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TF Drift 2 pg 1

Saw the Preview was up over on Seibertron!
(preview: [link])

The 5 page preview is out, so I figured I'd post 'em here!
Story by Shane McCarthy
Artwork by :iconmarkerguru: (Alex Milne)
Colors by: :icondyemooch: MY PUNK ASS!

Transformers is property of Hasbro/TakaraTomy
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*mind is blown*
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ouch, pity hot shot.

Love ironhide and BB.

and the new faction is awesome.
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hey i can actually see these pages :D
[silly seibertron]

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Silly Seibertron! Tracks are for Skids!
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Is that Hot Shot in the middle in panel 2? ;)
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Or, I think the answer I feel better saying is "I was asked that it be colored LIKE Hot Shot". I'm a Hot-Shot fan, so, in my head, it's another bot that looks like him with his color scheme... but isn't him :3c
markerguru's avatar
exactly :D if you don't see his face and he's not named, how can it really be him ;)
still, love the way you rendered the space panels and the battle :)
yippy ironhide there too :D
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I'm more about that Bumblebee :)
Too bad he wasn't shown blasting a few 'cons :)!
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sorry man. could only draw so much, and i really wanted to focus on his face. so to see a lot of it, he had to face away from the battle. i promise for the next time i get to work with G1 characters i'll make sure bee is blasting loads of cons :)
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That explains the yellow Optimus Prime that got shot last issue... they just looked similar. Maybe it was his stunt double?
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your talking about electro. he also has a faceplate.
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ok i see a group of TF's not happy with the war and are leaving... i realy love the ships! :D
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I really like that ship design.
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Alex designs some really sexy ships :D!
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