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Minecraft Mob Ideas: Maverick Hunters

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Today, I Have Dreamed About Maverick Hunters From Megaman X Franchise As Minecraft Mobs, So I Made This.

Mob Type: Neutral

Spawns In: Sci-Fi Cities

Health Points: 140

Attack Damage: 14 (Easy) 18 (Normal) 22 (Hard)

Drops: Maverick Hunter Armor, Maverick Hunter Helmet, Maverick Hunter Saber

Experience: 8-16

Description: These Intelligent Creatures Are The Only Mobs That Spawns In Sci-Fi Cities. Unlike Villagers, Maverick Hunters Are Known To Tame Wolves, Cats, Horses, Dylanuses, And Are Able To Farm Mobs Such As Pigs, Cows, Rabbits, Sheeps, Wenties, Dinobirds, Norgies, Warginias, Mooshrooms, And Chickens (Similar To Players). Also Unlike Villagers, They Even Fight Back Against Zombies, Skeletons, Creepers, Endermen, Gregarmen, Falzarmen, Spiders, Cave Spiders, Silverfishes, Gaurdians, Endermites, Werewolves, Wild Wolves, And Other Hostile Mobs. They Are Also The Only Mobs To Tame Bats (Since Players Don't Have Taming Bat Features), They Use Bats To Catch Small Animals Such As Rabbits, Cats, And Chickens. If A Player Attack One Maverick Hunter If Other Maverick Hunters Are Nearby, Other Maverick Hunters In That Area Will Turn Hostile And Attack That Player (Just Like How The Group Of Wolves And The Group Of Zombie Pigmen Turn Hostile If A Player Hurt Them). Just Like Players, They Even Use Their Own Diamond Tools (Diamond Swords, Diamond Axe, Diamond Hoe, ect) To Build Their Sci-Fi City Biomes (Since They Have Advanced AI System).

Note: I Know That Lumine As A Maverick Hunter Doesn't Make Sense (Since He Was Never A Maverick Hunter), So Please Don't Comment On That. Also, I couldn't find Gate (Megaman X6 character) skin so I didn't use it for the image, but Gate (both regular and superpowered/golden armoured) should be part of this idea.
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