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Full Metal Alchemist and His little pony by DylanCArt
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Full Metal Alchemist and His little pony :icondylancart:DylanCArt 15 16
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The Righteous Heroes : Heroic Crusaders pt 2 by DylanCArt
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The Righteous Heroes : Heroic Crusaders by DylanCArt
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Wonder Woman and She-Ra by DylanCArt
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Halo: Metroid prime by DylanCArt
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Crash bandicoot and Donkey Kong by DylanCArt
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Luigi in Ghostbusters
                                                                                               Luigi in Ghostbusters

It all started in New York, Luigi is trying to find a job then he found an old station.
“I think this is the place” says Luigi.
He goes inside.
“This is place is so dusty” says Luigi.
Then he meets an old man.
“What are you doing here?” says the old man.
“I am here for a job” says Luigi.
“You are not from around, here are you?” says the old man.
“No, I am not, well you see my brother attacked me and where I come from has too many memories so that is why I came here” says Luigi.
“Are you sure you want this job?” says the old man.
“I have to” says Luigi.
“Well, it’s your funeral” says the old man.
“So, who are you anyway?” says Luigi.
“The name is Peter Venkman” says the old man.
It was midnight in a library a librarian is putting books away then she knew something strange was happening. Books were on the ground, then she saw a ghost and screamed.
Meanwhile, Luigi was in his truck heading towards the library.
“Okay, no worries I’ve dealt with ghost before” says Luigi.
He drives to the library and quickly goes inside. He then sneaks in to look for the ghost.
Then the ghost was behind him, he turns around and screams and the ghost screams back. The ghost charges at Luigi but Luigi sucks the ghost into the Proton Pack.
“I did it! I can’t believe I did it!” says Luigi.
The next day Luigi was cleaning the place then he saw a picture of Peter Venkman and the rest of the Ghost Busters.
“So, that picture was there all along” says Peter walking towards Luigi.
“You used to be one of the Ghost Busters?” says Luigi.
“Yeah, those were the days. If there is a ghost we bust them” says Peter.
“So, what happened to them” says Luigi.
“Business was slow the government said they didn’t need us anymore so we went our separate ways” says Peter.
“Oh, I am so sorry about that” says Luigi.
Suddenly someone calls the telephone and Luigi picks it up.
“Ghost Busters” says Luigi.
“There is a ghost who is absorbing everyone’s life force” says the person calling.
“I’ll be there” says Luigi.
And with that he gets into his truck and takes off.
Luigi drives to a park and he looks around and sees all the people lying on the ground.
“Who could have done this?” says Luigi.
Suddenly, a demon like ghost appears.
“So, your one of the ghost busters I keep hearing about.” Says the ghost.
“Who are you?” says Luigi.
“You can call me The Abyss” says the ghost.
“What have you done to these people?” says Luigi.
“Don’t worry they are not dead, at least for now” says The Abyss.
Luigi is about to use his proton pack.
“Don’t you get tired of living your life especially what happened between you and your brother, the way he treated you?” says The Abyss.
Luigi fires at him only to harm him a little.
“Still clinging to life, I see, death does isn’t what it seems to be my friend all I am doing is freeing them from their worthless lives and you just longing their suffering” says The Abyss.
“NO, that is not true!” says Luigi.
“I’ll let you think about what I said” says the Abyss floating away.
The people on the ground slowly start to regain their health.
“Is everyone ok?” says Luigi.
“Yeah, we are fine said one of the people.
Meanwhile, on a tower The Abyss is looking at the city.
“Soon, I will free them from their lives” says The Abyss.
The next day…. Luigi is going to a library to find information about The Abyss.
“These books have no information about him” says Luigi.
Then, the librarian comes over to Luigi.
“Excuse me are you trying to find a specific book?” says the librarian.
“Well, there is this ghost called the abyss and just wanting to find out who he is” says Luigi.
“Ah, I know who he is” says the librarian.
“Really? Who?” says Luigi.
“A long time ago he was a rich man named Richardson. He was the most powerful person in his time. However, he was accused of a crime of murder and as punishment the villagers burned his family and his house. Then they buried him alive” says the librarian.
“They can do that without having enough evidence or proof?” says Luigi.
“Exactly.” Says the librarian.
Luigi goes outside.
“All this time he was suffering? Says Luigi.
Then he received a call
“Hello” says Luigi.
“The ghost are haunting the hotel” said the manager.
“Don’t worry I am on it” says Luigi.
And with that he goes to the hotel
While in the hotel Luigi saw the ghost scaring people.
“Okay, everybody calm down I am here” says Luigi.
But the people are too scared.
“Everyone please don’t be afraid that is what they want” says Luigi.
The people quickly go outside.
“Well, I guess that is one way to scare them” says one of the ghosts.
“Yeah, but there is one more person to deal with let’s get them” says another ghost.
And with that they circle around Luigi
Luigi sucks some of the ghost in but that makes the ghost angrier.
Luigi quickly goes upstairs.
“These ghosts are endless” says Luigi.
Suddenly the stairs are coming alive and start shaking Luigi, he quickly finds a door and gets in it.
“That was close” says Luigi.
Then all the ghosts surround Luigi, then the Abyss appears.
“That’s enough” he says to the ghost.
“What are you doing here?” says Luigi.
“I want you to know your situation” says the Abyss.
“What are you trying to do and why are you doing all this” says Luigi.
“Life is rotten it only brings suffering I will free everyone who lives in this curse” says the Abyss.
“I know about your passed life do you think your family would want this?” says Luigi.
“None of that matters and I also know about your brother betraying you. You tried to rescue him once and he treated you like dirt” says The Abyss.
Luigi then falls onto his knees
“Shall we suck his life force?” says one of the ghost.
“No, he is facing the realization of life itself. Let him give into his despair” says The Abyss.
With that the ghost leave. Luigi was staring at the ground crying. In the center of the city The Abyss and the ghost were walking towards the people.
“People of this city I came to free you of your worthless lives you are all struggling with a pointless existence now the time has come to release you from your burden” says the Abyss.
All the ghost are scaring the people and they are pulling put the souls from their bodies.
Meanwhile, in the hotel Luigi was kept staring into the wall trying to figure out what he is supposed to do know.
“I see you’re having some trouble” says the person behind him it was Spider-Man
“Yeah, I tried to rescue my brother, but I couldn’t save him I moved to New York to get away from all those memories” says Luigi.
“Life can be a struggle but that’s how life is. Sometimes people need to keep moving forward even when things get very hard and speaking of hard these ghosts are really causing a scene” says Spider-Man.
