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Minecraft Boss Ideas: Protoking

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Here Is My First Boss Idea For Minecraft. Sorry About Messing Up His Left Arm, I Had To Use Paint To Make It Not Look Backwards. :( Not My Best, But Enjoy. :D

Boss Type: Hostile (Just Like All Other Bosses)

Health Points: 220

Attack Points: 28 (Easy) 36 (Normal) 44 (Hard)

Drops: Protoking's Sword, Protoking's Blaster, Protoking Armor, Protoking Helmet, diamonds

Spawns: 1.5 % Chance Of Getting Protoking To Spawn Naturally In One Protomen Group. To Make Him Spawn Instantly, You Have To Place Two Red stained Clay And Put A Protoman Helmet On It (Just Like How You Make Snow Golems, But With Red Stained Clay Instead Of Snow Blocks And Instead Of Placing A Pumpkin On Top, You Place A Protoman Helmet On It), And It Automatically Spawns In.

Description: This Boss Is The Second Most Powerful Boss In Minecraft (The Most Powerful Being An Enderdragon And The Third Most Powerful Is The Wither), So He Is The Secondary Antagonist In This Game. The Weapons He Uses Are Proto-Sword And Proto-Blaster, These Weapons Are So Powerful That Protoking Would Do Half Damage To The Enderdragon With One Hit Or Shot (With Two Hits Or Two Shots, Protoking Would Kill The Enderdragon).

Fun Fact: This Boss Will Be Based On Dark Protoman.EXE From Megaman battle network anime. Protoking Will Look Really Similar To Dark Protoman.EXE And He Will Have Hiss, Grunts, Growls, Screams, Yells, And Snarl Sounds Similar To Dark Protoman.EXE's Hiss, Grunts Growls, Screams, Yells, And Snarl Sounds. And Just Like Dark Protoman.EXE, He Will Be Evil, And He Will Have The Ability To Use Proto-Blaster, Proto-Sword, And He Will Run Really Fast. Just Like All Other Protomen, The Protoking Will Not Die In Sunlight.
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