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Star Wars - Epic Sky Battle

No Official Concept Art from star wars universe - Star wars space epic battle Modelling with Cinema4DR16 and textured in photoshop CC with Wacom Tablet - Follow my work directly on facebook ->…
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© 2015 - 2021 Dylan-Kowalski
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Hello, i'd like to dl this to use it at wallpaper, is it possible ? i really like it ! =)

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I could quote something from star wars, or I could just say cool.
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Awesome. Love the shot.
I LOVE your art its realy epic, but i hope you fix the X-wing (S-foils) .
great work
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Yes I did, you can see my new work, Its a rework from this one who are pretty old !  

Feel free to see it ! :)    Star Wars - Sky Battle by Dylan-Kowalski  
LOVE it 
 This new one is fantastic 
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 You forgot to lock the X-Wings s-foils into attack position. I don't think they can even fire with then foils closed, like you show them here.
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Hello ! Its fixed, decide to rework it :)   Star Wars - Sky Battle by Dylan-Kowalski   
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This is amazing! 
It's a cool picture but why is it tagged "Warriorcats"?
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Looool omg nice mistake I will say :3 
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It's raining Star Destroyers!
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Waaooh very good job!
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Nice work!  S-foils though... 
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Great work :)
Just one tiny thing: X-wings spread their wings (to form X) in combat. You shown them in off-combat configuration.

And on the side note, I don't understand how civilian ship (even modified for smuggling) can survive on battlefield, let alone outmaneuver and destroy fighters... (but that's Star Wars for you ... )
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Hello, I guess Its a old ork, I decide to rework it from the base, feel free to see it :)  Have a good day   -   Star Wars - Sky Battle by Dylan-Kowalski  
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That rework is great. From rather static image it became very dynamic scene. :)
Great job at capturing chaos of battle!
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Thx a lot :) Yeah it's a huge work but interesting to rework an old one, I learn a lot with this one ! 
Hey there, used your image in one of my videos. Credited as well! :D
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Hello ! Cool thx a lot :) 
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