“I guess you’re right, but I am still afraid” says Luigi.
“Well, that could be a good thing because facing your fears makes you grow stronger” says Spider-Man.
“Okay I think I am ready now” says Luigi.
“That’s the spirit, oh one more thing tell that blue hedgehog I said hi” says Spider-Man.
“oh, you know him?” “well, I will and thanks” says Luigi.
And with that he left
Luigi goes back to Ghost Buster building to get some weapons against the ghost.
“I hope this is enough to get rid of them all” says Luigi.
“Well, it looks like you can need a hand” says Peter.
“You’re going to help me?” says Luigi.
“Yeah, it’s been a while, but I am back I ain’t afraid of no ghost” says Peter.
And with that they get into their car and go fight the ghost.
While driving they saw the ghost stealing the souls of the living.
“Looks like we are in the right place” says Peter
They get out of their car and start sucking the ghost away.
One by one they are sucking the ghost away.
But even more ghost are appearing.
“Listen you have to take down the leader” says Peter.
“But what about you” says Luigi.
“I am getting to old for this you are going to have to take over” says Peter.
“Okay, I’ll tray” says Luigi.
And with that Luigi go to find the Abyss.
He saw him on a tower, Luigi goes up the stairs and finds him face to face.
“Oh, it’s you again I thought you would learn your lesson by now” says The Abyss.
“Listen, you can’t do this” says Luigi.
“And why should I stop? Death is unavoidable, what’s the point of living if you are going to die anyway” says The Abyss.
“Death is a part of life but living your life to the fullest is what really matters” says Luigi.
“You are so naive right to the end I will release you from your life” says the Abyss.
The Abyss tries to grab Luigi, but he quickly gets out of the way and Luigi tries to suck him in. The Abyss throws a brick at him hits him right in the eye, Luigi tries to get to cover and hide.
“It doesn’t matter if you hide or not. I will find you and get rid of your worthless existence” says The Abyss.
He breaks the chimney revealing Luigi and grabs him by the throat.
“Just accept it life is meaningless” says The Abyss.
Luigi turns on his proton pack and starts sucking him in.
“NOOOOOOOOOO!” yells the Abyss.
All the ghost are starting to fade away and all the souls are returning to the bodies.
Luigi looks at his proton pack and saw the Abyss inside.
“Look at all these fools unaware of how life is” says The Abyss.
“I know life can be a struggle but that is what life is, even when you deal with the burden is what makes you strong” says Luigi.
“I see, I forgot what it means to live” says the Abyss slowly disappearing.
“I hope you find peace” says Luigi.
Luigi goes downstairs and sees Peter.
“It’s finally over and because of you New York is safe” says Peter.
All the people surround Luigi cheering him and Luigi waves at them all.
The next day Luigi goes into the Ghost Buster building then he has a call.
“Ghostbusters” says Luigi.
“There is a green ghost that is eating my hotdogs please come here” says the person.
“Don’t worry I’ll be there” says Luigi.
And with that he goes to his truck and goes to suck the ghost away.
Spyro The Dragon In Adventure time
                                                                                Spyro The Dragon in Adventure time

It all started in Spyro’s world, Spyro the dragon is relaxing.
“Things are very quiet here I wonder how long that is going to stay’ says Spyro.
Suddenly, a creature is coming out from a portal.
“Oh, this is not the right world” says the Creature.
“Something tell me you’re not friendly, just who do you think you are?” says Spyro.
“Well if you must know the name is Exodus” says the Creature.
“So, what do you want?” says Spyro.
“I came to look for a world where humans are an endangered species, so I could destroy them” says Exodus.
“It’s settled then you are not a friendly person” says Spyro.
“Anyway, I’m off” says Exodus as he goes back inti the portal.
Spyro follows the creature into the portal.
Meanwhile, in the candy kingdom Finn and Jake are having a party with the remaining humans.
“Wow, this party is great” says Finn.
“Yeah, it is hard to believe that some humans travel here to the land of Ooo” says Jake.
Princess bubble gum appears.
“So, are you enjoying the party?” says Princess Bubble gum.
“Yeah, it’s great” says Finn.
A human girl comes to princess bubble gum and gives her a hug.
“Oh, thank you sweetie” says Princess Bubble gum.
Little did they know that Exodus is watching them.
“Ah, finally all the remaining humans in one place I’ll soon out them out of their misery” says Exodus using an energy ball.
The energy ball hits the ground and it explodes forcing the people to run.
“Hey, what’s going on?” says Princess Bubble gum.
“Just the extinction of the human race” says Exodus.
“You are responsible for this? I am going to stop you” says Finn.
“Quite the hero, are you? That is going to be the death of you” says Exodus.
Suddenly, Spyro charges at Exodus and scratches his face.
“Remember me ugly?” says Spyro.
“Oh, it’s you again? Since you want to die, I’ll deal with you personally” says Exodus.
He reaches into his hand and like magic a sword appears.
“I’ll fight him too” says Finn.
After a few minutes of fighting Spyro and Finn gain the upper hand.
“well, you survived this long for a mere human, but I am sure you will meet you end eventually” says Exodus as he retreats.
“Who Is that ugly guy” says Finn.
“Just another villain with a strong hate for humans” says Spyro.
“Is everyone alright?” says Princess Bubble gum.
“Yeah, thanks to this purple dragon” says Finn.
“Just call me Spyro” he says.
“Thank you for your help Spyro” says Princess Bubble gum.
“It was nothing, but I am more than sure that he will be back soon” says Spyro.
“Well, in that case Jake and I are going to have another adventure” says Finn.
“Count me in” says Spyro.
Meanwhile, Exodus is looking at the land of Ooo.
“Well, Well, Well, this place has changed, If I am going to have to destroy the humans, I’ll have to destroy this land first” says Exodus.
Meanwhile, Princess bubble gum is with Finn, Jake and Spyro.
“Whoever this Exodus guy is, he is very dangerous” says Princess bubble gum.
“So, where are you supposed to start” says Jake.
“I think we should go see flame princess” says Finn.
“Who is she?” says Spyro.
“She is a princess made out of fire” says Finn.
“So, she is in a volcano type place?” asks Spyro.
“Yeah, so let’s go” says Finn.
With that they all go to the Flame kingdom.
Meanwhile, Flame Princess is enjoying her day.
“Hmm, this place is quiet I wonder how Finn is doing?” says Flaming Princess.
Suddenly, the Flame kingdom is under attack by lemon like creatures.
“What?!, they are attacking us?” says Flame Princess.
Outside of the kingdom Finn, Jake and Spyro saw the monsters attacking the kingdom.
