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Energon 32 page 1 LivStrims

Another piece that I did for funzies after doing some work.

Page from Transformers Energon 32 #1(unprinted) that *markerguru was kind enough to throw my way.
To be honest, I would LOVE to color these old books if there was a way to get them lettered and printed : )
...and if all the pages still existed...
I also forgot the context of this page(didn't have a script) so I just assumed they were on Cybertron. I dunno.

I dunno. I think Energon deserved a better send-off, but it's not the creative team's fault that the company died before the book could go on into Cybertron : )

Here you go.

lines by :iconmarkerguru:
colors by the me-tiest of burrito people.

Not sure who the inks were by- probably Elaine To or Rob Armstrong?

(I figured that with Simon Furman telling everyone where Transformers Energon was going to go(as well as Age of Wrath), that this'd be fine to put up)
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Wow, its pretty strange seeing that the comic (still images) characters are actually more expressive than the cartoon (moving images) xD Nice job
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I remembered enjoying the Energon comic more than the TV series. Nevertheless, I like Skywarp in this image! :D
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Hah I remember that Skywarp desgin with the goofy wing on his head. Mostly because I worked on the box art for this guy. And by worked on I mean, edited the Thundercracker box art with a new head and knees and then changed the flat colors. Yay, Dreamwave cheapness! ;)
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Yay! Those were good days, though, in all honesty. I'd LOVE to color these books... would be nice if maybe IDW could publish the unpublished stuff XD
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Well they can, they just choose not to.
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they look really awesome!! :w00t: I love this, specially it looks like a poster with 3 of my favourite toys in it X3 and of course I love the characters too X3 specially for Wheeljack and thundercracker X3
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man, now I wanna go back and watch Armada :O
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Man, this brings me back. Comic was in some ways more entertaining then the terrible CN English dub (I know, debatable, but I liked Superlink).
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....OMG... I'm like speechless and can't articulate the amount of THRILL and AWE I have at seeing this.

It's good Josh... really.... really... good.

...I'll be looking at this for a long time... must do MORE!!!!
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It's really too bad Dreamwave went down the drain, they had some really good storylines going, and even more planned, I'm sure of it. :( Well, IDW is just as good, I just wish we'd gotten the chance to see the outcome of the stories Dreamwave had in mind.
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These colors are aaabsolutely fab
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You guys are so good 0_0
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Somehow it seems so much better because I saw you livestream this... @.@
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very cool man. :) yeah they were on cybertron and it was Rob who inked this image :)
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looks great and its too bad there isn't more of this to see
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Considering the buildings, it does kinda look like they're on Cybertron, although one can argue that they're hiding in one of Earth's more techno-y cities.

Kinda a shame that the company died, although I do kind of wonder how Cybertron/Galaxy Force would've turned out...
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