it. Suddenly Devil Diamond’s ship appears. “Crystal Gems, I am impressed you’ve survived this long, but now your luck is coming to an end. Come into my ship and we’ll end this.  If you refuse, I’ll destroy the Earth,” says Devil Diamond. The Crystal Gems agreed.
“Okay, let’s do this,” says Pearl. Steven looks to Bayonetta.
“Don’t worry little one, I’ll help them,” says Bayonetta. And then the group does to Devil Diamond’s ship.
While in the ship, the group tried to find Devil Diamond.  Suddenly, the ship goes into space.
“What just happened?” says Pearl.
“It means you have arrived,” says Devil Diamond. “I must admit, you Crystal Gems are very strong.  However, this is where you shatter.  Yellow and Blue Diamond have underestimated you.  But I won’t.”

“Devil Diamond, this is our home.  And we will not let you harm it,” says Garnet.
“And we will protect humanity,” says Pearl.
“And who will protect you?” says Devil Diamond.  “I see the humans allying with other life forms and betraying them.  I wonder how long they remain loyal to you.”
“I get it.  Humans do some terrible things.  But not all of them are like that,” says Steven.
“Enough of this.  This is where Earth and The Human race ends,” says Devil Diamond.
And with that, Devil Diamond pushes the Crystal Gems with ease; Devil Diamond goes to Steven, but Bayonetta shoots Devil Diamond in the head.
“You think that’s supposed to hurt?” says Devil Diamond, unfazed.
“Actually, I just wanted to get your attention.  I just don’t want you to forget about me, considering how high and mighty you are,” says Bayonetta.
“I have no interest in lower life forms, especially humans,” says Devil Diamond.
“Just try to keep that arrogant attitude,” says Bayonetta.
And with that, Devil Diamond and Bayonetta begin to fight.  Bayonetta hits a couple of blows.  Devil Diamond is getting angry.
“Well, you actually hit me.  Just for that, I am going to make you suffer a painful death!” says Devil Diamond.  Devil Diamond hits Bayonetta a couple of times.  “Now, it’s time for you to die, human!” Devil Diamond says, raising her fist.
Steven runs to shield Bayonetta, and he uses a bubble shield.
“Are you alright?” says Steven.
“Yes, I’m fine,” says Bayonetta.
“Is it true that you’re an Umbra Witch?” says Steven.
“Yes, it’s true,” says Bayonetta.
“Are you afraid that if you die, you’ll go down there?” says Steven.
“Well, believe it or not, I have lived a hundred years, so not really,” says Bayonetta.
“But once you die, it’s over,” says Steven.
“You’re a good person, little one,” says Bayonetta.
And with that, Steven and Bayonetta hold hands and they become fused into one person.  A bright light flashed.
“What is this?” says Devil Diamond.
“It looks like this is fusion,” says the new person.
“And who are you supposed to be?” says Devil Diamond.
“Well, I think you can call me Stevenbella,” says the person.
“So, you rely on fusion.  How pathetic,” says Devil Diamond.
“Devil Diamond, you’ve caused too much pain.  You’re too dangerous.  And as punishment for your sins, you will be shattered,” says Stevenbella.
“Enough of this!  It is time for all of you to be destroyed,” says Devil Diamond.  And with that, Stevenbella and Devil Diamond finally clash.  With each blow, they rebound off of each other.  While Stevenbella punches Devil Diamond in the stomach, Stevenbella summons a giant demon even bigger than the universe.  The demon raises his sword, and collides it with Devil Diamond.
“This is where it ends,” says Stevenbella
“What kind of life forms are you?!” says Devil Diamond.
“The ones you don’t mess with,” says Stevenbella.  And with that, Stevenbella points her gun and shoots at Devil Diamond’s gem, forcing it to shatter.  The Crystal Gems are about to wake up.
“What just happened?” says Amethyst.
“This ship can’t hold much!” says Garnet.
“Come with me,” says Stevenbella.  And with that, Stevenbella grows wings and goes to the planet Earth.  
The next day, the group is about to say goodbye.
“Are you ok, Steven?” says Garnet.
“I’m just worried about Bayonetta,” says Steven.
“Once an Umbra Witch dies, they suffer for all eternity.  That’s how it is,” says Garnet.
Steven walks to Bayonetta and gives her a hug.
“Are you gonna be ok?” says Steven.
“Don’t worry, I will,” says Bayonetta.  And with that, Bayonetta goes to her boat and leaves.
“You’ve gotta admit, he ain’t a bad kid,” says Enzo.
“No, he’s not,” says Bayonetta. “Well then, off to our next stop!”
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