“Lemon like creatures? Don’t tell me he is at it again?” says Finn.
“Who is doing this?” says Spyro.
“Call it a hunch” says Finn.
Inside the kingdom Flame Princess is fighting the lemon like creatures.
“Where are these monsters coming from” says Flame Princess.
Suddenly, Finn, Jake and Spyro appear.
“Let’s get rid of these creatures” says Spyro.
They successfully beat the creatures then Lemon grab appears.
“This outcome is UNACCEPTABLE!” yells Lemon grab.
“Lemon grab why are you doing this” says Finn.
“I don’t have to answer to you” says Lemon grab.
“Then, we are going to have to make you talk” says Spyro.
After a few minutes of fighting Lemon Grab is on the ground.
“You will pay for this, all of you” says Lemon grab.
“Tell us why you are doing this” says Finn.
“Exodus, I allied myself with him he promised me that I would rule the land” says Lemon Grab.
“Yeah, that’s what they always say” says Spyro.
“You will all see!” says Lemon grab retreating and screaming.
“Man, dealing with him is such a drag” says Jake.
“Thanks, guys for helping me” says Flame Princess.
“Don’t worry about it that’s what heroes do” says Finn.
“So, I guess that means we are on our way” says Spyro.
Meanwhile, Lemon grab was running then he meets up with Money bags.
“Ugh, that was unfortunate at least there is one good thing that comes out of this” says Money bags.
“And what will that be?” says Lemon Grab.
“After all this I will have these precious gems” says money bags.
Meanwhile, Finn, Jake and Spyro are in a forest
“So, what is our next plan?” says Spyro.
“We are going to see Marceline” says Finn.
“Yeah, she is a vampire” says Jake.
“A vampire? That’s interesting” says Spyro.
Meanwhile in Marceline’s house, Marceline is cooking some bacon pancakes with her friend Simon.
“Oh, these pancakes look delicious” says Simon.
“They sure do” says Marceline.
Then Finn, Jake and Spyro enter the house.
“Ah, Finn you’re here” says Simon.
“It’s good to see you too” says Finn.
“Who is your friend here?” says Simon.
“Just call me Spyro” he says.
“So, anyway what brings you guys here?” says Marceline.
“We’re trying to stop this guy Exodus” says Jake.
“Hmm, that name sounds familiar for some reason” says Simon.
Suddenly, a giant robot appears and inside the robot is a Ricardio.
“It’s been a while Simon” says Ricardio.
“Wait, what are you doing here?” says Simon.
“My life span has been declining I need a part of a living creature to survive” says Ricardio.
“Don’t tell me you are going to come after us?” says Simon.
“NO, just you” says Ricardio.
“You’re not going to lay a hand on him” says Finn.
After a few minutes of fighting the machine is on the ground and Ricardio is getting out of it.
“I won’t let this be the end of me” says Ricardio charging at Simon.
But Finn Punches him in the face.
“This isn’t over” says Ricardio retreating.
“Well, that was random” says Marceline.
“Hey, I got some questions” says Spyro.
“What is it?” says Simon.
“Why are there very few humans, what happened?” says Spyro.
“Well, you see there was a war and only a handful of humans survived” says Simon.
“Including yourself?” says Spyro.
“Well, actually I used to have this crown it keeps me alive, but it drives me crazy. I become the ice king my fiancé sacrificed herself to save me from the crown and now she has disappeared” says Simon.
“Sorry about that” says Spyro.
“It’s fine” says Simon.
“Well, hope your life gets better” says Spyro.
Meanwhile, Ricardio was dragging himself on the ground then he meets with money bags.
“You have to help me, I don’t have much time” says Ricardio.
Money bag glares at Ricardio.
“Are you insane? That will cost me a fortune it’s better if you just lay there and die” says moneybags.
Ricardio starts to cough then dies.
Exodus shows up.
“I suppose this didn’t go well” says Exodus.
“Indeed, that robot cost a lot!” says Money bags.
“Don’t worry, you’ll get your reward soon, very soon” says Exodus.
Meanwhile in the forest Finn, Jake and Spyro are continuing their journey .
“I wonder how many enemies we will encounter?” says Finn.
“Let me guess, your old enemies?” says Spyro.
“Yeah, that is pretty much it” says Finn.
Then they met with Huntress.
“What’s up Finn?” says huntress.
“Nice to see you too” says Finn.
“So, what are you up to?” says Huntress.
“We are trying to stop Exodus but my old enemies keep appearing” says Finn.
Suddenly, lemon creatures start appearing.
“Not these freaks again” says Spyro.
Then Lemon grab appears.
“You are all interfering” says Lemon grab.
“Listen, we kind of had enough of you so can you please just stop?” says Jake.
“Oh, I am afraid that won’t do at all” says Money bags walking to the group.
“It’s you!” says Spyro.
“You know this guy?” says Finn.
“Money bags cares about one thing, gems” says Spyro.
“You say it as a bad thing, it’s just business” says Money bags.
“Hey, wait a minute are you with Exodus?” says Finn.
“Of course, he promised me gems” says Money bags.
“I had enough of you, you’re going tell us where he is and maybe I will burn your face” says Spyro.
“You be quiet dragon” says Lemon grab.
And with that Lemon grab ordered his creatures to attack the group, after a few minutes of fighting the group defeated the creatures.
“Oh dear, this isn’t part of the plan well, I’ll go now goodbye” says Money bags running away.
“He got away but you are still here but where is Exodus” says Spyro.
“I don’t have to take orders from you” says Lemon grab.
Finn punches Lemon grab in the face.
“Man, you talk too much” says Finn.
“You’ll pay for this, all of you will pay” says Lemon grab retreating.
“Man, he is annoying” says Spyro.
“You know you are really tough” says huntress.
“Thanks” says Spyro.
“So, what are we going to do now?” says Jake.
“Maybe you should go back to the candy kingdom” says Finn.
“Yeah, that sounds like a good idea” says Huntress.
Meanwhile, Money bags and Lemon grab are running away.
“Oh, that dragon I like him better when he gives me gems” says Money bags.
“That human boy hit me, that is unacceptable” says Lemon grab.
“Well, it seems like you two have failed” says Exodus.
“We are not done yet, we are still in business” says Money bags.
“That is true, so I decide to give you an award” says Exodus.
“Well, it is about time” says Money bags.
Exodus raises his sword and stabs Money bags in the chest.
“What…. Is…. this?” says Money bags.
“Your award” says Exodus pushing Money bags on the ground dying.
“This isn’t part of the deal” says Lemon grab.
