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Minecraft Mob Ideas: Vampire

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This Is A Vampire Based On Vampires From The Old Horror Film, Dracula (A 1932 Film) :D

Mob Type: Hostile

Health Points: 146

Attack Points: 12 (Easy) 17 (Normal) 22 (Hard)

Drops: Vampire Essence, Rotten Flesh, Vampire's Clothing, And Vampire's Fangs

Spawns: Vampire Castles In Day And All Biomes At Night

Description: Vampires Are Undead Creatures That Drink The Blood From Living Mob Such As Villagers, Aliens, Dylanuses, And Players, And Can Turn Villagers, Aliens, And Dylanuses Into Vampires That Way If They're Killed By Vampires Themselves. Just Like Zombies And Skeletons, They Can Die From Sunlight, Unless If They're Under Trees, In Water, In Caves, Vampire Castles, Or Other Places That Blocks Out Sunlight.
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too classic, mojang could come up with a very cool design, with wings that stretch to 15 blocks on either side!
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dylan613Hobbyist ArtistFeatured
i'm not sure about that kind of wings. those wings might be too big. we don't want to see enderdragon-sized vampires in minecraft. i prefer vampires based on classic vampires.