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TF Drift issue 1 Guido cover

By dyemooch
Saw the Preview was up over on IDW Publishing's website!
(preview: [link] )
(other books out this week: [link] )

Guido's cover was in the 5-page preview that was up on IDW's website, and I totally forgot that I didn't post it here!
The cover shows Drift- both as himself and as Deadlock, his name from his time as a Decepticon.

Artwork by :iconguidoarts: (Guido Guidi)
Colors by: :icondyemooch: MY PUNK ASS!

Transformers is property of Hasbro/TakaraTomy
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© 2010 - 2021 dyemooch
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This is BADASS, plain and simple
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I think... this might have been the very image that caught my attention to the Drift series! :eager: I saw this somewhere and was like, " :? WHOA, this dude had an evil past or something?" And the more I looked it up, the more I wanted badly to read it! I got the Hardcover Complete collection. :D

Anyway, I've always loved the colors on this cover! :love: It fascinated me that Drift as "Deadlock" had the darker facial complexion that accented his equally dark demeanor, and the "renewed" good Drift's lighter facial tone is certainly associated with someone who's not evil. Appears more youthful, even. :)

This is a very striking image, and your colors on Mr. Guidi's artwork (and Mr. Milne's in the mini-series) have done TF Drift amazing justice!
Thank you so much for bringing your coloring magic to Transformers!

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This is a fantastic cover :D
Could you explain how you get the optics and the lightning to glow? I've been experimenting a bit and I can't figure it out :/
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This particular one was the lightning on a layer set to "outer glow"- most likely a darker orange set to screen or linear dodge.
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Thanks :D
Ill try it out.
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I appreciate your work! :w00t: It does wonders for my life and as a artist. :D
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That's definitely got an Ryu/Evil Ryu vibe to it... Goot verk!
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Your colors kill this piece. You are amazing please never stop
dyemooch's avatar
: ) aw... thanks!
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btw why is this cover impossible to track down?! O.o
dyemooch's avatar
It's a retailer incentive, I believe?
Laserbot's avatar
i buy form Atomic Comics... didnt see it there... know where to find it?
dyemooch's avatar
Unfortunately I don't :C
Laserbot's avatar
aw welp thanks anyways! im sure ill see it aorund eventualy least i got the cover digitaly on my Driod booya! XD
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Your color is wonderful. I want to learn it!!!
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Why thank you! I think this cover isn't as impressive as the other covers I've colored for Guido. I still need to get better at what I do D:!
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I expect your next work.
dyemooch's avatar
:) I hope you will like whatever I post next!
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I made this image the background on my Droid phone and its epic becasue when i swish my aps tot he side back and forth one will be compleetely his Con side of his face split perfectly the other his Autobot face split perfectly its EPIC! i dont think ill change this background for a long time! i cant stop looking at it its great! :D
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Awesome!!!! Truly awesome OwO But Deadlock scares me..... *shurgs* :love:
I so want to read the minis but it seems my comic book store isn't planning on bringing them TT_TT Makes me sad. I want to know the story behind Drit baby!
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