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Minecraft Mob Ideas: Werewolf

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I Created This Mob Based On Werewolves From Many Movies (But Not Humanoid Ones Like The Wolfman :/ ) I Also Changed My Previous Werewolf Idea So It Doesn't Look Like It Came From Mo Creatures Mod. Anyway, I Hope You Like It. :)

Mob Type: Passive (Human Form By Day), Hostile (Werewolf Form By Night)

Health Points: 140

Attack Points: 8 (Easy) 12 (Normal) 16 (Hard)

Drops: Wolfbane, Werewolf Leather

Spawns: All Boimes

Description: These Creatures Are Humans By Day, But At Night These Mobs Transforms Into Their Wolf-Like Forms And Will Try To Kill A Player, Farm Animals, Deer, Wild Boar, And Other Non-Boss Mobs. When Werewolves Bite Villagers, The Villagers Become Werewolves As Well, But The Werewolf Villagers Have Tall Heads Rather Than The Normal Werewolf Heads, Villager Eyes (This Time It's Red, Not Green), And They Have Villager Mouths (But With Sharp Fangs). Don't Worry Though, Werewolves Could Not Transform Dylanuses  Into Werewolves, So Going Into The Dylanus Town Is Safer Than Going Into A Villager Town. To Kill A Werewolf, You Have To Kill It With An Iron Sword (Iron Is The Closest Thing To Silver In Real Life).
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There are already several mods which add werewolves, either as a monster or a playable character. Mo' Creatures mod adds very nice wolves and very strong werewolves and latest Witchery mod (0.22) even allows you to either become one or curse others with lycantropy. I tried that myself and holy Molly you can run so fast and jump so high..
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I Know, I Just Wanted This Creature And All Of My Other Minecraft Mob And Boss Ideas To Be Added To Vanilla Minecraft Like What They Did To Horses And Rabbits That Were Originally In Mods But They Were Added To Vanilla Minecraft.