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Minecraft Mob Ideas: Shadowman

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Good News! I Got A New Mouse, So I'm Able To Remove The White Backround On My Pictures! :D
Anyway, More Megaman Character Based Minecraft Mobs.

Mob Type: Hostile

Health Points: 135

Attack Points: 10 (Easy) 14 (Normal) 18 (Hard)

Drops: Shadow Blade, Shadowman Armor, Shadowman Helmet

Spawns: All Places At Night

Description: These Creatures Are Almost As Common As Zombie, Which Makes Them As Even Deadlier Than A Character From Megaman With A Same Name.

6 Reasons These Mobs Are Terrifying:

1. They Don't Die In Sunlight.

2. They Run Faster Than Ocelots.

3. They're Stronger Than Creeper Explosions.

4. They Can Survive In Lava And Other Hazard Items (Even TNT), Except For Diamond Swords.

5. They Can Break Down Doors.

6. They Have Ninja Powers That Allows Them To Get To The Player Faster Than The Player Trying To Escape From Them.
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Very adorable Shadowman Minecraft version. And he's standing on a pillar! Lol.