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United Southern Royal Guard


I’ve been meaning to develop the Southern Realm for a long time now, finally found the time to do it!

Unlike the other three realms, the South is a completely united group of nations, all coexisting under the Giants’ rule. The Giants’ capital city is a centralized hub for the four nations to meet, having ambassadors from all political parties of the Southern continent. The United Southern Royal Guard is made up of elite fighters from each of the four races, resulting in a special group of 12.

The ones pictured here are not the full group, but from left to right, some small blurbs:

:bulletblack: Zanah, an optimistic Djinn paladin with endless energy and an equally endless sense of justice. She has a big crush on a politician from her homeland
:bulletblack: Qa'Mar, an elegant Giant mage from the Fire Sect with a gentle voice but a commanding presence. Plays the harp but isn't a Bard class magic caster
:bulletblack: Maeros, a Gorgon soldier who used to be a trouble maker. He dedicated years to shaping up for the Royal Guard, so he doesn't like it when his past delinquent years are brought up
:bulletblack: Kundei, a resourceful Kobold mage with a surprisingly sharp tongue, but he means well
:bulletblack: Carazu, an intense Kobold rogue who is surprisingly gullible. Carazu is the Guard's youngest member

Also on Tumblr

This is the last you’ll hear from me til another month, since I’m flying out to see Beedalee-Art  for her extended birthday celebration! (If you guys are gonna be at SakuraCon in Seattle, look for us! We’re not boothing, just cosplaying) 

Other Ocean of Cycles art:

Choose Your Mercenary by Dyemelikeasunset  Formal Scrappers by Dyemelikeasunset  Elliel fourth heir of the Clan of Storms by Dyemelikeasunset  Kalta the Blizzard (old) by Dyemelikeasunset 
1st Lt. Garsend Armath Eregrant by Dyemelikeasunset

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I got to say, these are cool looking warrior designs. I like the different body types and species in the picture
Dyemelikeasunset's avatar

Thank you so much! I really like this group too :love:

Burksaurus's avatar
You're welcome 😊. I think the khaki and burgundy colors look great and it reminds me of my high school colors
isablooo's avatar
OH gosh I just adore all the white, gold and mulberry! They're looking regal as heck. Maeros is probably my favourite out of this group, his chiselled armour with the gargoyle-esque elements is such a LOOK! I'm super into classics so the whole classical aes of the gorgons does good for my soul :heart: v :heart:
Dyemelikeasunset's avatar
THANK YOU! I debated making them just white+gold at first, but I thought that'd be too typical? I was so happy when the mulberry came to me!
So happy you like Maeros, I've been having a lot of fun developing my Gorgons cause I'm also a sucker for classical greek stuff :love:
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Awesome stuff. Stuff like this is inspiring me to try to create my own setting. My core idea is to mix standard D&D races with a John Carter of Mars type setting. Something like Dark Sun but without blaming it all an magic. I'm trying to figure out how to borrow your idea for regional variations of the non-human races to give THEM more flavor as well.
lancelobato's avatar
incredible character and costume design.
the details are perfect!
Dyemelikeasunset's avatar
so happy you like them, thank you!
Khasdannyanlord's avatar
such amazing details oh god this is so perfect!!!
Dyemelikeasunset's avatar
Thank you so much!! :love:
caiterprince's avatar
God okay so I am so excited for these guys. I think you talking about this group to me and telling me about them has honestly been apart of the reason why I'm starting to feel fired up for Ocean of Cycles all over again like. Your excitement and your mind clearly racing as you thought of more and more things was so fucking cool and it's really infectious.. ANYWAYS. LET'S GET ALONG WITH IT I'M RAMBLING HEEHEE.

Zanah is my fav. Hands down no regrets can't help it, but I love her, I love her veil, I love te way you did the wood within her shield I love her skirts and the detail on the mail especially, I loved HEARING about her so much I just aksjdlkajda ugh. I think she's such a cool character.

Qa'Mar my gentle boy. I really really love this pose for him especially because his size is intimidating sure but he looks so incredibly serene. And I don't know how you did it but you even made his hands look gentle and I think that takes such skill to give a feeling or a mood to hands.

Maeros makes me SO HAPPY I THINK HEARING ABOUT HIM WAS MY FAVORITE TIME BECAUSE HE'S SO WEIRDLY EARNEST AND I LOVE IT. I also rally love the detail work for his armoring too. It looks s easy to move in but also so fucking powerful and I think that's such a neat combination.

KUNDEI IS ALSO A FAV after Zanah. I love that he has a sharp pointy tongue and I love his hacket fit and I love his ears and facial features so much. I love the fingerless gloves too Idk I'm a big fan of big fitting jackets and tight fingerless gloves that's such a nice combination. 

Dyemelikeasunset's avatar
YOU BEING EXCITED ABOUT THEM MAKES ME EXCITED TOO!! Let's definitely talk about them sometime soon!!

Zanah is a fav of mine too. It's taken me so long to embrace hijabi characters, but my two main ones (Zanah and Aisha from starless) are really shaping up to be immediate favorites for me!
I can't wait to develop her more!!

And Qa'Mar is an old fav of mine-- I reaaally wanted to make sure he felt serene and gentle. His personality has always had a quiet strength to it and I'm glad it comes across!

Maeros is a mess TBH LMAO. I love that he's so masculine and almost typical in a "power fantasy" trope that it's fun to throw him into situations where he isn't really allowed to have an unhealthy ego

I am so happy you like Kundei!! I can't tell you just how excited I was to work on him again (he's another old oc I revived). I feel like he'll be fun to play with as far as group dynamics go!

Don't worry about it too much but Carazu uses neutral pronouns so they/them would be great! I really do love them too though, their gullibility is somehow really intense too and I want to draw it LOL
caiterprince's avatar

That's so wonderful though, I'm really glad your main babies are becoming ones you can love and work with more. 

It really really does come across for Qa-Mar, you did such an amazing job.

LMAO I BET. I love that you do that with your characters so much.

And you're soooo great at reviving old babies. I'm so proud of you.

OH AH I'm so sorry. BUT YES PLEASE DRAW IT!!!!
jhongrue's avatar
Dyemelikeasunset's avatar
Thank you so much!
monmoshi's avatar
look so gorgeous :)
monmoshi's avatar
you're welcome~
Luzim-Lukart's avatar
The character in the middle looks very powerful. I really like the armor design. Great picture
Dyemelikeasunset's avatar
I'm glad you think so, thank you!!
Toniplewis2106's avatar
your work is just so beautiful *cries* 
Dyemelikeasunset's avatar
Thank you so much! :blush:
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