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WWACC Tron Pilgrim

This is a Wizard World Austin Comic Con print(I HOPE) that I'll have(I HOPE) when I'm at Wizard World Austin(in Austin, TX) this weekend. :I
Hopefully it will be a 11 x 17 print.
I'll have some other prints- I've been working on everyone else's stuff, and left myself with no time to work on my own prints, so I'm halting the work on other work I'm doing to work on my prints so I can have SOMETHING for the con.

Anywho. It's Ramona and Scott in the style of one of the original Tron posters from the 80s.

Yeah... my art in this wasn't tops- I kinda lazied out on Ramona. Photoshop wasn't letting me save, so her jacket died, and she is in some weird, generic clothes. I DUNNO.

Enjoy or something :I

Scott Pilgrim and characters created by *radiomaru
Print was suggested by a friend of mine's who has a dA account that I forget his dA name :I
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I haven't seen the original 'TRON' movie in a while since i last saw it on TV.

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What could make Scott Pilgrim cooler...answer TRON.
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The most useful mechanic of every game
Part of a balanced Platformer since the 70s
(I think)
Awesome crossover! :D
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Two of my most favorite video game themed movies combined into one?
HECK YES. :iconoooohplz:
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The extra life! amazing job :)
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You won the Internet!
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RIGHT!!!! *comes back to life*
fuckingdddddmmm777's avatar
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the TRON style for this is so tight XD
JigsawFirefly's avatar
this is beyond epic!
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lol scott pilgrim v.s. the bridge
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I want this poster on my wall. Incredible. LOVE IT!
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i think you're awesome, but this comment is not for that haha, I just can't stop stearing at your pofile pic hahahha
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another logo of scott pilgrim cool.
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This must be a poster now!!!!
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LOL that's awesome :D
I loved Tron (even though i wasn't bron when it came out =P)
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oh....MY GOD.....if this was a background, i would download it SO FAST!!!
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