“It is now” says Exodus.
Lemon grabs summons his lemon creatures, but Exodus breathes into them turning them in to Zombies.
“Thank you for giving me an army and now I do not have any use for you anymore” says Exodus grabbing Lemon grab by his throat stabbing him in the chest as Lemon grab starts screaming in pain.
“Now, the rest of this world is next” says Exodus smiling.
Meanwhile Finn, Jake, Huntress and Spyro are returning to the candy kingdom to find princess bubble gum.
“So, have you found Exodus?” says Princess Bubble gum.
“Not yet but we are on it” says Finn.
Suddenly an army appears in front of the candy kingdom
“What is that?” says Huntress.
“It is army of zombies and I think I know who is leading them” says Spyro.
“Well, it looks like we are going to have to get through them” says Jake.
“Yeah, we are going to stop Exodus for good” says Finn.
“Just one more thing to do” says Huntress kissing Finn in the lips.
“I will call my army just for you guys to have some time to stop him” says Bubblegum.
With that Princess Bubblegum’s army charges at the army while Finn, Jake and Spyro try to find Exodus.
“Where is he? We cannot find him in this place” says Jake.
“With our luck he will find us” says Spyro.
Suddenly Exodus charges at the three but the three quickly get out of the way.
“Ugh, you three finally came at last” says Exodus.
“Why are you doing this? Why do you have this hatred towards humans” says Spyro.
“A long time ago I was a human too, but I got sick and I died. Shortly after that the mushroom war begun acid fell on my body and I was reborn when I woke up all I saw was ruins. Humans have started this war. When I’d heard some humans survived, I knew I must destroy them” says Exodus.
“If you think humans are creating war you are doing the same thing” says Spyro.
“What I am doing is necessary if you stand in my way then you must die” says Exodus.
After a few minutes of fighting Exodus is on his knees.
“You got some nerve doing this to me” says Exodus.
“Give up its over” says Finn.
“Not yet” says Exodus grabbing both Finn and Spyro.
Jake tried to save the two, but Exodus kicks him off.
“You two have been a thorn to my side for a while, but now I can finally get rid of you for good” says Exodus.
Spyro breathes fire into Exodus’s face and Finn Punches him in the stomach forcing Exodus to drop both of them. Then Finn and Spyro continue to fiercely attack Exodus until he falls to the ground. The zombie army starts to slowly disappear.
“We finally did it” says Finn.
“It was so close to get rid of the humans” says Exodus.
“Listen, you just can’t blame every last human that has nothing to do with war” says Spyro.
“That is right ever since humans came back to the land of Ooo they get along with all the creatures” says Finn.
Exodus looks at his hand.
“I thought the same way when I was human, I guess after my humanity was gone, I lost everything that was important to me” says Exodus slowly disappearing.
Finn and Spyro look at the sky remembering what Exodus says.
The next day Finn and Spyro got awards given to them by Princess Bubblegum.
“You two are fine heroes, because of you two our relationship with the humans has grown stronger” says Princess Bubblegum.
“Thanks Bubblegum” says Finn.
“It was no big deal” says Spyro.
Finn walks up to Huntress
“Well, it looks like you saved to day again Finn” says Huntress.
“Well, I got some help from my friends” says Finn.
“So, I guess this is the part where the human gets the girl right?” says Huntress.
“Yeah, you bet” says Finn.
Finn kisses Huntress on the lips.
“Well, it was nice knowing you guys, but I need to go back to my own world” says Spyro.
“Hope we meet again soon” says Finn.
“Please go back to your world safely” says Princess Bubblegum.
“Trust me, I will” says Spyro.
And with that Spyro flies off and goes back to his own world.
Crash Bandicoot in Ragular Show
                                                                                                  Crash Bandicoot in Regular Show

In space a spaceship is coming to earth.
“Finally, we will have our revenge for Anti-pops” says the captain of the ship.
Meanwhile, Crash Bandicoot is sleeping in his room. Coco and Aku Aku are sitting outside.
“Wow, things are peaceful and quiet” says Coco.
“Yes, but it won’t last forever so we better enjoy it” says Aku Aku.
Coco goes to her laptop and sees outside the planet. She sees a space ship.
“That’s really not normal at all, you better wake up crash” says Coco.
Meanwhile, in a park Mordecai and Rigby are working on cleaning it.
“You know, I miss the old days going on adventures” said Rigby.
“Yeah, but things are very quiet” says Mordecai.
The two go to the statute of Pops.
“I am going to miss him” says Rigby.
“Yeah, I miss him to he helped us save the universe from Anti-pops” says Mordecai.
Suddenly, their boss Benson comes to them.
“You two, you need to come with us there is something happening” says Benson.
“What is going on” says Mordecai.
“I explain when you get here so, come on” says Benson.
So, the group goes inside with Muscle man, Skips and Hi five Ghost.
“So, what is up?” says Rigby.
“A spaceship is about to land on the earth” says Skips.
The ship is going to earth into the park then the captain of the ship walks out into the group.
“So, you are the forces that destroyed Anti-pops?” says the Captain.
“What are you supposed to be?” says Rigby.
“I am the devastation, I am second in Command from Anti-pops” says the Captain.
“This guy is with Anti-pops?” says Mordecai.
“That is right, you defeated him but I am here to take revenge for him” says Devastation.
Meanwhile Crash, Coco and Aku Aku are making a portal.
“This portal will get us aboard on that spaceship” says Aku Aku.
“So, what are we all waiting for let’s go” says Coco.
And with that they go to the portal. Meanwhile in the park Devastation orders his men to fire on the group.
“Keep fire on them we will have our revenge soon” says Devastation.
Suddenly they saw a portal and Crash, Coco and Aku Aku.
“What is going on here” says Aku Aku.
“Well, you three come to interfere, haven’t you? Well, you will pay for your meddling” says Devastation.
Devastation is about to shoot them three but Mordecai and Rigby charge at devastation and punch him in the face.
“That is for trying to attack us” says Mordecai.
“You will pay dearly for this” says Devastation.
Crash goes to Devastation and keeps attacking him.
“Well it seems that you have more fight in you I will make a tactical retreat but be warned I will come back” says Devastation.
With that he goes back to his ship and retreats.
“Yeah, that’s right you better run if you know what’s good for you” says Rigby.
“Thanks for helping us” says Mordecai to Crash.
“Yeah, you were pretty awesome” says Rigby.
Crash gives him the thumbs up.
“I don’t want to interrupt but we need to figure out what’s going on” says Aku Aku.
“That guy said he was Anti-pops” says Muscle man.
