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DYEKA Movie Bumblebee

By dyemooch
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I like doing little warm ups before I start working. Deadlines will kill me(as they always do), but anywho. I love movie Bumblebee with a passion.
Oekaki, y'all.

Transformers/Bumblebee (c) Hasbro/Takaratomy
Transformers movie (c) Paramount or Micheal Bay or whatever.
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© 2007 - 2021 dyemooch
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Brilliant colors. Who drew this?
Zeartist's avatar
Oh goodness, that's also brilliant.  :)
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amazing drawing love the picture ^^
really great work
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Amazing colors! I like the detail of his eyes glowing outward :)
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Nice! I really like the colors.
A kind of energy radiates from this work.

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Thank you very much :D
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That is amazing!! You did a really good job. Keep it up!;)
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fuck... I don't know how to favorite from deviantart's mobile interface ><
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A little warm up?!?! That's a masterpiece!!!
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bumblebeeee!! x3
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:omg::wow: I. LOVE. THIS. PICTURE! :excited:
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great colours
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*gaaaasp* awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww this pic owns!!!!!!!!
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Thank you : )
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bumblebee is da best!! i love him!! awsome fan art!!
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We share the same love and passion for movie Bumblebee. He owns the shit out of everyone, yo!
( also, people keep on whining about movie Megatron, but MAN do I love him, as also Barricade. uuuyeah.)

I dun really know how people get so well playing with oekaki, because that program is somehow HARD for me to use. Maybe I'm just fucken stoopid with these japanese things nowadays : D ( or then I'm lazy )
I love this image. You portrayed Bumblebee like he is supposed to portrait!Loving this baby here with teh passion. <3
C-y-n-d-i's avatar
Bumblebee is so damn cute and badass at the same time, THAT is a combo you just can't beat!

WHYYYYYY is this in SCRAPS?! It's insanely good!
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