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MTMTE #17 RI Cover colors

WAS REALLY DYING to post this one up and forgot that it was released recently!
Always a joy to work on Nick Roche's stuff. Was given the direction that the room was to be sterile and the mood sad. So I tried my best! This is definitely up there with one of my favorite cover colors at the moment. Really really tried to drown myself in a mood to get this done!

Poor, poor Tailgate...

Lines by Nick Roche
Colors by me!
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This is so lonely.

Waaaah! +fav 
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i don't know is there someone else already said that.
but... is only me think there is a "Giant Whirl Eye" in behind?
i almost can feel he is smile at me, and that's very creepy....
Bellstar's avatar
Lovely colors, well done
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Positively one of my most favorite covers. Love your coloring on Nick's cover. You've definitely captured the gloomy atmosphere, but it gives off a glimmer of hope for Tailgate as well.
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Aw, thanks c: !
Sorain26's avatar
Your welcome X3.
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Beautiful composition, and it's only improved by the simple colours.  The soft blue for the majority of it really draws the eye to Tailgate and gets the sadness across.  The blurs, shading and shines off of this are amazing too.  I think this is my favourite cover out of all the ones I've seen from you!
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Slow on the favouriting but this is one of the best covers I have ever seen.
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Too kind you sex-god.
The colors are so calm and mesmerizing :)
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Unng, seeing this somehow managed to break my heart even more than it already was. Aaaa Tailgaaaate D:
Gorgeous work from both of you :heart:
dyemooch's avatar
Thanks a ton, Yamiza D:
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nice colors, poor Tailgate
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Poor tailgate, he had only 3 days to live.

The atmosphere was perfect in this picture!
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"room was to be sterile and the mood sad"
So a clinic exam room, yup. Nailed it!

Must be time for that mechtology exam. Dang..
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I love the colours! I think you got the mood spot on. :iconnotworthyplz:
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this is some fantastic looking color work mate! (Not as happy with the rendering of Tailgate though...) but the color work is top tier.
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I usually don't bother with the RI covers but when I saw this up with the announcements I made a point of dragging my butt out of the way to the comic shop so I'd get one the day it got put on the shelves before they ran out (they only had 2 left when I got there :O)
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AARRRGGH its so good but I cannot have it as my wallpaper for fear of SLITTING MY BLOODY WRISTS out of sheer sadness.

Little Buddy, NOOOOO!
GeyserEelborn's avatar
This cover makes me want to cry. 8C So good job? [Shot]
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i cant even contain how much i love this <3
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Oh man, that's beautiful. I think you nailed sterile and sad.
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