“And who is this Anti-pops?” says Coco.
“Anti-pops is one of the most dangerous people in the universe, he has tried to destroy it but our friend Pops sacrificed himself to save it” says Skips.
“So, does that mean we are going to have to stop him too?” says Hi five ghost.
“Yes we are, if we can stop Anti-pops then we can stop him” says Benson.
Meanwhile in the spaceship Devastation is strengthening is army.
“I will destroy the universe just like Anti-pops intended to do and that Bandicoot will pay for his interference” says Devastation.
Back in the park the group tries to find a way to go to space.
“So, how are you guys supposed to go to space?” says Coco.
“Well, we have our own spaceship” says Rigby.
“So, where is it?” says Coco.
“Under the basement” says Rigby.
The group goes to the basement to see the spaceship.
“Well, this might get us to space for sure” says Aku aku.
And with that to group gets into the spaceship and flies into space.
While in the spaceship Crash is with Mordecai and Rigby.
“You’re a cool guy” says Rigby to Crash.
Crash and Rigby fist bump.
“Yeas, you were awesome back there” says Mordecai.
“Those guys are getting along” says Aku aku.
“Yeah, well let’s just hope it last “ says Benson.
Suddenly, they saw a space station.
“Is he in that space station? Says Coco.
“No, it’s one of his forces” says Skips.
“That space station is powerful enough to destroy a planet” says Aku aku.
“What are we waiting for? Why don’t we destroy it?” says Muscle man.
And with that the group enters the space station.
While inside the space station the group sneaks in into the control room.
“This has got to be the control room, if we get rid of this room it disables the weapons” says Benson.
Crash goes to the plug and pulls it out of the socket forcing the weapons to shut down.
“Yeah, we did it!” says Rigby.
Suddenly the spaceship is in self destruct mode.
“We need to get out of here” says Mordecai.
The group runs into the space ship and takes off.
While in the space ship they saw the space station explode.
“Well, that was close” says Rigby.
“Come on guys our work is not done yet” says Benson.
Meanwhile, Devastation has heard about his space station being destroyed.
“Blasted all they are more persistent than I thought, I guess I have to seek the seekers” says Devastation.
Meanwhile, the group is trying to figure out what they have to do.
“So, are we supposed to find this Devastation guy?” says Muscle man.
“With our luck he will probably find us” says Aku Aku.
“Well, where ever he is we will find him” says Mordecai.
Crash looks outside the window and sees the Seekers and Rigby sees them too.
“Ugh, guys we have a problem” says Rigby.
“Everyone, get out of here now!” says Benson.
They try to lose the Seekers but the Seekers are right behind there every move.
“They are still gaining on us” says Hi-five ghost.
“Quick, lose them in that meteor shower” says Skips.
They go into the meteor shower and most of the Seekers are destroyed by the meteors.
“Ha, in your face” says Rigby.
“Were not done yet there is still some Seekers left” says Aku aku.
They Group continues to try to shake the Seekers but the Seekers are still following closely behind.
“Man, I am so sick and tired if this” says Rigby.
Rigby uses the cannons of the ship to fire at the Seekers and fire and all the seekers exploded.
“oh, yeah now we are talking” says Rigby.
“Well, glad that’s done” says Benson.
“Ok, now we have to get out of this meteor shower” says Coco.
Meanwhile, Devastation is getting very impatient.
“So, you destroyed my Seekers I only have myself to blame I am going to have to do this personally” says Devestation.
Meanwhile, the group landed in a planet to fill the ship with oil.
“So far so good but our work is not yet done” says Aku aku.
“Devastation is around her in the galaxy and we don’t know where he is” says Skips.
Mordecai and Rigby buy some snacks.
“Do you even know what your buying?” says Benson.
“As long as its food who cares” says Rigby.
Suddenly, Devastation ship appears from a planet.
“Oh, crud” says Rigby.
“All weapons Fire” says Devastation.
All the cannons are firing at the planet.
“Come on guys get to the ship now!” says Benson.
The group goes in to the ship and fly off the planet.
“It’s only a matter of time before he catches up to us” says Skips.
“Then, we can’t run and we are going to have to take the fight to him” says Crash.
“Are you sure about that?” says Coco.
“He’s right, if he keeps destroying planets there will be nothing left” says Mordecai.
Suddenly, Devastations ship appears.
“Ok, let’s do this” says Rigby.
And with that they go to devastations ship and they dock inside the ship.
Suddenly Devastations forces appears and begin to fire at them.
“Crash, you find Devastation and stop him” says Aku Aku.
Crash goes to hunt Devastation, Mordecai and Rigby follow closely behind.
While looking for him they find the core of the ship.
“So, if we get rid of this the ship will self-destruct” says Mordecai.
“That is as far as you go” says Devastation as he walks behind them.
“Listen, jerk we are not going to let you destroy the universe” says Rigby.
“The universe is a joke, life is a joke. You want to save the universe? You think it is going to get better? Well, I got news for you that’s not how it works. The strong survive and the weak dies it always has been and it always will be” says Devastation.
“NO, your wrong life is not yours to take everyone has the right to live” says Crash.
“Well, I am going to get rid of that right starting with you three” says Devastation.
After a few minutes of fighting Devastation falls on the ground .
“Ok, that takes care of him now to get rid of that core” says Mordecai.
With that they get rid of the core and ship starts to self destruct.
“We got to get out of here now” says Rigby.
The three ran back to the ship where the rest of the group was waiting.
“Ok, start the ship now!” says Rigby.
They turn there ship around and escape into space.
Devastation looks at the groups ship and begins to close his eyes. His ship explodes.
The group sees the explosion.
“Yeah, we did it” says Rigby.
The next day the group celebrates their victory.
“Well, looks like our job is done” says Benson.
“I’ll bring some chips” says Muscle man.
Crash, Mordecai and Rigby lay down to go to sleep.
“Oh, that is typical of them” says Benson.
“After what they did I think they deserve it” says Aku Aku.
Spiderman In Infamous Second Son
                                                                                                                      Spiderman in Infamous second son

It all started in a tower four conduits they are looking at New York City.
“It is only a matter of time” says one of the conduits.
Meanwhile, Spider Man is swinging from building to building.
“Well, things are looking okay I hope it stays that way” says Spiderman.
Suddenly, he saw three cars chasing another car.
“Well. Better stop them before someone gets hurt” says Spiderman.
He goes to the cars and one by one he stops them. Then, gangster jump out of the car.
“This is not any of your concern” says one of the gangsters.
“Actually, this is my business considering you are not very good drivers” says Spiderman.
