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TFA Canonball

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Did this while waiting on pages for ze' woik.

I don't have anything really to add... Canonball(his name is a play on the fact that this guy isn't canon in TFA) obviously has SUPER ZOMBIE POWERS. Actually, he's a Robokor(a robot bokor) and he can raise the deactivated to serve as his zombot slaves.
He communicates his commands to the living deadbots via the head of Impactor and is spared from ZOMBIERRRAAAGGEEE with the talisman around his neck(usually he just keeps it on him in a not-so-obvious location so people don't just rip the thing off him). He needs both of these to summon and control the offline.

I wanted Canonball to feel silent-and-powerful; one of those guys who could easily take over Bludgeon's ship, but is extremely loyal to Bludgeon. iunno. They're bffaeae or someshit.

blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.
By-the-by, I realy just kept Cybertron Cannonball as is for this TFA styled 'Canonball'. I changed a few things, so the alt.mode would probably look a little different(no plans of drawing it up cuzza I suck at vehicles like nuttin else)- but otherwise, he's pretty much got the same design/transformation as the toy he's based off of.
Also, most of the zombie-bots in the background are just empties- the only cameos here are Hooligan, Push-Button, a robot colored like Atlas from the Teen Titans cartoon, Scared-Stiff from Filmation's Ghostbusters cartoon(in the front), and Impactor's head.

Transformers belong to Hasbro/TakaraTomy
TFA Canonball designed by me (and based on the Cybertron Cannonball figure).
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The zombots remind me of a mix between the Terrorcons from Transformers Prime and the zombie apes from the Gorillaz Clint Eastwood music video.
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I wish he could be in a Transformers movie...
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Looks like the Cyborg Zombie is doing the Thriller
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:D A few of them are, actually.
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One more reason to become a zombie ...
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Awesome stuff! While I love the whole necromancer thing you've got going, all I can think of when I see this picture of a big-chinned guy with a weapon-arm surrounded by dead guys who are presumably evil is one word: "Groovy!"
cybertronion i did not see that one coming.

good job man.
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I really like your idea for TFA Cannonball being able to summon and control SUPER ROBOT ZOMBIES!!!! :D :thumbsup:
Ivianna117's avatar
Robot zombies. Well, feck.

I love this. a lot.

Probably too much. xD

Robot pirate = awesome! 8D
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wow! very awesome!! :D
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duuude... you really need to do more TFA pieces--this--and your bludgeon piece--are both top notch! love 'em!
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i Dunno why I think on Rhinox when I see him.

The design is simply perfect if he was on TFA. But his wheels look a bit squared
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The TFA style tends to do that with a lot of round objects in robot mode and what-what : )
armandoestebanquito's avatar
*checks on TFA episodes in youtube*
Holy shit. you're right.
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AWH! His whole bust is just Soul!-despite his serious look. heh =D The character you describe behind it is AWESOME too!

But I can't deny the greatness that is Cannonball's Paint scheme. ROBO zombies- that's the way to go! Ha HA! Oh the cameos.. heeee

Success! you got him- he's awesome.
Man Impactor never gets a break :C

Good job on this, loved cannonball's colour scheme when I first saw him. shame I never got him back in the day D:

Loving his attitude in this pic, zombies everywhere and he just stands there all badasslike
dyemooch's avatar
Haha; I figure Impactor would have been some kind of tyrant leader, though, in this series- making his "death" a lot more deserved. XD
Ahhh coool XD guess its like a shattered glass impactor Xd
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Wow.... Just... woooowww... you're soooo amazing... ;-;
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