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Botcon 2014 is coming up this June and I've decided to take a page form my buddy glovestudios and decided to open up a commission list BEFORE the convention starts so I can have them done by the time the convention starts. The main reason is because it'll (hopefully) give me time to enjoy the convention without being worrying about finishing a commission list AND people won't have to wait forever after the convention for their commissions (I'm still working on them, btw! If you're waiting for a convention sketch and will be at Botcon this year, let me know and I'll try and have that to you!).

So how's this going to work?
Well, normally at conventions I draw the image and then the person pays. This is so that no one loses any money if I can't get to their commission; I'd rather the person bring their money to another artist because I couldn't get to their commission versus that person be out $X because they're waiting on me and put in a down payment. That's just me. BUT that only works at the convention.
Like my buddy Andrew stated in his commission list(I'm going to paraphrase here), by doing a commission list like this ahead of time you run the risk of putting in work on a piece that may or may not be picked up. Unfortunately, that does mean that if you're signing up for a commission, you will have to put in the money ahead of time.

PLEASE understand that there will be a lot of fantastic artists at Botcon that you can commission from. I've linked Andrew's blog with prices/contact info above, but here it is again. I've always been an artist before a colorist, but I'm not as good as the interior artists on IDW books. Please consider that when you buy a commission from me, you're buying art from me, so it won't look like a Milne piece, a Griffith Piece, a Livio piece, etc. Please really consider taking a look at what I draw personally before getting a commission. I haven't taken pictures of commissions I've done before at cons, so the best I can do is point you to my gallery and to pay attention to the description under each for credit info; if no pencils/inks/lines credit is given, it's most likely all me.
ALSO, my prices are a little higher than they normally are at cons; this is because I really need to make sure I'm pricing my time correctly. Remember that with comics, I'm pretty much a colorist before artist. I, again, urge you to check out Griffith's commission list (or any other artist going to Botcon that is opening up commissions before the con); they are WAY more polished than I am. I still want to draw your commission and take your money, but I really want to make sure you've checked your other options out.

Commissions I will be offering:
(Colors will be done via marker)

Sketch cards 2.5" x 3.5"- single character only, $5 b&w(might have a color added at my discretion), $10 full color
This will be either regular bust/head shot in a more regular style, or full-bodied Super Deformed style.
I will be opening up 10 slots for Sketch Cards. 

6" x 9" Pizza Party Artwork
(single character only) $5
Okay; Pizza Party is a SPECIFIC style; it's very loose, very doodley see this for an example:
It's a pizza party okay 01 by dyemooch (note this was done digitally; pizza party commissions are done with sharpie and crayons)
I will be opening 10 slots.

9" x 12" artwork :
Headshot regular style: $15 b&w, $20 color
Regular style or Full Body Super Deformed style: $20 b&w, $30 color
(Head shots/Regular styled full body are single character only; Super deformed are limited to two characters)
I will be opening 10 slots.

11" x 17" artwork:
Single character regular style full body $30 b&w, $40 color (additional characters ((up to three)) +$10 each if b&w; +$15 each if color)
5 character Super Deformed  $25 b&w(might have a color added at my discretion), $35 color
I will be opening 5 slots; if they fill up and I finish the 5 ahead of time, I will open another 5 slots up.
Slots for 11" x 17" are now full/closed for now.

Remember, this list is for Botcon 2014 commissions and pick up (at the con) ONLY.
e-mail - put "BOTCON 2014 commission" in your subject and, within the e-mail itself, include character information, type of commission and if you want it in color or not. I'll reply with a total and paypal info. I'll start on the commission after payment is received. I plan to have them all finished before the con, so you should be able to pick up your commission just whenever, but if there's a specific day you will be at the con, let me know, and I'll try and have it available for you on that day. I'll still offer a small amount of commissions at the con itself- but this will ensure that if you want a commission from me, you'll get it at the con.

Because I've been asked this a lot:
You do pay upfront, but I don't touch the money until the commission is DONE. I'll send photos along when they're finished so you know how the final product looks.


My mistake! the Pizza Party commissions are 6" x 9", not 4.5" x 6!!! Sorry about that!
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My first BotCon and YOU'RE going to be there :D This is gonna be fun on the bun!

Still got open slots available?
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And hooray!!! : D
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I wanna go botcon

And have a good time.

And look for a Masterpiece Optimus for my very own  =(

Enjoy, duders!
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D: we gotta hook you up with an MP Prime!
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Alas, I will not be able to make it to BotCon this year D: First time since '09 bawwwww. Are you going to be at TFCon in Chicago?
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I'm aiming for it! Can't say for sure just yet, though; I hope so!
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Soooooooooo happy you're coming to Botcon this year!
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