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New Nether Creatures Ideas

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Nether Needs To Have Not Just Monsters, But Also Animals.

NetherCow - These Gigantic, Red, Cow-like Creatures Are The Largest Mobs Ever To Exist In The Nether, But Don't Worry, These Creatures Only Eat Nether Warts And Occasionally Plants From The Overworld. Adult NetherCows Have No Natural Predators, So The Adult NetherCows Have To Protect Their Young From Predators Such As NetherCats, Zombie Pigmen, Ghasts, And Wither Skeletons.

NetherPig - Despite Being About The Size Of An Overworld Cow, These Blue Mobs Are Actually Related To Pigs, Unlike Pigs However, They Not Only Eat Carrots, They Can Also Eat Nether Warts, Potatoes, Wheat, All Flower Types, Seeds, Apples, Saplings, Dead Bush, And Ferns. To Protect Themselves From Predators, These Mobs Live In Large Herds So They Are Safe In Numbers.

NetherSheep - These Mobs Are Closely Related To Sheep, But They Are Smaller (Due To A Lot Of Predators Such As Zombie Pigmen, Ghasts, Wither Skeletons And NetherCats), They're Red In Color, They Have No Wool, And They Have Longer Legs Than Overworld Sheeps To Help Them Escape From Their Predators.

NetherHorse - While NetherCows Are The Biggest Nether Mobs, NetherHorses Are The Tallest Mobs Of Nether (Much Like How Real Elephants Are The Biggest While The Giraffes Are The Tallest). Fortunately, These Horse-Like Giant Creatures Only Eat Nether Warts, Apples, And Trees From Overworld.

NetherCat - These Giant, Cat-Like Creatures Are The Top Predators Of Nether, They Can Even Kill Off Ghasts, Zombie Pigmen, And Wither Skeletons. Their Favorite Prey Items Are NetherHorses, NetherPigs, NetherSheeps, And Occasionally Young NetherCows. To Catch Fast Moving Prey, They Are Ambush Predators And They Have Fur That Matches The Netherrack Enviroment To Sneak Up To Their Prey.

Mob Types:

NetherCow - Passive

NetherPig - Passive

NetherSheep - Passive

NetherHorse - Passive

NetherCat - Neutral
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Yeah another thing how can a nether mob eat over world food when they grew up in the nether.... that doesn’t make any sense. Also you have to have a reason why these mobs get attacked by those mobs and why these mobs attack the other mobs, the nether pig could be attacked by a wither skeleton. Like the nether cat has to have a reason why does it at pigmen, what for fun?

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dylan613Hobbyist Artist
I don't know. This idea I made up is outdated.
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Yeah no kidding this is 6 years old.

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Yeah come up with something more creative than nether versions of preexisting mobs