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Minecraft Mob Ideas: Maverick Zero

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More Minecraft Mob Ideas For Today! :D

Mob Type: Hostile

Health Points: 140

Attack Points: 12 (Easy) 16 (Normal) 20 (Hard)

Drops: Maverick Zero Armor, Maverick Zero Helmet, Maverick Z-Saber

Description: Unlike A Megaman Character With A Same Name, There's Not Just One Maverick Zero, In Fact, They Are Almost As Common To Encounter As Zombies.

5 Reasons These Mobs Are Terrifying:

1. They Don't Die In Sunlight.

2. They Are Immune To Wither And Darkness Effects.

3. They Are Better At Attacking Players With Their Z-Sabers Than Wither Skeletons Attacking Players With Their Swords.

4. They Are 2 Times Faster Than Ocelots.

5. They Are 3 Times Stronger Than Iron Golems.
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