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TF MtMtE #17 cover colors

Again, kinda slow on showing off covers that have been solicited!
Here's *markerguru's cover for MtMtE 17!

Lines by :iconmarkerguru:
Colors by me!
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DanLuna's avatar
I always loved this cover!
jricht's avatar
I'm sensing a shout-out to the movie...
Sharpman01's avatar
All he needs is a light-sabr--(remembers the training/shuttle attack scene from Transformers the movie)...nevermind.
Sertoriusly's avatar
wow do you have anytips for backgrounds like this
Vestras's avatar
Epic cover, and great coloring Mooch!
YeDG's avatar
the hard work for coloring this one omg
wulongti's avatar
I love the Epic-ness of this :)
Nomad55's avatar
This is so awesome :D
FrankORourke's avatar
you'll be happy to know i bought this cover to support my favorite art duo. ;)
Kaizer617's avatar
Hotrod's got "The Touch" again!!! I really hope Skids gets a new toy soon. And Tailgate & Swerve, too!
HellboysLady's avatar
WOW Great work on the color Josh XD.
SoundWaver1984's avatar
did you paste any texture on it?
dyemooch's avatar
I have a custom brush I made that I use to dab texture on bots- but I didn't use any texture image overlays : )
CoralSnake's avatar
couldn't find this one at my shitty comic shop so I snatched it off ebay Dx still not here but I HAD TO HAVE THIS ONE *u* you guys really know how to make amazing robot eye candy!
dyemooch's avatar
Thanks man! I always have fun coloring Alex's lines c:
TaintedTamer's avatar
LOVE this cover, it's fantastic. <3 Snatched this one right off the shelf. :D
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