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New END Creatures Ideas

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The End Dimension Needs To Have Not Just Monsters, But Animals As Well

EnderBird - These Creatures Are The Most Common Mobs To Spawn In The End. Unlike Chickens, These Giant, Black, Bird-Like Mobs Can Actually Fly. Their Favorite Food Are Wheat, Seeds, Melons, Flowers, Carrots, Potatoes, EnderGrass (A Plant That Grows In The End), And Bread.

EnderBats - These Large, Bat-Like Mobs Are The Largest Flying Passive Mobs Ever In The End. Unlike Bats From The Overworld, These Creatures Can Not Hang Upside Down (Since They're Way Too Big To Hang Upside Down In Trees Or Caves), So Instead Of Hanging Upside Down, They Just Stand And Walk On Both Legs And Wings, Much Like How Pterosaurs Used To Walk In Real Life. Their Favorite Prey Are GigaBugs, Apples, And Occasionally EnderBirds

EnderWolf - These Giant, Wolf-Like Creatures Are The Endermen's Worst Enemies Due To Their Savage Nature Towards Endermen. Unlike Overworld Wolves, You Can Not Tame These Animals, And If You Hit One EnderWolf While Close To Other EnderWolves, Only One EnderWolf That You Attacked Will Attack You. Their Favorite Prey Are EnderBirds, EnderBats, Endermen, And GigaBugs.

GigaBug - These Orange, Insect-Like Creatures May Be Related To Silverfishes Of The Overworld, But Unlike The Silverfish, The Gigabugs Are Actually Passive Mobs, Not Hostile. These Creatures Are The Second Most Common Mobs To Spawn In The End. Just Like Wolves And Cats, You Can Tame These Mobs With Its Favorite Food, Raw Beef. If Spawned In Overworld, Wild Gigabugs Can Eat Cows, Grass, Flowers, Apples, Wheat, Carrots, And Potatoes. You Can Feed Tamed Gigabugs With Raw Beef, But Unlike Wild Gigabugs, It Will Not Hunt Live Cows.

EnderBuffalo - These Giant, Bovine-Like Creatures Are The Largest Mobs Ever To Walk In Minecraft World, They're Even Bigger Than The EnderDragon. Since They Are Huge, They Are Too Big For An EnderDragon To Kill. They Are Also The Rarest NON-BOSS Mob To Spawn In The End, Only 6 Or 14 Of These Giant Animals Can Spawn In The End. Despite Being Gigantic, These Creatures Are Actually Gentle Giants That Eat Only Grass, Fruits, EnderGrass, Carrots, Wheat, Flowers, And Potatoes.

Mob Types:

EnderBird - Passive

EnderBat - Passive

EnderWolf - Neutral

GigaBug - Passive

EnderBuffalo - Passive
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chiefmageddonHobbyist General Artist
no offense but honestly, these are kinda unoriginal
especially the coloration

have you heard of techne? its a minecraft modeling program you can create custom models for minecraft and even skin them but its kinda complicated :v
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dylan613Hobbyist Artist
Opps Sorry, I Didn't Knew That Techne Existed. :b
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EnderBeast2000Hobbyist Digital Artist
If you need any Techne help, I'd be happy to help you out!  I do a lot of Techne modelling on my profile.
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dylan613Hobbyist Artist
Ok. So, How To Make Models And Textures For Techne? 
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EnderBeast2000Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's very simple, the modeling at least.
Just open program, and it'll give you the option to use a preset model base, or a blank slate for you to start from scratch.  There is a button with a blue cube.  Clicking this will add another 'block' to the model.  You can adjust the size, placing, offset (how far the 'block' is from the join/rotation point), and rotation using the boxes and sliders.  Once you have a model you like the looks of, just go into the 'File' option on the access bar at the top, choose 'Export as' and choose 'Export as Texture Map' to create a Texture Map of the model.  Be sure to adjust the texture offsets of each block, and if you want to have, for example, 4 legs with the same textures, just set the 'Texture Offsets' for all 4 of them to the exact same settings.
To be honest, I've made that sound a bit more complex than it actually is.  I learned most of this myself through experimentation, so feel free to try out and test things if they don't seem right because I most likely messed up my explanation at some point(s).