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Minecraft Mob Ideas: Bass.EXE

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Another Megaman Character-Based Mincraft Mob For Today! :D

Mob Type: Hostile

Health Points: 150

Attack Points: 18 (Easy) 22 (Normal) 24 (Hard)

Drops: Bass.EXE Armor, Bass.EXE Helmet

Spawns: All Biomes At Night

Description: Unlike A Megaman Character With A Same Name, There's Not Just 1 Bass.EXE, So These Creatures Are Almost As Common To Encounter As Zombies. They Are 3 Times As Strong As The Iron Golem. Unlike Its Close Relative:
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Bass.EXEs Are Not Neutral, They're Naturally Hostile.

6 Reasons These Mobs Are Terrifying:

1. They Don't Die In Sunlight.

2. They Can Aim And Shoot Darkness Powers At Players Better Than Skeletons Aiming And Shooting With Arrows.

3. They're Super-Strong.

4. They're Faster Runners Than Ocelots.

5. They Are Immune To Wither, Fire, Lava, Snow/Ice, And Darkness.

6. They Can Attack And Kill Dylanuses, But More Often, They Attack And Transform Their Dylanus Victims Into Bass.EXEs By Either Biting The Dylanuses Or By Shooting Darkness Powers At Dylanuses.
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