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Drift 2 Alex cover

Ah... I've been slacking on posting/uploading things! So let's get on with this funstuffs!

Here is le' cover to Drift #2. Alex is doing the main covers, and Guido is doing the alternate covers.

I'm pretty lazy, so apologies for not really going in detail on this cover- all you needs to know is:

Lines by: :iconmarkerguru:/Alex Milne
Colors by: :icondyemooch:/Josh Perez(ME!)

Drift mini-series is written by Shane McCarthy
Transformers is property of Hasbro/TakaraTomy

Issues #1 and #2 out in September, I think : )
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Awesome cover and i really enjoyed reading Drift's Spotlight :3.
But i feel so sorry for Wing :(.
AngelOfDarkness089's avatar
I can't describe how much i LOVE this Cover :D
Wing and Drift are my most favorite characters and both of them are just amazing looking in here.
You guys are just wonderful artists :D
You have my respect!
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victortky's avatar
oh god I want this poster.
GeneralSoundwave's avatar
wow. OMG, I cant wait to purchase this comic series. im so excited about it
Rem-Rei's avatar
You know, despite Furman insisting gender doesn't exist among the TFs... there are two suspiciously feminine-looking Transformers in this picture. I'd love to have an argument--err, conversation with him someday.

In any case, lovely lineart combined with excellent colors. Nice perspective. Normally, I would go into excessive detail, but I have a dog at my feet that demands my full attention. TGIF, everyone. Seriously.

Keep up the good work, Mister Perez.

bladewyng's avatar
love how it pops
IsisConstantine's avatar
this is amazing work you guys did! :D
Kreevox's avatar
dude if you changed the faces to gundam ones, these would be a collection of some the most badass mobile suits I've ever seen
RobotMaster3's avatar
Wowzers, D. Once again, you blow me away.

I think it's me, but this batch of TF's remind me of Power Ranger-esque Super Robots, what with all the cool swords and weapons & such. Not saying that'd be a bad thing, that's just the vibe I get (especially from the one in the front right; he LOOKS like a Super Robot, pose and all).
dyemooch's avatar
Hahah! Now I want to recolor them all as Power Rangers XD
RobotMaster3's avatar
Go, Go, Transforming Rangers!
dyemooch's avatar
Johnny Young Bosch as Bumblebee- ALMOST THERE.
RobotMaster3's avatar
He does a good job as Bumbles, too.
icyhugs's avatar
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! totally kick @$$!!!!
dyemooch's avatar
illogan's avatar
This is so well done! I love it! :love:
and i LOVE you avatar!!! Cracked me up :)
dyemooch's avatar
:D Thanks. I love doing cracked-out icons.
Drawgasm-Designs's avatar
I can only hope that Cybertron Override is amongst them, her styling would fit in well with this lot :D
dyemooch's avatar
That certainly makes sense! Don't know if she's amongst them, but she can be to the fans :D!
Drawgasm-Designs's avatar
If Dai Atlas can be in this series Override certainly can lol
Laserbot's avatar
I have always wanted a comic about ths sorta thing! samuri or ninja mecha colony/group OMG!! at least thats the impression i get form this! XD
Laserbot's avatar
Im so excited for this comic!
kurisama's avatar
Gorgeous colours dude! I love this pic so much! SO looking forward to the Drift mini - YARGH!!!
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