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Minecraft Mob Ideas: Wild Boar

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Wild Boars (Which Are Wild Forms Of Pigs) Are Now Mobs From Minecraft. :D

Mob Type: Neutral

Health Points: 52

Attack Points: 4 (Easy) 6 (Normal) 9 (Hard)

Drops: Raw Pork And Brown Wool

Spawns: Forests, Plains, Swamps, Jungles, And Taiga

Description: These Mobs May Look Like Easy Prey, But They Actually Have Tusks In Their Mouths To Fight Back Against Predators Such As Wolves (They're Always Hostile Towards Wolves) And Players (If Provoked). Just Like Wolves And Cats, They Can Be Tamed With Its Food It Likes To Eat Such As Raw Beef Or Potatoes, Unlike Pigs (Which Are Domesticated Cousins Of Wild Boars That Could Not Be Tamed), But Be Careful, If You Use Raw Pork Instead Of Raw Beef Or Potatoes While Trying To Tame Them, They Will Turn Hostile (Since Raw Pork Comes From Wild Boars Themselves And Domestic Pigs). They Can Eat Grass, Flowers, Dead Bush, Shrubs, Apples, Carrots, And Potatoes. Just Like Wild Ocelots, Wild Boars Can Attack The Same Prey, Chickens.
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