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Star! Star! Star! - very interested
Star! Star! - highly interested
Star! - mildly interested
Half Star - "meh.."

If it isn't on the list it's either because I haven't encountered it before or I simply don't like it c:

Aborlings - Star! Star! Star! 
sushi cats - Star! Star! Star! 
nybian - Star! Star! Star! 
trancelings - Star! Star! Star! 
bunbranch - Star! Star! Star! 
skullcrackers - Star! Star! Star! 
frosty feline - Star! Star! Star! 

Fishlings - Star! Star! 
jolle raptors - Star! Star! 
weavers - Star! Star! 
pacapillars - Star! Star! 
watercats - Star! Star! 
kiamaras - Star! Star! 
minkin - Star! Star! 
kebo - Star! Star! 

cccats - Star! 
tsimu - Star! 
kebanzu - Star! 

pillowings - Half Star 
faelidh - Half Star 
cinnadogs - Half Star 
ren fairs - Half Star 
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This journal is for my ocs that I want to give away; either by dta, nta, trade or for points.
They're very important to me, so I'll likely interview you or stalk you a lil to see if you are the right fit for
the character. Please do not trade or sell them for real money!!
(Comment what oc you want and i'll talk to you about it)

How to know you own them:
Once you've paid/Named/Drawn/Traded I will send you a note confirming that
you now own them (it'll also have past artwork with any additional credits)

Perms once owned:
- Can say they're yours
- Some have special perms
- Can do whatever you want with them
- keep any art created of them (but have to give credit)
Name to adopt

Points to adopt

Mel - 20p
Werewolf . Pansexual . Female . 20
Mel by DyinqLaurance

Draw to adopt

no information about her; you can decide everything about her except her hair :P
[special perms: no need to credit me for the design]
persona Wish - Gold by DyinqLaurance


Esta - blushing smiles by DyinqLaurance
Esta - Mika's gf

Mika - summer smiles by DyinqLaurance
(Have to trade these two together!!! You are not allowed to split them apart)

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