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August 17, 2011
Tutorial: Feet and Shoes by *Tyshea -- Suggester's words: I myself have always had trouble drawing feet and shoes, and so they never look right. I know many other artists that are the same way. This tutorial has been very helpful and informative, and I think that the whole community should get a chance to view it. :meow:
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Tutorial: Feet and Shoes


I can't believe this little thing got a DD!
Holy crap, I'm really blown away by all this, haha
I'm so happy to help though, thank you everyone for all the positive feedback!
I might not get to replying messages, so I am showing my appreciation here

:heart: :heart: :heart:

[end edit NUMBAH CHU]


Damn guys!
This is getting a really good response, thank you all!
I'm so glad anyone found this helpful!

[end edit]


God, I've had this sitting around for a couple months, sorry about that!
it's a little messy and long (or maybe too short...fff :|;; ), but I hope it helps!

I'm not so good at these tutorial layouts...I think live-streaming sounds more up my alley.
I'll let you guys know if I start up a channel! :)

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Thank you!! So helpful
Dyemelikeasunset's avatar
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This is really helpful, it'll help me draw feet and shoes better! :D
Dyemelikeasunset's avatar
i'm glad! good luck!
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You saved my life T-T
Dyemelikeasunset's avatar
happy to hear that! Good luck on drawing feet and shoes from now on! :D
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Aa thank you for the tutorial! It's hard finding one that explains it step by step like this
Dyemelikeasunset's avatar
no problem! I'm glad it helped!
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Thank you so much!
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Thanks! This tutorial helped me a lot! :)
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glad to hear it, thank you!
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Thanks for this tutorial!
I used to avoid drawing feet but now,thanks to you, I feel more confident in drawing then now c:
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I'm so happy I could help! Good luck! :D
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Thank you so much - I've always sucked at shoes and feet, so this has been a great help :)
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no problem, i'm glad it could help out!!
Thanks for the tutorial! The way you've explained blocking out the foot with simple shapes helps a great deal - I struggled with moving onto the rough positioning of the toes etc. from there, but keeping in mind what you've said about the structure, I've found studying the google image result of foot bone structure helps bridge the gap I encountered.  Cheers again for the tips and tricks - looking forward to taking on the shoes section...
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You're welcome!! One of the biggest roadblocks artists face is learning how to "see" and break down the photo and life references. Taking it in with the eye is one thing, you need to have a deeper understanding of the mechanics and construction to really GET it
Good luck and keep going!
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I was anatomy-help searching on DA and one of the tuts I found linked to this in the description!
i can't believe I only just realized that. It feels like forever already :/
but seriously this helped bundles on my OC feet :3
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Draw the heel at the ground plane... Well now I know what I've been doing wrong now XD this tutorial was helpful and a fun trip. Btw, you are incredibly skilled!
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The DD was well deserved! This is super helpful.
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