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TF Drift 2 pg 2

Saw the Preview was up over on Seibertron!
(preview: [link])

The 5 page preview is out, so I figured I'd post 'em here!
Story by Shane McCarthy
Artwork by :iconmarkerguru: (Alex Milne)
Colors by: :icondyemooch: MY PUNK ASS!

Transformers is property of Hasbro/TakaraTomy
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Oye I wish I had your talent with backgrounds! Love the texture!
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You're too kind :)!
You're too talented and hawt :P
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the perspective is awesome, and the spaceship looks kick ass.
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The final panel as coloured by yourself really stands out here! I love seeing you continue to develop your style. You really compliment Alex's lines as well.
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Thank you very much!
Working with Alex for almost 6 years(on-and-off) has given me a good understanding of what he wants, so I tend to work best with him. Plus his lines are amazing to work with. :)
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I have to say I have always enjoy Alex's stuff as well. I always felt he should be given more work to do within the main IDW storyline and was very pleased to hear he'd be doing the Drift mini. It's shaping up nicely it must be said and the two of you definitely make a great artistic gestalt!! :)
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OMGsh this is gorgeous! I'm not sure I can explain it, but that dirt filter just pulls it out of the norm comic book look and just makes it. ..

so pretty. haha.

Looking good on adding depth.
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lovin the grain and atmospheric perspective!

you rock dude!
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YOU rock, dude :D!
Thanks, I really tried to take the depth up a notch with these books.
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again, there is nothing i don't enjoy about the colors you did for this issue and the whole series :D
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Again, thanks man :) This was a fun book to work on!
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well i'm glad you worked on it with me :)
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i see them landng and beg construction of their new city... Like it! niice coloring! adding a bit of haze overlay to indicate past events :D
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Great points of view here and real depth with the coloring.
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Thank you! I really tried to portray more fields of depth and make the colors more readable in this book. A big complaint that fans have of some of my work(primarily early stuff like Megatron: Origins) is how muddy and unsaturated my colors are, so I really wanted to try and please more fans with this book as well as evolve artistically :)
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You seem to be going in the right direction!
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:) Thank you very much!
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