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TotF 2 Sideswipe Cover

Saw on TFW2005 that the solicitations/5-page preview was out, so I figured this was safe to post here : )
Check out the 5-page preview here!
I didn't color the first half of the book, so I can't post any pages I did, but Moose did the color work on the pages in the preview- give 'em a check out!

Tales of the Fallen #2 Sideswipe
Story by Simon Furman
Lines by Carlos Magno
Colors by Moose "The Crusher" and Josh "Pizza Power" Perez.
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Sideswipe: "I'm smaller and lightly armed, and still I managed to beat you down, Ironhide."
Ironhide: "(Grunting in frustation under Sideswipe's tire.)"
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You better run Sides.......... :XD:
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Oh Sideswipe you're an idiot have funny getting the slag beat out of you in a second...
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Did Sides get pissed at Hide for any reasons or what?
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He thinks he is BETTER than Ironhide x) ...
TheLoneDucky's avatar
Now that I put your answer in perspective...I can't help laughing. :rofl: And if Sides did think that, he's probably right in many views.
(plus he's the only one that is ALWAYS on wheels)
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He is young =) ! That's all ! Like he says : "Maybe there are lessons still to be learn." *-*
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It's :drool:

LOL = late/lame comment :giggle:
if transformers do have ding ding dongs how long would sides be
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I understand your question, but why would you even ask me that?
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I can't stop lol'ing at these two WTF comments. xD
im hoped up on soda that has alot of gas like you no how you breath in gas from soda and it messes you up for a few seconds well i aceditilly breathed in more cause the gas was still there
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Unless you were Sideswipe then yes you r damn good
um why the SH*T did he turn evil? and ironhide's cannons do SOMETHING?..tiny missile, at least?
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wow that is cool! i love sideswipe *clear a path!*
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oh sorry, you dont need to answer that question , what i meant is where did you got the texture?
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I don't mind answering questions so long as I understand it :D
As for the texture... which texture? The dirt, chipped paint, and scratches on them are all custom brushes I made. The effects in the fire are a combination of custom brushes and a few brushes I had grabbed a loooooooong time ago from a friend online. The smoke is rendered with a brush that was included in a set of brushes when you buy Advanced Photoshop magazine and another custom brush I made with some randome and awkward brush settings that got a similar result to that of the brush that came with the Adv. Photoshop mag' purchase.
Not sure as to what specific texture you meant, but I hope that works? Anything that's not in there was either a screentone provided on the original artwork by Carlos Magno, brush and color build-ups with different layer blending mode settings, and just a general idea of values and color.
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Anytime man : )
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what software do you use to make this pic?
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