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TotF 4 page 4

Tales of the Fallen Issue #4
Written by Simon Furman
Drawn by Carlos Magno
Colored by MEEEEEEE.
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YYYYAAAAAYYYY! Two perks, one is, it's written by Simon Furman and 2, it's colored by you! (Huge perk in my world)

I don't have the intentions to offend the other guy, but I'm probably going to. I think you're coloring is far easier to see what is going on in the art. You have great contrast. Plus you're coloring is much more fun. It's colorful!
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Wow! Thanks very much for the compliment :)
I'm used to hearing my stuff is muddy and dark XD!
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How do you get muddy with photoshop!?!? Anyways, I had a friend do a sample coloring for an evaluation of his skill. The actual colorist critiqued him and in a nutshell said that his coloring was terrible. Then I saw a comparison to what the actual colorist DID. OMG! Seriously? Because it looked like crap! And this was for Topcow, which supposedly pride themselves on their use of color. But then again, they are the ones who do posters in LIME and MAGENTA lighting. Look it's complimentary! *Hurl!*
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:icontardglompplz: Can't wait till Arcee for your colors with Alex's lines and Mowry's words again! :D
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I'm just going to say that I LOVE the Arcee book. I tried my best with the colors, but the writing and art on Chris and Alex's part are fantastic : )
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Alex milne illustrates the interior of Arcee?
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AWESOMEEEEE!!!!!! I love his art!!!! Will he do number five, too?
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Yeah- he's the artist on Ravage(#5) :D!
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hahaha- you're adorable XD
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