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August 17, 2011
Tutorial: Feet and Shoes by *Tyshea -- Suggester's words: I myself have always had trouble drawing feet and shoes, and so they never look right. I know many other artists that are the same way. This tutorial has been very helpful and informative, and I think that the whole community should get a chance to view it. :meow:
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Tutorial: Feet and Shoes




I can't believe this little thing got a DD!
Holy crap, I'm really blown away by all this, haha
I'm so happy to help though, thank you everyone for all the positive feedback!
I might not get to replying messages, so I am showing my appreciation here

:heart: :heart: :heart:

[end edit NUMBAH CHU]


Damn guys!
This is getting a really good response, thank you all!
I'm so glad anyone found this helpful!

[end edit]


God, I've had this sitting around for a couple months, sorry about that!
it's a little messy and long (or maybe too short...fff :|;; ), but I hope it helps!

I'm not so good at these tutorial layouts...I think live-streaming sounds more up my alley.
I'll let you guys know if I start up a channel! :)

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Thank you!! So helpful