“Let’s take care of this guy first then we will take care of that other guy” says one of the gangsters.
Suddenly, the car they were chasing came back and Delsin Rowe came out of the car.
“Hey guys, do we really have to do this in front of a super hero?” says Delsin.
“You are a dead man” says one of the gangsters.
“Nope, okay then” lighting a match then absorbing the smoke “Let’s do this” says Delsin.
He then throws a fire ball to one of the gangsters and knocks him out.
After a few minutes all three gangsters were on the ground.
“Okay, why are you chasing me? And don’t tell me I am a Conduit” says Delsin.
“Someone with a mask told us to do it” says one of the gangsters.
“Who?!” says Spiderman.
Before the gangster could say a word, his arm started to move on its own grabbing a gun and shoots himself in the head.
“Oh, great not this again?” says Delsin.
“Wait, this has happened before?” says Spiderman.
“Yeah, you see those purple strings some one is controlling this guy” says Delsin.
A flash back appears, Delsin is in a village where he suddenly sees the police.
“Hm, I wonder what they are doing here?” says Delsin.
Suddenly, the police men are firing at the people.
“What the hell is going on here, I better stop this now!” says Delsin.
One of the police officer’s is about to shoot a person but Delsin gets in the way and takes the hit.
“Yeah, that is not going to work on me” says Delsin.
Then he saw purple strings that led to a conduit.
“Oh, I see you” says Delsin.
He goes to the Conduit.
“So, you finally figured it out” says the Conduit.
“Yeah, I am here. So, who are you? “says Delsin.
“Strangle, our boss has been keeping an eye on you. He wants you to join us. So, what do you say?” says Strangle.
“Uhm, I’ll pass” says Delsin.
“Have it your way” says Strangle.
She uses her powers to control the policeman to attack Delsin.
“Oh, great I am so getting arrested for this” says Delsin.
After a few minutes the policemen are all on the ground.
Delsin realizes that Strangle has vanished.
“Where did she go now? this is not good” says Delsin.
Then he hears a radio it says the police are going crazy.
“The police are going crazy? Is anyone besides the police that can help me?” says Delsin.
Then he saw a newspaper clip about Spider Man.
“Hmm, I think I found someone that can give me a hand” says Delsin.
And with that the flash back ended.
“So, that happens” says Spiderman.
“Yeah, and she is not the only one” says Delsin.
“In that case I better find who is behind this fast” says Spiderman as he swings away.
“Oh no you don’t I am coming with you” says Delsin as he turns into smoke.
Little did they know that all along the person in the mask is watching their every move.
“Ah, it looks like Spiderman is in this too I have been looking forward to this” says The Masked Man.
So, the two are on top of a building.
“Well, you really got here rather quickly” says Spiderman.
“Well, I am not ordinary you see I am a conduit” says Delsin.
“Conduits? With special powers I have heard of them” says Spiderman.
“Yes, they used to be hunted down and labeled bio-terrorist, but things are different they are living together with humans” says Delsin.
“Oh, that’s nice to hear” says Spiderman.
Then they saw someone drawing a picture.
“It’s funny that no matter how many time super heroes save people they always consider us as outlaws and vigilantes such ingrates” says the person drawing the picture of lightening.
Suddenly lightening strikes right on the floor.
“Okay, that can not be coincidence” says Spiderman.
“And you are right my powers make my drawings come to life” says the person.
“Who are you anyway?” says Spiderman.
“You can call me Druglow” says Druglow.
“Okay, so something tells me you are not going to be nice, right?” says Delsin.
“The world isn’t nice so, that is why I rebelled” says Druglow.
“In that case you will need to be stopped before anybody gets hurt” says Spiderman.
“I understand you want to save these people however, they will always be ungrateful to you, but I guess it can’t be helped so, let’s just get this over with” says Druglow.
Spiderman charges at Druglow but Druglow draws a billion missiles at him. Spiderman dodges them all.
Delsin sees a billboard and absorbs the electricity from it and shoots lasers at Druglow.
Druglow draws a shield to block the lasers then a tornado and sends it towards Delsin.
But Delsin manages to quickly get out of the way.
“Man, I thought people said my powers were overkill” says Delsin.
“I have had enough of this play time is over” says Druglow.
He draws a flood and Spiderman and Delsin see the flood coming out of the ocean.
“He is going to flood the city” says Spiderman using a web to take Druglow’s pen away and the flood disappears.
“Oh, not so tough now without your pen huh?” says Delsin shooting a laser to Druglows leg forcing him to be paralyzed.
“Okay, you are going to tell us who is behind this” says Spiderman.
“You’ll find out very soon” says Druglow using his finger to draw a rocket as he blasts away.
“Oh, so he doesn’t need a pen to draw? Man, that is nuts” says Spiderman.
The next day the two go to an abandoned warehouse.
“I think this is the place, strange they always hide in abandoned warehouses” says Spiderman.
Then the two saw somebody reading a book.
“Careful, I have a bad feeling he is not what he is” says Delsin.
“They said that a Hero comes into a troublesome world, that world always was against him no matter what good he ever does” says the person reading the book.
“We are looking for someone the guy with powers do you know someone?” says Spiderman.
The book turns into a scythe and it starts to float in the air.
“I am afraid that he is not here, he gave me orders to kill you both” says the person.
“Who are you anyway?” says Spiderman.
“You can call me Stabber” he says.
“Yeah, well we are going to take you down then you are going to tell us where your boss is” says Delsin.
“Good luck trying to do that” says Stabber.
And with that the scythe flies at the two of them the two quickly get out of the way but the scythe comes back at them.
“Man, this is getting crazy” says Spiderman.
Delsin charges at Stabber.
“Not so tough now without your scythe eh?” says Delsin.
But Stabber grabs him and throws him to the ground.
“Come on now is that the best you can do?” says Stabber.
“Who said I was done?” says Delsin throwing a fire ball at Stabbers face.
Then Spiderman swings at Stabber kicking him in the back. Then Spiderman saw the scythe coming towards but shoots a web at it and knocks it to the ground.
“Oh, I guess it is finally over now” says Spiderman.
“Over? I am afraid it is far from over my friend” says Stabber.
Suddenly the police shows up.
“You are just in time” says Spiderman.
The police point their guns at Spiderman and Delsin.
“Um, what’s going on here?” says Delsin.
“You are under arrest for being with a bio terrorist” says the police.
“Wait a minute, we are trying to stop the bio terrorist” says Spiderman.
“This guy here is a Conduit and that makes him one of them” says the police.
Suddenly, the person in the mask appears and starts clapping sarcastically.
