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Minecraft Mob Ideas: Gregarman

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This Mob Appeared In My Dream, So I Made This Idea.

Bullet; OrangeMob Type: Hostile

Bullet; OrangeHealth Points: 150

Bullet; OrangeAttack Damage: 15 (Easy) 19 (Normal) 24 (Hard)

Bullet; OrangeSpawn: Forests, Deserts, Mesas, Swamps, Grasslands And Taiga (Spawns In All Biomes At Night)

Bullet; OrangeDrops: Gregar Claws (Can Be Crafted With Leather To Make Gregar Gloves To Kill Hostile Mobs With 14 Heart Damage)

Bullet; OrangeExperience: 10-18

Description: If A Player Got Attacked By A Gregarman, He/She Will Turn Into A Gregarman By Night, And It Will Be Impossible To Control In Gregarman Form, So The Player In Gregarman Form Will Go Out Of Control And Will Try To Attack And Kill His/Her Partner, His/Her Pet, Or The Villagers, Dylanuses, And Passive Mobs. When It's Daytime, The Player Turns Back To Normal And Can Control Himself/Herself Again, But He/She Can Still Transform Every Night. To Avoid Getting Turned Into A Gregarman, You Have To Sleep In Bed Before The Moon Rises Again.

Fun Fact 1: This Creature Will Be Based On Gregar Beast Out Megaman From Megaman Battle Network Games And Anime.

Fun Fact 2: This Creature Will Have More Health Than An Iron Golem, And Will Also Be More Powerful Than An Iron Golem.

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