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Newspaper Rainmeter Theme



I decided to upload my (modified) Newspaper Theme skin for Rainmeter.


This is pretty much the same theme that Tatenokai made. Link 
But I modified it a bit to suit my needs. So credit and a lot of thanks to Tatenokai for their great work.
However, if Tatenokai has any objections with this, please let me know, and I will remove this.

Tatenokai 's theme is incompatible for a 1920x1080 resolution. 
So I went through all the codes for the skins and re-sized them (to fit my resolution). I also then ended up making a couple of aesthetic/skin tweaks and changes too.

(For those unfamiliar w/ the original) this theme allows you to...

- Set up 4 RSS feeds on your desktop

- Set up 14 desktop launchers

- There's a mailbox skin (for gmail only)

- There's a weather skin

- There's a working pocket watch and a cigarette that burns with time

- And there's a notepad pop-up (on the left, above Uncle Sam) and a system stats pop-up (on the right, above Marilyn Monroe) 


NOTE: This theme works best for a 1920x1080 resolution.

1. Download and install the Rainmeter file.

2. The background wallpaper can be downloaded from here:  Link

4. To add name of your hometown (under the 'Daily News' heading) ... open my documents, open rainmeter, open newspaper, open Newspaper_config.exe, enter your city name, click set, and refresh skin.

3. To set up the weather location (and C/F) ... open the main rainmeter program, go to the weather folder (under Newspaper), open/edit Black.ini in notepad, and follow the directions in the top of the document. 
NOTE 1: Do not use the 'location' and 'Unit' settings in the Newspaper_config.exe.
NOTE 2: Sometimes the (beginning) words in weather description (like sunny/cloudy) get cut off if the description is too long. I don't know how to fix. So if anyone knows, please tell me.

5. To add desktop launchers, RSS feeds, gmail account, (and other settings) ... again use the Newspaper_config.exe
NOTE: For the launchers ... go to the 'app path' section, where you  have to manually enter the location.

6. To add your name (after Global News by...) just edit the wallpaper using Photoshop to add your name.  
NOTE: Do not use the 'name' section under Newspaper_config.exe.

Feel free to leave comments or to ask questions.



Btw ... I'm planning on making a whole new (similar) theme.
Any suggestions on what accessories to add in the background (for instance, accessories like the cig, watch, etc. in this theme)?

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