“Wow, it is amazing how stupid you cop policeman really are, Spiderman and the conduit are trying to stop us” says the masked person.
“He is behind all of this” says Delsin.
“Hey masked face, who are you supposed to be?” says Spiderman.
“Of course, my name is Deado” he says.
Strangle and Druglow appear.
“Oh, it is you, listen you attack my people and my village that kind of rubs me the wrong way” says Delsin.
“I was just trying to test you to see if you were worthy enough but I suppose you have already chosen a side” says Deado.
“Alright, that is enough you all are coming with us” says the police.
“Could you please be quiet you cops are worthless and too stubborn to see how pathetic you really are” says Deado using his powers to tear the warehouse as all the pieces fly into the sky and thrown at the police.
Only a handful of the police survive.
“It seemed that most of them survived but that will show them how pathetic they really are” says Deado.
Spiderman swings at Deado and shoots a web at Deado.
“Well, looks like your just another cliché supervillain” says Spiderman.
“Oh, I am more than that you see I can’t stand these policemen they claim to be protecting, keeping order however they are doing a horrible job but you, you got my interest I want to know what makes you so special” says Deado holding his hand as Spiderman starts to fell pain in his chest as red ora is coming out of Spiderman and Deado grabs the ora and looks into his memories.
“Aw, yes someone who is close to you has died and you blame yourself and you become the one thing that makes you who you are, you have my respect Spiderman” says Deado.
Spiderman is on his knees.
“You are probably wondering about my ability to read peoples minds and yes I do” says Deado walking towards Spiderman.
“Don’t worry Peter I keep some secrets to myself and only to myself” he whispers to him.
Delsin turns into smoke and tries to attack Deado.
“Oh now really I didn’t forget about you, your brother was a cop he was a fool to have that job” says Deado.
“Don’t you talk about my brother” says Delsin.
Deado grabs Delsin and throws him onto the ground.
“As much as I would love to continue this I have something else to do but don’t worry we will meet again soon” says Deado.
And with that Strangle, Druglow, Stabber and Deado fall back leaving Spiderman and Delsin on the ground.
So the four conduits go to the police station. While in the station, the police surround the four. “These idiots are really starting to get to me” says Deado. “I guess we have to teach them a lesson, how worthless these cops are” says Strangle.
Strangle uses her powers to tangle and bend the police by her fingers. Stabber turns his book into a scythe and the scythe goes into the air slicing the policemen. The S.W.A.T. team shows up but Druglow draws a meteor shower and it hits the S.W.A.T. team.
“You three keep them busy because I need to talk to the chief” says Deado.  
With that, he goes to the office of the police chief. While on his way, some police try to stop him but Deado just breaks their guns with his powers and throws them to the side. He saw a door and kicks it in. Then he face to face with the police chief.
“Do you know why New York is always thrown into chaos?” says Deado.
“Because of criminals like you” says the police chief.
“It’s because of your incompetence the police are nothing more than a failure because of that its people like spiderman and The Avengers rise up to do what you can’t do” says Deado.
“You are just a criminal that wears a mask” says the police chief.
“This mask is keeping me alive, you see it all started once I get my powers it barely ripped my face off my father did anything to save my life he put this mask on so I can survive then the police shows up they arrested him. They said he was helping bio-terrorist but all he did is try to save my life. A few weeks ago I saw a city infested with crime and what do you policemen do? Nothing, you are blinded. You policemen are all good at corruption and becoming body bags.” Says Deado.
Then Strangle appears.
“Half of these cops are dead, you want us to get rid of the rest of them” says Strangle.
“No, I have an idea you might enjoy it” says Deado.
Meanwhile, Spiderman is on the ground and Delsin uses his power to heal him.
“Oh, thanks I feel a lot better already” says Spiderman.
“You’re welcome” says Delsin.
“You have a brother and he was a cop, wasn’t he” says Spiderman.
“Yeah, his name was Reggie he was always getting on to me but he always cared about me. One day he sacrificed himself to save me” says Delsin.
“Sorry about that” says Spiderman.
Suddenly, the news appears that all the policemen are going on a rampage
“I know who is behind this” says Delsin.
“Yeah, we have to go stop them now” says Spiderman.
And with that they are on their way to New York City.
While in the city they see the police are destroying everything.
“the on who is controlling these cops have to be around here somewhere” says Spiderman.
They both saw Strangle on a roof top.
“Now we got you” says Delsin throwing a fire ball at her.
“Oh, it is you again it is a real shame too with your powers you’d be a great asset but too bad you chose the wrong side” says Strangle.
“Actually, I am doing fine doing this side” says Delsin.
“And what about you, don’t you get tired being called a menace. These people are never going to be appreciative of you.” says Strangle.
“Actually, that’s not true most people are very grateful for me in fact I have my own fan club” says Spiderman.
“You are always a comedian let’s see how much longer you two are going to last” says Strangle.
She used her powers to control the police to surround the two
“Does this mean we are going to assault an officer because we don’t want to insult them with salt” says Spiderman.
The police charge at the two and the two quickly knock some of them out.
“Eh, sorry guys don’t really mean to do this to you consider it self-defense” says Delsin.
Strangle grabs a car with her needle strings and throws it at them two.
“Well, you two are very strong now the real fight begins” says Strangle.
Her strings are wiggling out wildly and she keeps thrashing out to the two, the two keep quickly out of the way. Spiderman then shoots a web ball right through Strangles left eye
Delsin turns into a fireball and hits Strangle in the stomach knocking her straight into a wall.
“Don’t think this is over Deado’s plan is only begun, you can’t stop him now he has already won” says Strangle.
Spiderman shoots webs at her.
“Well, that should take care of her but our problems are just beginning, says Delsin.
The police are finally getting their senses back.
The next day the news says that the people of New York are starting to distrust the police.
“So, this is his plan all along making the people lose hope for the police, I feel pretty bad for them” says Spiderman.
“I wonder what Deado is up to now?” Says Delsin.
They see the people protesting the police. The police then try to calm the people down but it was no use. Suddenly Rockets are fired at the police.
“Oh, what now?” says Spiderman.
They saw Druglow walking and drawing rocket launchers one policeman is on the ground breathing.
“What did you expect was going to happen you chose this job” says Druglow.
Spiderman and Delsin go to Druglow.
“Say we really don’t like it when you blow stuff up, its really not good for the environment” says Spiderman.
Druglow continues to draw pictures.
“The environment always changes to better or from worse” says Druglow.
“Ok, let’s finish you off for good this time” says Delsin.
“Yes, let’s finish this” says Druglow.
