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TF Pizza Party Print Botcon 2012

And this was the print that sold out the fastest.
Not the Gilvezan print that took work spread over three days.
Not the Armada anniversary print that was spread over two.
Not the 8 hour RiD print.


This one.
Sometimes I just don't even.
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BB & Ironhide: :I

Metalhawk: >:(
Amnicore's avatar
My lungs! My luuuuungs!! x'D
Jeez man, I think BB's face is gonna haunt my dreams tonight... the cuteness~
DarkPanik's avatar
Why does Bumblebee remind me of the creepy horse from Adventure Times?
Camichicamagica's avatar
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ravenshield's avatar
D :

I love you.
dyemooch's avatar
The feeling is mutual : D
palmaay's avatar
Gawd... The awesome...

I want one, just so I can rub my face in it every day.

glovestudios's avatar
This is what every issue of RID should look like.
Nick-is-Safferion's avatar
That's pretty funny haha! Ain't that always the case though? Haha
sparklearmy's avatar
Do you still have any of these prints available????? I want one!
dyemooch's avatar
I'm out, but I would love to send you my prints :D
Starshot-seeker's avatar
haha!! they are so adorable!! :XD: now I see why people wanted this one more :giggle: because it's so cute that they must buy it! :la: and of course those epic cute expressions they have :XD:
AreteEirene's avatar
It's cute and silly. :shrug:

Was it cheaper than the others? I might have bought it just for the lulz. :giggle:
dyemooch's avatar
It was cheaper than most of the other prints, yes C:
Gryphman's avatar
I had a feeling it would. XD
Snailybu's avatar
it needs to be a tshirt
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Better have this at TFCon...
dyemooch's avatar
I'll have this and a MtMtE version c:
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Certainly has its charm, is a style not expected for a official artist, and I supose the face of Bumblebee is appealing to various people.

Is the greatest thing ever? No.

But, is different.
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And its ok, when I did a booth, what sold out? Was it the 11x17 pieces I worked and inked for hours on end? Was it the Jack Kirby Mega Man X? The Transformers Animated Beast Wars prints I did?
Nope, 6 different bookmarks I made that took a few hours. :P
dyemooch's avatar
Haha! I guess it's all good so long as the prints are moving, but I had high hopes for the prints with the more time put into them!
wordmongerer's avatar
See I think its my favourite too! Uber cute, just like you!
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