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It's a pizza party okay 01

I wanted to take a break from work and draw some pizza party bots and test the waters to see if people would be interested in these kinds of commissions so I asked twitter for 20 TF suggestions(1 per person) and drew 'em up.
I'd list the twitter accounts, but I'm too lazy!
Names are all there- spelled more or less correctly.

I wish I could remember where I got the paper textures from; it was some site online and when I find out, I'll link it :D

Transformers are property of Hasbro/TakaraTomy
Pizza Party is property of all us kids that were lucky enough to have arcades-slash-pizza places to play in... get those quarters ready! WE GOTTA GET FOUR PEOPLE TO PLAY TURTLES AND SIX TO PLAY X-MEN GUYS COME ON STOP PLAYING POP-A-TAC-TOE!

Also beware Heinlad's bawls. No mature marking because THAT'S TANOOKI OKAY.
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These pictures you've done of these robot characters all look very nice. :)
salinea's avatar
Hound omg. I'm crying right now these are so funny.
soy-monk's avatar
Why is Hound a dick? :(
DarkPanik's avatar
Ultra Magnus' face...I can't. XD
Bittythings's avatar
I just noticed that Bruticus was missing a leg. And that Onslaught is kicking the shit out of Swindle.

It's the little details.
Bittythings's avatar
I laughed until I couldn't breathe trying to read these out loud. And Ultra Magnus's face, (and non-silly name). AGAIN. Sir, you are misusing your super powers, Uncle Ben would be ashamed.
Neoconvoy's avatar
Great expressions!

Magnus* and "Ohman S'proom" are my favourites.

*He is so serious that his name is well written.
chykin's avatar
I wish I could Fave twice.
atron's avatar
Oh my goodness I just want to make Ultra Magnus into an icon! :heart:
palmaay's avatar
Mmmyyyyyy... Mmyyyy Headdd asplodeeeeeeeeeee...


PriscillaTR's avatar
I'm desfaving this so I can fave it again. :iconsupermindblownplz2:
PriscillaTR's avatar
Transformers, and pizza, and :I faces, and Josh's art. Everythimg I like! :la:
dyemooch's avatar
Your face is everything I like ):C
fedupN's avatar
And Turtles! WOO!
Man, that brings me back.
Thanks for sharing this. :)
sparklearmy's avatar
This is possibly the best thing in existence.
dyemooch's avatar
venkman-project's avatar
As well as this being THE BEST THING EVER(TM), the name Gibby Bumz has made my day.
dyemooch's avatar
I try my best c:
Karyudo-DS's avatar
The Cat One... I just can't stop laughing at what it's...doing :D
kate9119's avatar
The level of adorableness.... I CAN'T HANDLE IT!!!!! :faint:
daremaker's avatar
I don't know what the hell this is all about, but Ultra Magnus makes it all awesome.
Mazzlebee's avatar
B-baka! It's not like this was an a-awesome livestream or anything...!
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