Suddenly, Stabber appears
“Not yet Deado wants them alive, wait until tonight” says Stabber.
“We are not waiting until tonight we are finishing this off right now” says Delsin.
“Always the impatient one, aren’t you? You will wait otherwise all of New York will suffer” says Stabber.
“Ok, where is the place we should finish this?” says Spiderman.
“At the Washington state park” says Stabber.
“Fine, we will be there? Says Delsin.
“Good, see you there” says Stabber.
It was night, the two made it to the park ad found both Druglow and Stabber
“Ok, this is the place but why here of all places?” says Delsin.
“To make sure that all the people see this fight” says Druglow.
“Oh, that explains a lot” says Spiderman.
“Now, let us continue this” says Stabber.
And with that Delsin fights Druglow and Spiderman fights Stabber.
Druglow draws Meteors to come down to the ground but Delsin summons up angels to protect the lives on the ground. Stabber turns his bow bask into a scythe and makes it spin into the ground and it quickly goes to Spiderman. Spiderman quickly gets out of the way. Druglow draws spikes coming up from the ground but Delsin turns into smoke to quickly get out of the spikes.
“How much power does this guy have?” says Delsin.
Spiderman continues to dodge the flying scythe.
“Okay, just had enough of this” says Spiderman.
Spiderman runs to Stabber and grabs his hands and head butts him in the face, the scythe falls on to the ground and turns back into a book
“Seriously, what kind of book is this?” says Spiderman.
Druglow is about to draw an earth quake but Delsin grabs him and throws him into the air and throws a fireball at him.
“Okay, I think that is over?” says Delsin.
Suddenly, on the television Deado appears
“Well done Spiderman and Delsin you are more capable of defeating stronger opponents unlike those policemen” says Deado.
“I get the feeling you are not a fan of the police” says Spiderman.
“The police claim to protect but they are only good at corruption I believe it is time to end all of this” says Deado.
And with that he uses his powers to lift the police station in throws it at the two. The two quickly get out of the way.
“Aw man, how much power does this guy got?” says Delsin.
Spiderman looks at the police station and see that no one was in it.
“This guy has to be stopped one way or another” says Spiderman.
Meanwhile on a tower Deado was looking at the city
“At last this city will realize the hypocrisy of the society it is only a matter of time” says  Deado.
The police try to stop him but Deado uses his powers to slam them into the ground.
“It’s just like in the movies they always on the ground” says Deado.
Suddenly Spiderman and Delsin appear.
“Ok, I think the police had enough already” says Spiderman.
“Ah, you come at last I expect you to be more of a challenge” says Deado.
“You really don’t like policemen, do you?” says Delsin.
“Of course not they locked my father away” says Deado.
“Wait a minute I think I heard about you before you’re the Conduit who face was burned” says Delsin.
“That’s right, this mask is keeping me alive. I have the power to show everyone that the police are the most worthless things in the world” says Deado.
“But killing them is not going to help anyone it’s just going to make things worse” says Spiderman.
“Always be so kind especially when they call you a menace. All I see is that they are the real menace” says Deado.
“That’s what a hero is for” says Spiderman.
“Yes, it is they always fear you, but I wonder how they fell about you once you die” says Deado.
And with that Deado charges at the two he uses his powers to break his window and throws shards of glass at them. But the two quickly get out of the way, Spiderman then kick him in the stomach and Delsin punches him in the chest. They continue to attack Deado Spiderman makes a web and throws him in the air. Delsin jumps and punches him to the ground.
“That stings a bit” says Deado getting up, his mask is cracking.
“That was a mistake not only is this mask keeping me alive but it seals half of my powers, now the real fight begins” says Deado breaking his mask and showing his scarred face, suddenly the gravity starts to fade away.
“Oh, so this is what his true power? That is a little overkill” says Delsin.
“Yeah, it’s now or never” says Spiderman.
Deado throw cars and breaks them apart and throws them at the two but Spiderman shoots a web at the broken car and redirects it at Deado. Deado keeps attacking the two but the two keep getting out of the way.
“It’s time to end this” says Deado floating in the air raising his hand.
“Let’s see how you survive this” says Deado about to charge a energy beam at them.
“If he fires it’s going to take out half the city” says Spiderman.
“Okay, I got an idea” says Delsin summoning Angels.
“These angels are going to pick you up and help you stop him” says Delsin.
“Ok, if you say so” says Spiderman.
And with that the angles pick up Spiderman and charge at Deado.
Deado fires the beam but the angles block the beam and they throw spiderman as he shoots a web at Deado and punches him on the face forcing him to fall to the ground.
“Well, it looks like you won this fight” says Deado coughing up blood.
Delsin shows up with the mask and tries to put it back on Deado’s face.
“It’s no use even if I put this mask on, I’d probably die” says Deado.
“Ah, come on don’t be like that even though you’re a villain, we heroes have a strict policy of no killing” says Delsin.
“Not everyone can have the choice not to kill no matter how many people you have saved there are always some people that are ungrateful and will always justify their actions just like the police” says Deado.
“Maybe you are right about that but if I don’t do something about it more people will suffer” says Spiderman.
“Just like the Conduits always treated as freaks my father knew I was a conduit but he protected me but then they took him away from me, this society lives in fear and hypocrisy” says Deado.
“Sorry about what happened to you” says Delsin.
“Hmm, I wonder what happens if you choose to use your powers for you own self thing might have gone differently” says Deado and with that he dies.
The next day Spiderman and Delsin look at the sun.
“Well, I guess that is the end of it right?” says Delsin.
“Everyone calms down with the police I am sure everything will go back to normal, for now at least” says Spiderman.
“Well, anyway thanks for helping me I am going back to my tribe now see you soon Spidey” says Delsin.
And with that he turns into smoke and disappears. Spiderman saw gangsters robbing a jewelry store.
“Theses people never learn” says Spiderman.
And with that he goes to the jewelry store to stop the gangsters.


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DylanCArt's Profile Picture
Dylan c
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Dylan has been developing his style of character study into a form that is now fully his own. After attending the art program for several weeks, Dylan had already created many colored drawings of heroes from comics, TV shows, video games and movies. He always makes sure to avoid the villains, no matter how famous or memorable.

Working with staff, Dylan was able to find a way to incorporate many of his drawings into a final image for our art shows. He did this via learning a step-by- step process within Photoshop.

Photoshop is a powerful tool and an industry standard for many designers, photographers and illustrators. It is able to bend to countless uses, including Dylan’s superhero collages.

Dylan begins by drawing his character(s) of the day


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