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Minecraft Mob Ideas: Dylanus

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This Is My First Mob I've Created Using Techne.

Mob Type: Passive.

Health Points: 78

Experience Points: 10-24

Drops: Raw Dylanus, Dylanus Skin.

Spawns: Forests, Plains, Swamps, And Savannah.

Description: These Creatures Are Not Related To Humans Like Your Average Player Or Villagers, They're Actually More Closely Related To Meerkats, Hyenas, Fossas, Civets, And Mongooses (Despite Their Human-Like Appearance). Just Like Villagers, These Mobs Are Known To Build Their Own Towns And Plant Their Crops, But They Are Also Known To Plant Flowers And Trees Around Their Towns To Decorate Their Homes. You Can Tame A Dylanus By Feeding It Potatoes (Can Be Raw Or Baked), Cookies, Cakes, Fish (Raw Or Cooked), Or Eggs (New Food Items That Can Be Made By Putting Eggs In A Furnace). Unlike How Hostile Mobs Hunt Villagers, Zombies And Most Other Hostile Mobs Are Not Interested In Hunting Dylanuses, So The Hostile Mobs Prefer To Hunt Only Villagers, So Many Dylanuses Are Safe. The Only Threat To Dylanuses Are Gregarmen And Falzarmen, Which Can Kill Some Dylanuses And Transform The Rest Of The Dylanuses In One Town Into Gregarmen And Falzarmen, Just Like How Zombies Kill And Transform Some Villagers. You Can Craft Dylanus Skin With Blaze Rod Into Potion Of Reduced Hunger (Potion Of Reduced Hunger Is A Potion That Helps You Last Longer And Survive With Long Periods Of Traveling And Adventure Without Food And Water, Similar To Camels Of Real Life).
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EnderBeast2000Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're off to a great start! Can't wait to see what you do in the future!
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dylan613Hobbyist Artist
Thanks! :)