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Spotlight Arcee alt. cover

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PLEASE understand that I only did the colors. Part of the reason I don't post professional work I've done is because people tend to credit me for the lines and forget to read that I've only done the colors XD.

THAT SAID. I was waiting for Alex to upload this to his dA page, but since he hasn't, I'm going to steal the post and put it here XD!!! Sorry Alex!
I have to say that I LOVED THIS COVER. I loved Alex's pencils- he did a fantastic job with this. It's so cold and dramatic with it's fish-eye perspective and all. Anywho- so this piece was colored in a style that pays homage to the cover of Akira Vol.1.(with Kei and Kaneda in the sewage area with red hues and blue toned dark values). I'm aware of the errors I've made in them, but despite it, I REALLY love this cover.
Alex did a helluva job with this one : D!

Arcee/Transformers © and TM Hasbro/Takaratomy
SPOTLIGHT: ARCEE written by Simon Furman, with Art by Alex Milne(*markerguru).
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well that's terrifying
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VanillaCompactStudent Digital Artist
I have this story along with several others and was just looking for her design mode when BAM! I hit your page! HOLY CRAP! I didn't know you had a DA, man!
Oh gosh let me tell you, I LOVE YOUR COLORING SO MUCH! :heart: :heart: :heart:
This is my favorite picture in the entire story.
*instant fav*
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dyemoochProfessional Digital Artist
:D wow! Thanks so much!
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Well you can't go wrong with a classic like Akira. Thinking about that influence along with the others I mentioned makes you wonder who influenced whom and when. Obviously YOU know where you were looking to, but who were those behind Akira looking to?

Not only a cool piece -- an unexpectedly thought provoking one.
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dyemoochProfessional Digital Artist
Definitely a neat thought to ponder! I always get giddy when I find out "item x" was inspired by "item a" or something. Especially when I draw inspiration from both sources :)
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The large amount of red makes the sketch look more like a vivisection than a dismantling. It reminds me a bit of some of the portraits of "women" by H.R. Giger as well as the "monster" named Sil that he designed for Species. The Borg Queen from Star Trek comes to mind as well.

Were you going for a biological feel? If so, did Giger or the Borg influence your color choice?
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dyemoochProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks for the observation! I was going for a mechanical feel- my color choices were inspired by the first volume of Akira :)
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BummerForShortHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice colors! But besides that, I don't know what to credit!
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MiryamarisHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Great colours!!! :clap: :worship:
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LordBloodySoulHobbyist Traditional Artist
WoW! Arcee looks incredible cool! I like the coloring very much. It's outstanding :D Really good work!

:clap: Nice picture :clap:

Keep it up! :#1:
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I :heart: this picture. I like the contrasts of both the bright and dark light, and the fact that Arcee is pastel pink/blue/yellow but still looks so dangerous. And Alex's details are amazing, too! Great job, both of you!
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lighting and collor is beautiful here

Definitely one of my favorite spotlights!
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what really boggles my mind is the overall metallic sheen, lighting, and shinyness...
as a newcomer of digital coloring, my inner artist is still puzzling and being amazed by how... crisp and soft it is
great work
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dyemoochProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you very much! : D! Your words flatter me.
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Arcee's really pretty in a really creepy way. :O

I love it.
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Truly terrifying. Very nice work, I enjoy exploring the picture.
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dragonnetstormProfessional Digital Artist
OMG xD THE favorite female character of all TF, cannot wait untill its out in stores! :)
In the mean time; faving.

The coloring is really well done, especially the metallic highlights and the blurred shading, it has always been a mistery to me how art peeps do that type of shading...
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nice work man. I really don't understand so much about the transformers spotlight line. Are Arcee turns evil on some point of the timeline or are alternative histories of some kind of character?. I actually read a spotlight's mirage history and I got a little bit confused, somebody can explain me?
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oICEMANoProfessional General Artist
Wow this looks great!!!
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Avarim Interface Designer
I wish I could color like you! But I can't. :( Not yet, anyway...
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dyemoochProfessional Digital Artist
You can do it : D!!
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Avarim Interface Designer
Aww..You're so positive.

Okay, I'll try. :)
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