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Reign of Starscream 4 cover

*markerguru uploaded the lines, so I figured I'd throw the colors up. Quick colors because I was slowing down on the issue and needed to get thangs' dun, son.

Alex's lines can be seen here: [link]

Lines: Alex Milne*markerguru , duh...
Colors: ME! =dyemooch I just like seein' my icon there.

Reign of Starscream © IDW Publishing
Transformers © Hasbro (TakaraTomy)
Transformers movie © Paramount Pictures/Dreamworks
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© 2008 - 2021 dyemooch
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woah thats impressive good job!!
Blackout177's avatar
Starscream is so evil and awesome yet sadistic at thesame time. he can never lead the Decepticons to victory
ScreamtotheStars's avatar
Is it just me or are you slaggin' JOSH BURCHAM?!!! YOUR ARTWORK IS AMAZING!!!! You, Casey Coller, and Guido Guidi are pretty much my favorite artists EVER!
i'll stop ranting now...
All Hail Megatron.
dyemooch's avatar
Am I slagging Josh Burcham? I don't understand what that means... I'm Josh Perez?
ScreamtotheStars's avatar
MayaTakamera's avatar
...Right, whose the red one in the far right... *stupid question is probably stupid*

Awesome colours as always, beautiful lines from Alex.
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Oh wow...this is simply beautiful! Do you ever do any comissions? If so may I put a request for one? Just send me a note to let me know what your prices are!! Do you ever go to NYCC??
dyemooch's avatar
I haven't been to NYCC at all yet, but I'd hope to attend it at some point.
As for commissions, I don't have the time for them yet- but if you're impressed with the cover art, I'd suggest seeing if the artist, *markerguru, has commission spots open. His art is incredible :)
Kazari's avatar
Sweet! I hope you go to NYCC! It would be awesome to meet you in person! Thanks for the info! If you ever have the time, send me a note! I'm always interested!
dyemooch's avatar
I will remember to send you a note when I start on commissions :)

I'd love to attend NYCC one day; I hear great things about it! :D
Kazari's avatar
Thanks! I appreciate it!!! :)
katrover's avatar

Crud, now I feel like spending money on this comic.
Elkian's avatar
Holy Mother of Details, Batman!
elpitbullloco's avatar
i always thought starscream was psychotic actually, he was always plotting behind Megatron's back and it was usually plotting to take over the Decepticons, lol BTW does Megs make a surprise showing in this comic? just curiousity, love ur art!!!!
dyemooch's avatar
The only appearance Megs' makes in RoS is in the beginning(and I think briefly during a speech by Starscream- but it wasn't like he was "there" during the speech; more of a "Starscream's thoughts" image).
I'm glad you like my art- but Alex Milne gets all the artistic credit on this piece! I just do the colors : )
elpitbullloco's avatar
it still rocks though ^.^
SparkStudios's avatar
Great colors :worship: and its nice to see my fav Seeker (Thundercracker) in the BG there, he looks like he could put a hurting on some autobots!
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I just bought the first ish of this yesterday.


You & Milne are, like, the Batman & Robin of awesomeness. 'Cept without Robin's kiddy costume (keep the Nightwing outfit, m'boy.)

It's an honor for me to know that you, my friend, did this awesome job and that I now own a piece of it. Keep it rockin'.
dyemooch's avatar
You're too kind, man! :) *high fives!*
RobotMaster3's avatar
Always a pleasure, dude! *high five*
Tora-Shiromaru's avatar
dyemooch's avatar
Thank you very much : ) !!
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