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TF Drift 2 Guido Guidi cover

By dyemooch
Artwork for the RI covers of Drift! By the wonderful *Guidoarts(Guido Guidi)!

I really loved this cover :D! I'm sure I went a little too dark with my colors... sorry if it hurts people's eyes in print D: I wasn't paying attention like I should have been... :C IT WAS A FUN COVER DON'T BLAME ME!!!

Art, again, by: :iconguidoarts: (Guido Guidi)
Colors so dark by: Tiny McHispanicMan (me! JOSH PEREZ!)
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© 2010 - 2021 dyemooch
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Yami-Marik93's avatar
this Megatron look different. what does he transform into?
dyemooch's avatar
He turns into a tank c:
JMK-Prime's avatar
So you know the story and created version of it. I am impressed, but next time leave your signatures on the corners of Megatron's leg servos.
dyemooch's avatar
Excuse me? Leave it on or leave it off?
Either way, neither I nor the artist(Guido Guidi) needs your permission to do that- if "off", again, not your call ever.
SAKE806's avatar
I agree with Victorky....totally beautiful and I want a poster of it for my apartment!
dyemooch's avatar
I want a poster of YOU for my apartment! :D!
Rawr! I wants a poster of you!
kingwrench's avatar
Hey, what's up with the wavy lines on Megatron's chest?
dyemooch's avatar
Those lines were a part of his G1 Toy : )
kingwrench's avatar
I know, but... what are they?
dyemooch's avatar
I dunno; just decoration.
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victortky's avatar
This is so beautiful, enough for me to want as a poster in my room. The pose was kickass, the colours were superb, and megs looks goddamn awesome.

I can't help but shout: ALL HAIL MEGATRON! at this picture.

Deadlock is dripping with awesomeness. PURE UNDILUTED AWESOMENESS.
dyemooch's avatar
d'aw, shucks! :)
victortky's avatar
your colouring was really well done, really conveys the deadly awesomeness of the decepticons.
studiogdp's avatar
Beautiful work as always sir!
marble-v's avatar
Awesome! I'm always impressed by collaborative works of you and Alex Milne, but I loved this your colors on Guido Guidi's lines too! Looks stunning, and I'd love to see more:D
dyemooch's avatar
Thanks! That means a lot from you, Marble :)
BenWolfson's avatar
Megs: "Hey, have a Deadlock."
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