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Minecraft Mob Ideas: Bass (Forte)

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Here's Another Minecraft Mob Based On Another Megaman Character. :)

Mob Type: Neutral

Attack Points: 16 (Easy) 18 (Normal) 20 (Hard)

Health Points: 135

Drops: Bass-Buster, Bass Helmet, Bass Armor

Spawns: All Biomes

Description: Unlike Bass (Also Known As Forte In Japan) From Megaman Series, There's Not Just One Bass/Forte, So The Bass Population Is Almost As Common As Zombies. Just Like Protomen, Basses Are Known To Open Doors, Hijack Traps, Use Buttons, Pull Levers, Kill Farm Animals (Leading Players To Starvation), Their Grunts, Yells, Growls, And Scream Sounds Similar To Bass'/Forte's Sounds, Fight Against Players (If Provoked), Gregarmen, Falzarmen, Protomen, Iron Golems, Snow Golems, And Can Kill Villagers (But Not Transforming Them). But Unlike Protomen, Basses Are Not Inherently Hostile, Since They Will Only Attack, Hijack Traps, Use Buttons From Traps, Pull Levers From Traps, And Kill The Player's Farm Animals If Provoked.

Fan Fact: The Reason Why These Mobs Are Scary:

1. They Don't Die In Sunlight

2. They're Extremely Fast Runners

3. They Are Better At Shooting At Victims Than Skeletons

4. They're Stronger Than Creepers (Even Though The Basses/Fortes Don't Explode)

5. They'll Sometimes Work Together To Bring Down Players
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