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Group Relocation and Overhaul

If you are interested in the further development and changes of this species please visit Aion-Tau

Something of an Update

Tue Sep 4, 2018, 9:18 PM by GroovyPoltergeists:icongroovypoltergeists:

Hey everyone, Cryptid here!

It's been a while since we've put Dy on its indefinite hiatus, and I took the time away to think about where I am mentally with this species and its concept and lore. It took a lot of time alone without the pressure of running the group or trying to meet expectations to figure out just what it was that was mentally wearing me down.

I'm happy to say I've worked these things out, but it comes at a bit of a cost for reform.

Dy as a species will exist and yes they will be an ARPG that continues, just not here. They are gaining an incredibly detailed and thorough overhaul, from their concept, lore, world, and the way the game will work. Even the group is no longer going to be hosted here (because deviantart just doesn't allow you to change the name of groups) and because instead of being tied to just the species I want to share with you the world of this species as it was intended to be. It's not going to look very similar to how you remember it, but I hope that everyone can still enjoy the species as they are.

Aion-Tau is the new home for this game, and over the following weeks and months you will see progress in this new home with the concepts and lore of the species and their world.

Some general quick faq to help you guys out (because I still don't actually check this account to find questions or comments).

- I'm about to post a journal just for you guys to ask me stuff over on Aion-Tau. If you want an answer, go there. Not here.
- Yes, you will be able to use your previous Dy there, but there will be massive changes and whether ALL dy get to transfer is up for debate (simply because there are a good few and the genetics of the species are shifting a bit)
- No, anything from Eon-Eclipse will not be transferred. The unlo's in this portion of the game are for all purpose completely Closed and will not be used.
- Many of the assets from Dy were stripped, Aion-Tau will gain it's own special assets and items to help cultivate the atmosphere that I am striving for.
- New imports will accompany this game, as the anatomy and look of Dy, and even their name, is changing.

Thank you for remaining and waiting patiently for a return with answers. It truly means the world to me that so many players of Dy loved the species dearly, and I hope that the shifted gear towards making "Dy" into Aion Tau will be welcomed as it is intended to be the original concept of the group with many changes that must be created for me to continue with the species.

- Cryptid-Horror / aka "Groovy".

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